Fabric book in the making - update

Hello sweeties,

Today I'd like to share with you some of the (may be still unfinished?) pages of my fabric book in the making, which I'm still making after the workshop of Nellie Wortman which you can find HERE.

fabric and lace journal by AppleApricot

The stitched leaves on the left I did with my sewing machine with a normal foot
on a piece of a blouse I found at a thrift store.

I have a special free stitching foot as well, but haven't tried it yet.

Here's a photo I showed before:

fabric and lace journal in the making by AppleApricot

It looks a bit different now, but I haven't got a photo of that yet. I did the spine (which I will show next time) with buttons and more leaves stitching, and I added straps of fabric for the book closure.

Here's another spread.

fabric and lace journal by AppleApricot

May be I'll add some more here too.

The cut lace doily on the left is an old one and has beautiful embroidery which is more visible on the other side (which belongs to another spread which is not finished). The soft blue flower applique actually comes from an old shirt of my moms which I dyed with paint.

And here's another page of which I'm not sure if it's finished yet :)

fabric and lace journal by AppleApricot

I showed this page earlier when there was not a whole lot going on. Here I used more pieces of appliques which I painted. A tea dyed one top left of mom's shirt, a silver painted one behind a cabochon setting, and a blue-greenish little flower down below.

In the cabochon setting I added a dried and pressed blue Hydrangea flower from our garden.

blue Hydrangeas photo by AppleApricot

On top of it I added some beeswax. The background of it I painted first with watercolour crayon and then with a paint marker. On top of that I will add may be some ice recin or sealer, but I haven't done that yet.

On the (copied) cabinet card I added some white accents around the frame with a paint marker and gel pen.


Well, these pages may not be finished yet (or may be they are?) but I thought it would be nice to share my progress with the book.

It's September, which means there are a lot of traveling birds at the moment.

These I spotted above our house.

In the surrounding trees we hear a lot of bird-chatter every day now, which I love!

And if you'd like to see some photos of Cornwall like the one below which I found in a beautiful harbour...

seawashed pottery photo by Wen of AppleApricot

and other beach combing finds plus the places where we found them, then hop over to my other blog HERE.

I'm linking this post to dear Stephanie's wonderful linky party Roses of Inspiration.

Wishing you a happy week(end)!

xx Wen


  1. Your book is becoming more and more beautiful, dear Wen,-I love you added some of the soft blue toned pieces, here and there, and so beautiful is the dried hydrangea in the cabochon .
    Your free hand sewing on maschine, looks wonderful, too, I also did not try to sew with the real free hand foot !! Such a pleasure to see this, and I`m looking forward seing more.
    We also have large swarms of birds gathering to fly south !! :-)
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. Anonymous18:19

    Your fabric book is GORGEOUS! I love taking Nellie's classes. She is a great instructor and your work speaks to that. You have the gift!

  3. Your book is stunning. I was lucky enough to win a course with SuzyQ, and I'm so looking forward to starting what will be my first attempt at a project like this..
    I love the freedom of it all. I know, of course that you need self discipline, or it will end up looking very messy, but to be able to use fabric, threads, lace (lots and lots of lace) sequins, buttons etc, all on one piece of work, well, it makes me go weak at the knees!

  4. Wat een prachtig boek in wording Wendy, hij is nu al zóóó mooi!!

  5. Your book is sublime, so many pretties to captivate the eye! I imagine one could spend hours looking at it. Love the photos of the birds against the blue sky.....just gorgeous!

  6. Wen, your book is divine. Those gorgeous cabinet cards go so well with lace and neutral colours, and the touch of blue.

  7. Your book makes me drool Wendy, such fabulous combo of beautiful laces, images , stitchery, you are a master my friend!!! I can just feast my eyes on these pics for hours :)

  8. Hi, Wen. Just came over from Suziqu's blog and enjoyed seeing your work and that fabulous fabric book. Think I'll go visit your mixed media blog now. Very exciting stuff!

    best from Tunisia,

  9. The pages in your book are so beautiful Wendy.
    I love the page in the 4th photo, there is so much detail - I've just noticed the french knots at the top - and the silver doily piece with the hydrangea is stunning.
    That soft blue is a favourite of mine too.
    I'm still working on my 'Nellie' book. I seem to have so little time - work gets in the way!
    Oh how wonderful to see and hear those amazing flocks of birds - starting their long journeys, they're incredible with their own little built-in GPS!
    Shane x

  10. Your book is simply gorgeous, dear Wen.Love it.
    Have a lovely day.

  11. Your book is coming along just lovely, I love this idea of keeping laces and fabric all together in a beautiful format. The lace pocket is such a great idea! I also love how you have brought flowers from your garden into it, very special book to hand down to generations to come.
    I too love hearing the chatter of the birds and we can hear that much more now that the temps are starting to cool down and we can have the windows and doors open.
    Have a great week!

  12. Your book is absolutely, beautifully stunning Wendy! So inspiring! We have lots of birds around here making their long migrations south. I saw two Sandhill Cranes on my way to work on Friday. They were hanging out in a field on a rolled, bale of hay. Probably resting and finding bugs to eat. I wish I had my camera, because seeing those two is truly a treat to see! Love the beach finds too. I NEVER find beautiful stuff like that on the beach! Have a wonderfully creative week!


  13. Oh my my my!! I'm totally in love with your fabric album. I'd soooooo love to do one of these one day. Just stunning!

    Loving your sea china... I have quite a few pieces too - wouldn't it be amazing if it could speak and tell us its stories!

  14. Your book is looking wonderful! And I love the bird photos. We are seeing our flock of vultures back again now and I love to see them floating about on the air currents above the river. They might be rather ugly birds but they are so graceful in the air.

  15. Sweet friend, you amaze me with your creations - they are truly works of art! My, this book is stunning with the delicate lace, beads, and vintage images. Be still my heart.... :)

    And the picture of the birds in the sky - stunning! Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. You are indeed an inspiration. Hugs and blessings!

  16. Oh Wen I'm so glad I looked back on your blog to find this breathtaking book!
    I would love to attempt one of this magnitude one day! : )I am also hoping to try one of Suzy's classes too.
    I love your unique creativity on the pages you shared. So soft and beautiful~ I also enjoyed the photo's you shared. How lovely!
    Thanks and blessings to you for a wonderful week~


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