Where Bloggers Create party 2016 info

Hello dear friends,

Just a short notice to let you know there will be a Where Bloggers Create party this year after all! Karen has decided to go for it again this year and just recently announced that the party will be on

July 15th 2016

So, this is in less then a month!

I am not sure whether I will be able to participate. But I thought you my friends might be interested in this wonderful annual party, because I know some of you have been participating in earlier editions.

For information, click HERE.

Sunny day to you!
xx Wen


  1. Nice to know, I used to take part before but guess not this year, just got home and a lot of catch up, like cleaning, washing etc, yikes! : (

  2. Thank you for the info, have visited this wonderful blog, but I think, that's not for me to participiate.
    I haven't a decorative creative room, my creative space is the nature, my town, my mind, my PC and such "undecorative" places... I cannot hold with all these lovely white nostalgic rooms -

  3. Anonymous23:22

    Thank you for your comment about Utah! Ah, didn't know you had been in the USA. Not many from W-Europe go to Utah, although the Grand Canon is "close by." Whenever you come back, visit Yosemite Nat. Park - if you like waterfalls and big Sequoia trees:)
    (If you do, warn me ahead, I'm only 3 1/2 hrs. from there).

  4. This sounds like fun! I look forward to checking out all the creations. :)


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