My artful journey

portrait painting by Wen's Paint

Hello sweet friends,

Here is a painting I just made in one of the art classes I'm following. If you're interested in my artful journey, the things I'm learning by following these art classes, then hop over to my blog Wen's Paint. It's the place where I really get to experiment and explore. Where I'm searching for my own art voice and letting my soul roam freely. It's a beautiful experience and I can wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same, to go on your own beautiful, soulful, artful journey!

Wishing you a sunny happy day,

xx Wen

Book of Bloom

Book of Bloom handmade art journal by AppleApricot

Hello sweet friends, remember the book inspired by the woods I made, and the beginnings of the Book of Bloom I shared with you there? Well, here's what the Book of Bloom looks like so far.

I bound all the pages and started to collage and paint on some of them.

Book of Bloom handmade art journal by AppleApricot

Here and there I added some photos of earlier works too. And some laces and fabric snippets. In this book, like in the book of woods, there are pages of different kind of papers. Like mixed media or watercolour papers, book pages, scrapbook papers, and wrapping papers. And I added some fabric pages to which I will add little collages or embroidery pieces.

Book of Bloom handmade art journal by AppleApricot

I haven't finished the back of the binding yet. I'm not sure what I will add to the fabric there. Probably some embroidery on fabric snippets. Or may be buttons?

Book of Bloom handmade art journal by AppleApricot

Some of the prints I made of my earlier work, is work I made for my blog Wen's Paint. That's a more experimental blog, my art studies mostly in painting and art journaling, often in bright colours. Things that I create which at the moment don't really say "AppleApricot-stuff" to me :)

Book of Bloom handmade art journal by AppleApricot

But I find more and more that my AppleApricot blog is changing too.

I'm freeing myself from the ropes I had tied myself with. The idea that AppleApricot should be like this or that, in this or that style. I'm letting go also of the shabby vintage style. It served its purpose when I needed it, and I might not let go of it entirely either. But for now I try not to attach myself to whatever style or idea.

Book of Bloom handmade art journal by AppleApricot

But flowers... there will always be flowers wherever I go!
They're just a must have in my life, they make me so happy!

I'm very sure there will be dried and pressed wildflowers in my book added here. And painted flowers. Photos I take of flowers. Sketched flowers. Poems about flowers. Flowers everywhere!

Wishing you a happy blooming day!

xx Wen

Art in neutrals

fabric lace collage by Dorthe of DenLilleLade

Hello hello friends,

A little while ago I shared with you the beautiful nature inspired book that I received, created by dear Dorthe of Den Lille Lade. I said she had sent some other beautiful handmade goodness. Here is one of them: a gorgeous fabric and lace collage.

fabric lace collage by Dorthe of DenLilleLade

I love how she makes her collages hanging from a piece of driftwood, which she found on her local beach. And I also love the little snippets of embroidery in yellow, complementing the beautiful honey coloured piece on the left. Her way with texture and colour is just sublime.

Thank you so much sweet Dorthe for this gorgeous piece of art!
Another time I'll share the card she made in a coastal theme.

This time I wanted to keep this blog post in neutral colours. Apart from the Book Of Bloom that I'm making (and which is almost finished), I had some fun making my own stencils for my art journal. I used them on a art journal spread in neutral colours that I'm currently working on.

Although rather delicate to work with, my favourite one is the one with the branches with little leaves. It's so much fun to create your own stencils, I'm sure I will make many more!

Did you try making your own stencils and/or stamps?

In my previous post I forgot to mention that for the background work of my woods journal I was inspired by this lovely tutorial by Sandy Babb of Quill Cottage.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

xx Wen

A walk in the woods

art books WIP by AppleApricot

Hello sweet people,

Last weekend we went to my favourite woods here in the area. It's huge (for the Netherlands that is, we are only a tiny country). This time we went to an area of it which we hadn't visited before. And we were in for a beautiful surprise at the very end of the walk, a field of gorgeous wildflowers.

Here's a short film I made, come enjoy this walk with me:

Does anyone know which flowers those are? I googled it and couldn't find it, but would love to know.

Of course I brought back some little treasures from the woods like nuts and sticks. But I left this beauty below where I found it.

The woods inspired me for the art book - or journal or whatever you'd like to call it - I am making. The foundation of the book itself is finished, but I will add more and more later on. I'm going to use it as my nature journal, adding little paintings, journaling, embroidery snippets, found objects like leafs, and so on.

handmade nature journal A Walk In The Woods by AppleApricot

The pages all have something on it, so I will not have to start with a blank canvas. I added snippets of fabric and lace, found papers, I added some paint strokes here and there. The pages are of a variety of papers. Watercolour papers, book pages, fabric pages, wrapping papers, printer paper, scrapbook papers. And the cover is made out of cardboard.

handmade nature journal A Walk In The Woods by AppleApricot

Gosh, I really want to know which flowers these are. They're so gorgeous! A whole field of them, blooming somewhere in the middle of the woods.

handmade nature journal A Walk In The Woods by AppleApricot

On the back I added a snippet of fabric on which I did some embroidery. To my book I will also add inspiring quotes that I find. And photos I took myself of all things nature.

handmade nature journal A Walk In The Woods by AppleApricot

These gorgeous wildflowers gave me the inspiration for my next art book, for which I started with making the front cover painting:

Book of Bloom

Book of Bloom front cover of art journal WIP by AppleApricot

Which, of course, will be about wildflowers, blossoms and other flowers, but also about blooming as a person.

I make these books with the help of a bookmaking workshop by Nellie Wortman. Unfortunately she retired this class, so it will no longer be available, but you can find other awesome classes by Nellie (and other art teachers) at Creative Workshops.

Now put on your hiking boots and have a stroll outdoors, my friend. I know we spend way too much time indoors and also behind our computers. I know I do.

Big hugs and happy day wishes,

xx Wen

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