Simply Neutrals #45

Hello dears!

Welcome to the Simply Neutrals monthly linky party for the month of June. I'm sorry I'm a bit late today! From now on it will look all a bit different because I changed from paid subscription to the free one of the InLinkz linky tool. So instead of little thumbnails showing up in the link up, there will now be only text links. I hope you don't mind? (And I hope it's working properly. Please let me know if it isn't!)

My entry for this month is a collection of some of the round robin pages I created over the years.



I really loved the card Esther created! Esther is new to the party, so please give her a warm welcome. Her blog is called Shoregirl's Creations. Here is her beautiful card:

The textures, the warm hues, the sweet little birdie and beautiful flowers, it is all looking so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful card with us, Esther, and if you like, you can use this "I was featured" blog button on your blog:

On to this week's party!


To join the party, please keep the following things in mind:

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2) Kindly link back to AppleApricot by putting a link to my blog in your blogpost.

Of course you're most welcome to use the blog button of Simply Neutrals Tuesday as well
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3) Link ups to both new and older blog posts are welcome.
Of course it would be nice if you link up to a new or recent blog post, but if there is something from the archives you'd really want to link up here, then please feel welcome to do so.

4) You can link up from your blog, but if you do not have a blog but would love to link up from your instagram or other social media account, that's perfectly fine too.
Beware though, that may be not everyone can come visit and/or leave you a comment there.

5) Please take time to visit some of the other link ups and send them some love.
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Time for the link up!

xx Wen

Simply Neutrals Tuesday linky party at AppleApricot

Simply Neutrals #44

Hello dear friends,

Thank you so much for your wonderful and supportive messages last week! I'm happy to get such a positive feedback on the change I suggested.

So, from now on Simply Neutrals will be held once a month, the first Tuesday of each month, starting with this week.

(Let's see how this will work out in the summer months though, when we have our summer holidays here on the northern hemisphere.)

More beach photos I'm sharing with you today. Not far from where we live there is this large sandy beach. Well, actually all of the coast of The Netherlands is one giant sand beach with dunes. There are also cozy old harbor villages with fisherman's cottages, and large modern ports with huge vessels. Actually most of Holland (which The Netherlands is also called) is a river delta. Many rivers come through our country on their last length towards the North Sea.

Simply Neutrals #43 - a needed change

the Sea Gull highschool :)

Hello dear friends, welcome to Simply Neutrals!

Last week we celebrated the 8th birthday of the City Crafter Challenge blog, run and hosted by Kirsty. Every week for 8 years already she is hosting the linky party there. I'm so much in awe! Because to be honest, I find it quite challenging to do this every week, and I only just started!

I know how much these neutral-love parties mean to you and me, the weekly gathering is so wonderful, inspiring, and it makes me so happy to have these cozy gatherings with you where we share and chat with each other. And you my dears have left me similar comments.

Simply Neutrals #42 and happy birthday City Crafter!

butterfly card by AppleApricot

Hello dears, welcome to Simply Neutrals!

Today I have two posts in one here on AppleApricot due to another party that's going on today at City Crafter challenge blog (CCCB). It's City Crafter's birthday!

butterfly card by AppleApricot

Yay, happy birthday CCCB!!!

butterfly card by AppleApricot (detail)

In the past I was a design team member for CCCB. Because City Crafter has its 8th birthday this month of April, Kirsty asked the past team members to make a card that the present design team will then CASE (or kind of remake in their own styles).

This week is my turn. And this is my card.

butterfly card by AppleApricot

Thank you Kirsty, so good to join the CCCB-team again for this week!

I used wallpaper samples, pieces of an antique French postcard that I scanned, a wildflower book page, a piece of vellum that I had printed a flower print on, two paper flowers, one little rhinestone, a text stamp, three butterflies from the internet, some machine-stitching, and a bit of distress ink.

butterfly card by AppleApricot (detail)

Come join us at City Crafter Challenge Blog this week and CASE my card!

Back to Simply Neutrals linky party now...

Simply Neutrals #41

Hello dears, a warm welcome to Simply Neutrals linky party!

Today I'm sharing a little bit more about my personal life. It's nice to get to know a little about each other, don't you think? (Although I will never share much of my private life online.)

Last week I mentioned that I'm decluttering. Again :) Actually I do not own a lot of stuff, especially not for an adult person living in Europe. All of my personal belongings fit in one bedroom (furniture included). But I have a deep desire to live a simplified life. I always had. It's a lifelong process of becoming more mindful, living a more sustainable and responsible life, and living with less stuff and less clutter both in my surroundings and in my head. Once in a while I have this urge to simplify drastically. When closets and mind have been cluttering up again, sneaky without me really noticing it.

While decluttering last week, I came across old photos I took when traveling by train and boat through Europe, about 20 years ago. The photos seen here are taken in Passau, Germany. I backpacked for a month through Germany and Austria. But I was hardly ever alone, because when backpacking you meet so many lovely and interesting people. This was my first time traveling alone. I was in my early twenties. Sweet memories :)

It was also one of those eye-opener times that I realized that I don't need much to live a happy life. I'm happy this way, living with very little. Although, "little" is relative here, because even though I own very little for an adult person in a so called rich country, I still "own" a lot more stuff than a whole lot of people in this world. And I am so fortunate that I can choose to live with little. So many people in this world never have this choice-opportunity.

How about you? Do you feel the need to declutter? If so, is it hard for you to do? Or may be you do not feel the need to declutter at all and find joy in gathering things around you, keeping them as treasures filled with happy memories? (I have that with things I find in nature and on beach combs!)

I'd love to hear your stories!