Giveaway winner and an ashtray with an identity complex

Nozy piglet searching for some yummy French truffles (but it's not the season I'm afraid) in a French "not-an-ahstray" in a meadow of French antique postcards - a scene captured on photo by a French girl that doesn't speak French.

Why hello dears,

There is something I'd love to tell you first before going on to more serious business.

Dear Liz of LuluLiz in LalaLand
kindly pointed out that the "ashtray" of my found objects
isn't an ashtray at all.

Let me share with you her exact words...
(Liz, I hope you don't mind that I do)

"Tehehe, the thing that you thought might be an ashtray is a 'tastevin', a French wine tasting cup. Just about every vineyard in France would have had these for their customers in the past."

Lol! Dearest Liz, I laughed my socks off when reading your comment on my "ashtray". I hope it doesn't have an identity complex now. Thank you so much for telling me what the thingie is. I will treasure it even more now.

Dear blog friends, I'd love to tease you a little longer and postpone the drawing of the winner till the end of this post, but my dear mom taught me to be wise and nice.

So let me tell you at once,
who is the winner of the brocante magazine...

It is...

I did a hand-draw this time

Now on to today's regular business.

The word prompt at Our Beautiful World this week is


Usually a very cold month here in The Netherlands.

But this winter up till now the weather has been very mild
and forecasts are talking of mild weather still.

Not so in 2009!

January in The Netherlands usually means:

Cold. Snow. Ice. Brrr. People skate on frozen ditches and lakes. A lot of people do so, young and old, it truly is a national sport. As soon as there is ice on the waters, local skating events are held everywhere.

Happy crafty January, my friends!

xx Wen


  1. Wow I'm so happy for Marie winning your beautiful magazine! She too is such a generous girl herself like you! Thanks for giving us a chance to be in it Wendy.

    I'm so glad you could see sense in buying a few more of those gorgeous postcards!

    Liz to the rescue! She is a wealth of information when it comes to brocante and selling vintage items which she does so well herself!

    Happy January - enjoy the weather while it lasts!

    Big hugs,

  2. Hi Wendy,

    What a funny story re: your 'ashtray'. I have a vintage kitchen gadget that my mom found and I still don't know what it's supposed to do! I should actually compose a post on it to see if any of my readers know.

    Your 'walk in the rain' pic is so pretty and sweet!!


  3. Hoi hoi Wnedy.
    Zo, mijn Engels is weer opgehaald, hi hi, moet altijd wel wat moeite doen om jou blog te lezen hoor!!
    Wat een gave foto, die op het ijs!! Wat was het toen koud he?! En nu? Nu zitten we gewoon al in het voorjaar!!!!
    Bedankt voor je lieve, korte krabbeltje op mijn mail.
    Voor jullie ook een gezond, gelukkig en vooral liefdevol nieuwjaar en we blijven lekker bloggen (zo gezellig)
    Liefs, Daphne

  4. Lovely photos ... I'm glad someone knew what that 'thingie' was! Have a lovely Sunday!

  5. Hi dear Wendy,
    I'm doing a happy dance right now:)
    Thank you so much. So glad you went back and bought more of those French postcards.Have a lovely Sunday.
    Big hugs to you,

  6. Oh wat leuk dat Marie jouw giveaway heeft gewonnen Wen! Dat blad is echt helemaal iets voor haar! En wat die winter betreft, nou, die mag voor mij wel wegblijven hoor, vind dit weer helemaal perfect, niet te koud, lekker zonnetje, super om een fijne wandeling te gaan maken! Geniet van je zondag, liefs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  7. Love the ashtray story Wendy, and glad to hear you got more of the french cards :) Oh to be 42 again lol!!

  8. I always enjoy my visit here at your blog. Your photos make me happy. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  9. congrats to Marie. lucky girl! and i giggled at your re-tellign the story of your "ashtray." LuLU knows her "frenchy thingies" for sure! and happy january...the month of your birth! ;)

  10. Congrats to Marie! It's a lovely little saucer no matter what it's called. :) Hope your mild weather continues. And yes, you may pin the girls pic. We're honored. Hugs, Nan

  11. beautiful and interesting at the same time!

  12. Thanks again for the lovely giveaway Wendy and lucky Marie indeed!
    I didn't know what your little find was but thought it was really too nice to be an ashtray! :) Looked a bit like a mould with the lovely pattern on it. But now I know, I do recall seeing similar things on tv programmes etc.
    Enjoy your weather....we're having a bit of a heatwave here in Qld Aust!! Ick! :) ♥

  13. Wendy, I am astonished to hear that the weather in the Netherlands is mild so far this year. Here in South Carolina, the southern United States, it is inordinately cold for this time of year, with lows reading in the teens and highs in 30's during the daylight hours. Weather in the teens here is considered very cold.

    Still, I am hoping the cold will kill off some of the viruses that have been going around. That would be a good thing.

    Wishing you well!

  14. I am sorry that I missed your wonderful gift, because you can’t find similar magazines here in Slovenia…but I am happy for Marie (still searching for time to visit her blog)....your postcard from previous post looks gorgeous and ashtray story is really funny...
    Hugs from Slovenia


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