Simply Neutrals #39 - Signs of Early Spring

embroidered fabric and lace heart Early Spring by AppleApricot

Hello dears, welcome to Simply Neutrals!

For dear Suzy of suziqusthreadworks I created an embroidered fabric heart, inspired by the hints of colour of the Crocuses in the winter garden.

For the background (only the top) I used a stencil I hand-created earlier and which you can see in a post HERE. I then added some fabrics, laces and netting (don't know how else to call it), tea dyed fabric leaves, a piece of handwritten paper on which I put some bee wax, a piece of brown netting that Suzy had gifted to me earlier, and then I embroidered by hand.

detail of embroidered fabric and lace heart Early Spring by AppleApricot

I also created a tag for her, with the intention to write on the back, which I then forgot to do before closing and sealing the envelope... oh well.

mixed media tag Early Spring by AppleApricot

For the background of the tag I used a piece of a digital scrapbook paper I created earlier and which you can find HERE. I added some netting and laces, inked the edges, and added dried and pressed Hydrangea petals. I had shown these earlier on my blog. They still had such gorgeous colours, even after a year. But when I added acrylic medium to secure them to the tag... poof, gone were the colours...

pressed Hydrangea flowers by AppleApricot

The original petals above, and the glued ones below.

detail of mixed media tag Early Spring by AppleApricot

On top of the petals I added a piece of plastic wrapping, to protect the petals, plus I thought the shiny effect was nice too.

embroidery by AppleApricot

Next project to be finished is the embroidered little birdie journal that you see a part of in the photo below (and that I also shared earlier here on AppleApricot). But you never know how things go with WIPs... High on my to do list however are the promised giveaways and artist interview! I haven't forgotten them ;)

embroidered little bird and flowers by AppleApricot

Oh, and I'm also going through my own blog posts (here and the freebies one) to see if there might be copyright material in it that's not owned by me. I already saw there is, so I hided those posts or deleted the copyright image.

I really want to be careful in this and will do my best to avoid copyright material in the future. After reading some articles on this, I'm convinced we all do well to avoid using copyright material or images, photos and text that we are not sure if it has copyright or not.



I was completely in love with the beautiful studio photos dear Nancy of Sugar Lump Studios showed us, with the lovely boxes and suitcase, the birdhouse and cage, her gorgeous art work, and so many more beautiful things to look at and be inspired by.

studio decorations by Sugar Lump Studios

Dear Nancy, here is your feature blog button if you like:

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xx Wen

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  1. just love the heart you made, so lovely and the tag is beautiful!


  3. Wow, your makes are amazing! I love your embroidered fabric heart with the delicate stitching and lace additions - stunning ๐Ÿ˜. The dried flower petals and gauze on your tag is so beautiful too! Wishing you a Happy Tuesday! J ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Dear Wen,
    what a lucky Suzy, the heart is so very beautiful, dear friend- and your embroidery there, just say so much, of n atures beauty, which also your tag does.
    The book will without doubt be as beautiful as all this creations , shown.
    Have a lovely rest of your day, - and warm hugs to you.
    Dorthe, xx

  5. Wen, the heart you made is just divine. the stitching and embellishments so lovely. I remember as a young girl learning to embroider..but your combinaton with the other elements is amazing! Thank you so much for taking my last minute studio picture posts and honoring them here. I really am touched. I hope to spend more time there very soon as I get a small break from constantly going to the dr. <3

  6. Hello Wen~ Your work here is exquisite! I mean that sincerely; it is magnificent. Yes Dorthe is right, Lucky Suzy! : ) lol Such beautiful homemade gifts to receive~ All your hand work is amazing and inspiring.

    And your highlight of Nancy's entry last week is well deserving! I truly love to see her art; she always inspires~
    Have a great week ahead friend~ hugss to you, karen o

  7. Oh dear Wen! Your heart is exquisite! And your tag- just beautiful! I love to use pressed flowers as well!
    Hoping all is well in your world! happy Tuesday!

  8. Gorgeous post Wen, love that heart, such lovely stitching lace and your tag is just gorgeous too, love the sweet touches to it, and it's so sad the color went out of the flowers but it also left a pretty color to it also. I am sure she was so happy with your lovely creation!

  9. I know Suzy is going to be thrilled with your creations! Who wouldn't be?

  10. I am totally in love with the heart and tag - so beautiful!
    And such a wonderful post again Wen! I so hope you are completely well again!
    Wishing you Happy Easter Wen!
    Hugs, Susi

  11. what a lovely heart dear Wen

  12. Hello Wen,
    Nancy's studio scenes were delicious, I agree! Suzy will love your embroidered heart and the lovely hydrangea tag too. What a pity that the dried flowers lost some of their colour. They still look beautiful, though. It's so hard to preserve dried flowers for a long time. Your fabric book looks sweet with its embroidered bird. Great projects for welcoming in Spring.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter,
    Jesse XX

  13. Dear Wen
    I can't tell you just how much I love the beautiful heart you created for me plus the large tag with the pressed hydrangeas which I grow and love! The heart has been created with so many beautiful details with the stenciled fabric in the background and all the lovely embroidered flowers in the foreground over the pretty net and printed cotton! Love that you included the hat netting too. Just gorgeous and it has pride of place in my studio! I love it so much and hearts are one of my favourite things to collect especially if they have been hand made and stitched!
    Thank you so very much my dear friend!

    Love the collage you created with Nancy's special items in her studio!

    So lovely to see new people joining in our Simply Neutrals party!

    Love and hugs to you and hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen