Simply Neutrals Tuesday #3

Hello dears,

Thank you so much for your sweet visits and comments and for joining the parties and giving them a shout out! You're a bunch of sweeties!

Time for another Simply Neutrals Tuesday party! Yay!!

I'd like the party to have some variety (which it already has thanks to you). The first week I shared something I created. The second week I shared some architectural ornaments.

This week I'm sharing a lot of sheep.

And one lost goat :)

A little while ago my dear Mr Man and I went for a long walk.
We had the day for ourselves. The kids were having fun elsewhere.

We went to a stunning place which reminded me of the beautiful Moors in the UK.
There were hills (which is very uncommon in the Netherlands)
full of bright purple heather.

But Wen, we see no heather here????

Nope, sorry, may be I'll show you later.

These sheep we found at the end of the day
(and they're more neutral coloured than heather I figured).

They were on a field where the moors and the woods were meeting.

Everywhere they left their wool.
On branches.
On the wire fence.

I couldn't resit to gather some and brought it home with me.
Now I'm trying to get it clean.

Oh dear...



Let's go to the beautiful features of last week's party!


Features of last week


(Just click on the name of the blog.)

Everyone has made a great effort in creating, photographing and writing blog posts
and I want all credit to go to the owners of these photos.
So please pin these photos from their blogs and not mine.


Again, there were so many gorgeous things shared that I found it hard to choose.

But about one I was very sure.
I even asked her to participate last week with her gorgeous work!

Here's a lady who's work and blog really deserve more attention.

She made this stunning fabric and lace book
after the workshop of Suzy which I mentioned earlier.

Just look at these gorgeous pages!

The sweet little fairy on the right can hide into the lovely pocket behind her.

You can find her beautiful book HERE and HERE.

Where I also found her sweet cat Gypsy sleeping in the drawer, so cute!!

Next feature is from dear Shane of Roses Lace and Brocante.

She shared some of her vintage finds
and pieces of lace and such she will be using for her book after Suzy's workshop.

On the photo collage above I love the beautiful metal decorative piece with the flowers.
No idea what it is exactly to be honest.

And the metal fence, love it too!

And on the photo collage above I fell in love with another metal decorative piece.
Which is a .... (Shane?) Lol.
I guess it is something like a button or brooch?
Or a stamp ring?

UPDATE: Shane helped us out here, her comments on the beautiful metal pieces:
"The metal piece is a decorative wall sconce for hanging things on and yes the other is a beautifully engraved metal button given to me by a lovely blogging friend Mary."

My third feature (and the last) for last week is a gorgeous fabric and lace collage
of the lady I already mentioned:

She's giving a wonderful workshop HERE.
Which some of us ladies already follow and love!

Have you already been busy with it?

Can't wait to see everyone's books!

If you've been featured then you're most welcome
to grab this button below to show on your blog.
But nothing is obliged of course!

Gosh, this is turning into a loooong post.

On to this week's party!


Simply Neutrals Tuesday #3 linky party time

What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.

You have till Monday 28th noon CET to link up.


  1. I never knew Neutrals could be so lovely and beautiful. These talented ladies all show such amazing works of HeART. Thank you for sharing. Creative Neutral Bliss...

  2. Hello Dear Wen
    Oh those sheep are soooo gorgeous. I could watch them all day long. Now I wonder what you might be going to do with their fleece???!!!
    Jessie's lace book pages are so gorgeous. She has a lovely nack of collaging them so beautifully! Love those amazing cotton laces of Shane and am now looking forward to see how she uses them in her new book.

    Thank you also for featuring my vintage ballerina collage. I did so much enjoy creating this for Lisa.

    I think I jumped the gun a bit and got ahead of myself but I have to adjust the time and the day as we are at least 12 hours ahead of you in Australia.
    Your Nellie lace book is going to be a lace pudding. It looks so thick and full of cascading laces. Beautiful!
    Thanks again for being such a wonderful host dear Wen.
    Love and hugs and much success with this party!

  3. The sheep are just adorable, dear Wen.Lovely features.
    Thanks again for hosting.
    Have a great day.

  4. Hello dear Wen, your beautiful living neutrals this week, are so wonderful, and I would also have gathered the wool ,lol-
    Also the book from Jesse is stunning, with both images and all the lacesAbout , and Shane shows a gorgeous collection, too.About Suzy is only one thing to say : I love all her creations !!
    Thank you sweetie again, for hosting , it is lovely to take part !!
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  5. Hello sweet Wen
    Tuesday has come around so quickly this week!
    Those sheep are beautiful, their faces look so soft as though they are made of velvet, ha ha! What a bonus to find some of their wool, I imagine we'll see this in one of your books n'est-ce pas?!
    Thank you for highlighting my contribution to last week's party.
    The metal piece is a decorative wall sconce for hanging things on and yes the other is a beautifully engraved metal button given to me by a lovely blogging friend Mary!

    Jesse's collage work is gorgeous, I will pop over to her blog too.
    Suzy's work always takes my breath away, she just grows and grows. I will be in class at the weekend - see you there!

    Many thank yous for hosting and giving us such a lovely party to share our posts!
    Much love
    Shane x

  6. Hi Wen,

    I just returned from a day out celebrating my birthday - I spent the day travelling to all the opportunity shops between Berry and Ulladulla with a friend. It tops off my birthday to read all your kind and friendly comments.

    Thanks Wen for featuring some of my pictures on your blog. Suzy, your collage is simply wonderful. I agree with Dorthe - I love all your artworks. And Shane's laces were exquisite.

    I am thoroughly enjoying taking part in this party, and seeing everyone's gorgeous neutrals.

    I picked up some pretties to photograph for the next Simply Neutrals Tuesday, including a $5 wedding dress with coffee stains.

    Wen, your sheep images are beautiful. I shall enjoy using my imagination to come up with some different neutrals, too.

    Happy neutral-hunting, everyone!

  7. Wen
    I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your Simply Neutrals Tuesday. It has given me a good shove to get motivated again, and I am always drooling and in awe of the beautiful creations featured here. Now, to get caught up on visiting. I love your photos especially of the sheep, although my Grandparents (My dad's folks) came from Scotland to the USA in 1922 - I also was raised in a "Dutch Church" so I do love learning of the Netherlands too! <3

  8. I haven't been doing anything lately that really falls in the neutrals category, but scurried about and finished a couple of journal covers this morning so I would have at least one thing to share! They're not very exciting, but thought I'd link up anyway. Love the sheep photos!

  9. Some of my favorite animals.. I grew up with sheep and cattle on a farm in Iowa. A pet sheep named "Venice" raised as bottle fed and kept warm in our basement in winter nights. I think her mother and twin died at her birth. I was amazed at the countryside when we visited Europe, seemed a big variety of beautiful animals. Loved all your photos.
    And I've truly enjoyed visiting others blogs and have loved the Simply Neutrals. Have a lovely week.

  10. Beautiful photos! I so love the neutrals Wen ...

  11. After all my hooorrrraaaayyy for your efforts to host such a beautiful linky party, I simply found no time to particiate. But now! Alas! I join you and thank you so much for this opportunity to meet likeminded creative girls and find so much inspiration, Wendy! I love the items you picked from last week and I am in awe of all those works of art! Have a nice weekend and see you next week!
    Greets from Germany

  12. HI Wen! I love those sheep! We had been away so I'm a little behind with my blog reading, but thanks so much for putting so much time into these great Tuesday's. I've really enjoyed seeing everything that the folks are linking. Your Nellie book is lovely. I also purchased one of her classes recently. She is so nice and such a great artist. Maybe this winter I will actually get to work on a project! XO, Sue

  13. What a great idea to make a neutral-linkparty! I like neutral colors and often make such posts in my blog to neutralize the bright colors of my other posts (I'm a freak of shining colors too),to obtain balance on the whole page...
    Sheeps are so lovely and I often collect little parts of wool on my walks...
    Have a nice new week :-)


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen