Simply Neutrals Tuesday #4

Hello Simply Neutral Tuesday'ers!!

Here's number 4 already!

Gosh, time flies when you're having fun... I've been too busy this week playing with paints and almost forgot this week's party!

My share of neutrals this week is all about beautiful doors.

Like the wooden one above somewhere in a village in the Provence, France.
(Can't remember where but it's close to my dad's home.)

A detail of a door of the cathedral of Canterbury, UK, above.

A small door of castle De Haar in the Netherlands.

And a detail of it.

And a detail of the main entrance door of that same castle.

Features of last week

Again you had linked up so many beautiful things.
Thank you so much, it's really a fun party because of you!

Here's what I chose this week.

First of all this beautiful collage of Nancy of Sugar Lump Studios.
I'm really happy to see her creating again
after what she went through last year.

I had to choose Shane's photos again (of Roses Lace and Brocante),
because she shared with us this gorgeous little town in France.

And since I said last week that I wished for variety,
I decided to feature just one piece of art this week
(which was not an easy decision by the way,
because of the stunning art work that you had linked up!).

But actually these houses are a piece of art in themselves.

And I loved this quote on Di's post:

Ladies, feel free to use this blog button:

And now on to this week's party!

Simply Neutrals Tuesday #4

What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.

You have till Monday 5th 12:00 daytime CET to link up.


  1. Hi Wen! I love your doors. I'm afraid that any I feature are a little more humble. Thanks for bringing us all together again! Hugs, Sue

  2. #4 already? My how time does fly. Your doors are wonderful and I adore doors. I find I take lots of photos of doors and gates while traveling. Always wondering what is on the other side. Blissful Neutrals Dear...

  3. Good Morning :-)
    How I like old doors... and your finds and photos are gorgeos!
    Thanks for sharing and hosting

  4. Uff, now I've linked up three posts... thanks for friendly invitation -

  5. Oh, I love all of your doors, Wen.Thanks for sharing and hosting.

  6. Dear Wen
    Your doors and entrances are utterly incredible with all the carved timber, stonework, iron and decorating.
    The workmanship is totally amazing!
    Thank you again so much for making this possible oh perfect host - we appreciate you!
    Love and hugs,

  7. Beautiful post sharing beautiful photos!

  8. What a wonderful post! I love old doors soo much;
    and the stories they tell.
    From the grand castles of Europe, to the back door
    screen @ grandma's house.
    Each one has 1000 things to say~
    I'm so very glad I found your blog! : )
    Thank you for sharing.
    Karen O in CO

  9. Wen
    Thank you for sharing the most beautiful doors/architecture! It must be amazing to have places like that to visit and photograph. We have beautiful buildings here in the USA, but nothing like what you featured.

    I am so honored to be mentioned in your post. It feels good to be pushing myself to try and create again, and I must say I so APPRECIATE you doing these posts because it has really given me the push and the desire! Thank you dear Lady from the bottom of my heart! <3

  10. What most beautiful buildings dear Wen, so wonderful castles , they are magnificent ,and gorgeous photoes !!
    And love Nancy`s beautiful collage, Shanes beautiful photoes, and everything else!!
    Thankyou dear Wen for this fourth beautiful post and for your lovely party !!!

    Hugs from Dorthe and kisses!!!

  11. I so enjoyed your post today, I love decorative doors, whenever we are out and about and I see one I just have to take a picture, I love all the work and detail that goes into them, I am the same way about interesting street lights too :)

  12. Dearest Wen

    I LOVE your doors especially the old wooden ones in your first photo.
    The relief work on the top and the middle panels of the doors is the work of craftsmen.
    I take photos of doors, windows and gates when I'm in France - I just have a thing for them too!!!

    YES, it is wonderful to have Nancy back with us, everything she creates is inspiring.

    Thank you for featuring my post on Provins - I'm thrilled!!
    I feel honoured to have your "featured" button on my sidebar.

    I'm off to visit everyone's lovely looking posts!
    Much love
    Shane xox

  13. What a wonderful and fascinating post, and the links are always full of beauty as well!
    Happy October!

  14. Hi Wen,
    How are you going? Thinking of you and everything you must be going through.

    Sorry I forgot to leave a comment before as I was rushing to finish my post on time for your Number 4.

    Your doors are gorgeous - so old, so detailed, so steeped in history. The only door I've seen recently around here was a lovely old church door about an hour's drive away, and I enjoyed getting some photos of it. Thanks for hosting the Simply Neutral parties. You have done a lovely job of making everyone feel welcome.

    Hope things are picking up for you.



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