Simply Neutrals #12 - Tin Mine fabric / mixed media book

fabric and mixed media journal by AppleApricot

When on vacation in Cornwall (UK) last Summer I was fascinated by the tin mines we visited there. So much so, that I wanted to make a book to keep the memory. Also, I had found this old photo of a beautiful girl which I really loved and wanted to use in a project. (I edited the photo of the girl before using it, and if I can find it in my archives, I will share the edited photo with you later.)

Although she has nothing to do with tin mines to be sure,
the look on her face suits the hard life of the miners, I think.

Also, I had seen a beautiful mixed media work by Wen Redmond
that got me inspired for the background of the cover of my book.

I painted and stitched some old bed sheet for this
and used it for both the front and back cover.

fabric and mixed media journal by AppleApricot

This book is not in the least complete.
I started with creating it before I started with my other fabric / mixed media book
for the workshop of Nellie Wortman.

Here's a glimpse of what is going to be on the inside.
But not finished at all.

fabric and mixed media journal by AppleApricot

Some crochet of mine, fabrics, laces, different sorts of paper in various sizes,
and photos I took in the tin mines in Cornwall.

Like this one below.

rust photo by AppleApricot

But for now, it's one of my many unfinished projects.
You know that feeling, don't you :)

fabric and mixed media journal by AppleApricot


Features of last week

Here are some of the photos that caught my eye in the party last week.


(Just click on the name of the blogs mentioned.)

Everyone has made a great effort in creating, photographing and writing blog posts and I want all credit to go to the owners of these photos. So please pin these photos from their blogs and not mine.

First feature is a gorgeous home decor photo and project by Marie of Lost Bird Studio.
I just LOVE the whole atmosphere it breathes.
So peaceful.

And I'm always amazed by her stunning soldering work.

Another project that caught my eye, was a series of stitched pieces

I think this is so beautiful and fitting for this time of year
now that in nature we find more faded colours
and everywhere there are remnants of flowers and seed pods.
We even had our first bit of snow this week!
Only a tiny bit, but still, it was there.

If you know me a bit
then you know I love nature.
So this beautiful stitched piece by Linda
that made me think of this time of year
I had to share with you.

And another beautiful piece of work that reminded me of this time of year,
is the gorgeous collage by Sue of Miss Phoebe's Perch.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Netherlands,
but I think this time of year is perfect for pondering about the many blessings in our lives
and feeling grateful for the beauty that is surrounding us.
Even in a time when life shows her ugly side,
or actually especially now that we are seeing a very ugly side of it in many places in the world.

Thank you sweet friends (all of you!), for sharing beauty and love on your blogs,
and for sharing it and encouraging each other on Simply Neutrals!

And for the sweet ladies who got featured this week,
here's your button!

But like I'm always adding: please don't feel obliged to use it.


Simply Neutrals #12 party time!

What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.


  1. Dearest Wen, how I love seeing your beautiful creations. Each one is so unique and different. You are an incredibly talented artist, my friend.

    I hope you are well.... It's a joy to stop in for a visit. Love and hugs!

  2. A stunning lovely book and the photo of the girl fits well to it.
    Thanks for this amazing meme (I'm in a break, but I will visit the others during the week and try to make a post for OBW)
    Have a nice time of inspiration and good luck :-)

  3. Oh Wen,
    I just love, love your gorgeous book. The cover almost looks like leather. Simply stunning. Thanks for the feature and hosting.
    I don't have a pin button otherwise I would pin it.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs and love,

  4. Your images of the new Nellie book looks amazing or is that a new book Wen? Love that subject about the Mines and the photos you have already shared! It is lovely that you featured Marie, Lyn and Sue - all works are beautifully inspiring.
    Have a wonderfully creative week if you can't now get out into the garden to that project also! It must be almost snowing there!!??
    Sending love and hugs,
    Suzy xox

  5. I love your book, Wendy! It manages to encompass both hardness and softness at the same time. That photo is perfect, as are your color choices. I look forward to seeing it completed. I know what you mean, though, about unfinished projects! Hugs and stay warn, Sue

  6. Dear Wen, what a stunning front of the book waiting to be finished, that image is wonderful, and surely looks like a girl, with a hard life . The background is fantastic, looking so beautiful, and loving the sewing you did there. I`m sure it will turn out to be a gorgeous book, with your photos and creations.
    Also I love Marie`s beautiful tag and her stunning soldered heart, and you choosed the sweetest white winter piece from Lindas, post.
    Sue`s little collage is the most wonderful art piece, too .
    Hugs to you,
    Dorthe xxx

  7. Oh Wen I really love the beginnings of your new book! The image is a true testament of the hard life they had. It adds to the authentic look. But she is beautiful~
    I love the mix of laces, papers (inks?) and fabrics you're using. (the one strip looks like leather) I took a peek at Wen Redmonds work and I can see where you found a 'Que' for the background there. Love the primitive stitching too; so vintage cool: ) Thanks for sharing Wen!

  8. You've made a great start to your book, I'm sure the finished book will be amazing.
    Thanks for featuring my work, I was interested to know that it made you think of this time of year.

  9. Beautiful book, that picture is just perfect for it, sounds like an interesting trip. The colors you did on the cover makes it look like metal and love the touches of crochet lace too, I think you have a great start to this book!

  10. Dear Wen, I am so thrilled to have found you through Roses of Inspiration. Your blog is a soothing oasis in a troubled world. Thankyou for the linkup too. I hope my post is suitable. I feel a bit of an amateur in the midst of such talent! Mimi xxx

  11. LOve the book you have started Wendy :) You work is always sooo amazingly beautiful, love to peruse!! The other ladies work is very pretty and fun to see :) Thanks for sharing.

  12. Stunning work that you are showing this week Wen! Hugs, Valerie

  13. Hi Wen,
    just finished some bezels and could not resist to link up again:)
    Hope it is fine with you.Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
    Sending hugs and love,

  14. Your book is so beautiful - I love the look of leather and lace and the tin theme.

  15. Your cover girl looks like she has quite a story, and a tough one at that. It's a beautiful work in progress you are making. All the other entries you shared are so very inspirational. Nicola x

  16. Wen, Your tin book is just beautiful- tin?! Amazing!!
    All of the pieces this week are just gorgeous! truly inspiring- off to their blogs for a closer look- lovely post!
    Jackie ")

  17. Hello Wen,

    I love LOVE LOVE your rust and mauvy-blue tattered old book. The image is stunning, and just perfectly embellished. You are very talented.

    I love the beautiful artworks you featured this week - they all complement each other and each is gorgeous. A feast for the eyes!

    I am just catching up in Blogland as 'real life' was a bit hectic this week. I am out of time for Simply Neutrals Number 12, so I'll make sure I'm in Lucky 13!
    Love and hugs to you,


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen