DIY wire and lace heart

DIY wire and lace heart by AppleApricot

A few days ago I saw a beautiful tutorial of a wire and lace heart by Miri of Miris Rosenhuegel (scroll down on her blog page for the heart tutorial).

I loved the wire and lace hearts she created but the tutorial is in German (which doesn't have to be a problem though) and I wanted an easier way to create a similar effect plus I wanted to add lace in the middle too. So I decided to make my own DIY.

So here it is, my wire and lace heart DIY.

For the description, scroll down please.

DIY wire and lace heart by AppleApricot

Materials needed:

Wire (I used iron wire), length depending on how big you want your heart to be
Broderie Anglaise or lace ribbon - one and a half times longer than your wire
Lace fabric (optional)
Ribbon or twine for the loop to hang your heart
Sewing machine (you could stitch it by hand if you don't have a machine)
Needle and thread
Round nose pliers

DIY wire and lace heart by AppleApricot

1. Make a heart shape with wire, starting and ending in the top center of the heart

2. From the broderie anglaise you're going to make a tunnel for the wire
by folding it in the length. Put pins in to secure.

3. Sew the broderie anglaise as seen above, making your tunnel.

4. On one of the ends of the wire make a little loop with the pliers.
This loop will help the broderie to stay in place.

5. Push the wire gently through the tunnel.

6. When completely through, take the second end of the wire,
get it trough the loop of the first end
and make another loop with the second end to attach both ends.

7. Spread the broderie anglaise evenly along the wire
and push the end loops of the wire into the ends of the fabric.
Just a little, enough to hide them.

8. On the side of the heart that will be the back,
gather the broderie and stitch it so that it will form a point.
I used a darker thread to show on the photo. And my stitching is not the neatest :)
Just gather and stitch as you please. It will also secure both ends even further.

9. Attach a ribbon to the top center of the heart.
And sew by hand some lace fabric on the back.
Cut off the excess lace fabric when done.
(I'm sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it.)

10. Finished!


Of course you could leave out the lace in the middle of the heart.
You will get something like this:

DIY wire and lace heart by AppleApricot

And I have been thinking, it would be nice to add an embellishment or charm or whatever. You could use the curls you made to attache something like that.

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Wishing you a beautiful day,

xx Wen


  1. Simply stunning lace heart. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for sharing your how-to. Creative Bliss...

  2. heel romantisch! mooie duidelijke tuto, merci

  3. Such a pretty project Wendy!

  4. Such a pretty project Wendy!

  5. Sjonge, wat een romantisch hartje.
    Heel mooi, en super duidelijke uitleg, dank je wel.
    Veel plezier ermee.
    Groetjes, Daphne

  6. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe you shared such wonderful instructions on how to make a heart! I am bookmarking this and maybe with the lace my friend just got me I can attempt it. This project will be great to make my hand try it too!
    Thank you! <3


  7. ja mooi, jammer dat ik niet zo'n ster ben op de naaimachine. Volgens mij vind ik dat toch wel de mooiste vintagefoto die je gebruikt hebt bij de onderste foto. Deze vrouw blijft me intrigeren.

  8. What a great tutorial! I see making some of these for Valentine's Day. Thanks Wen. Have a great day! Hugs, Sue

  9. This is such a pretty heart and a great tutorial too....thank you!

  10. Dear Wen, you are so sweet to show the creation of your lovely heart, It is beautiful, and so lovely created with the lace in the middle !!
    I love your photoes, and the wonderful flowers from your garden, too.
    Hugs from Dorthe,xx

  11. I like this idea - and, being me, I am envisioning crazy quilting instead of lace in the center!!

  12. So very beautiful ... I bet your home will be filled with these!

  13. Oh my that is just Beautiful, I love it both ways! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. What a kind gesture Wen! Thanks so much; this is wonderful.
    And your direction/details are great. You're a peach : )
    Hope I have a chance to try this~ Blessings, Karen O

  15. Excellent diy project. It's so beautiful!


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