Handmade mini junk journal

Handmade books have always amazed me.

I've seen so many beautiful ones on the internet. And so much would love to learn more about the process of making handmade books and bookbinding...

So, I gave it a try. And what a fun thing to do this is!

I followed a fabulous


which I had found through pinterest. Where would we be without P :)

Of course I didn't dare to mess up any gorgeous new stash.


Armed with my boxes of tiny bits and pieces - leftovers of other projects - glue, needle and thread, and my sewing machine, I headed into new territory...

On the first page I used a sweet label by Debbie of Paper Sweeties.

And here are some other pages from my handmade mini junk journal.

It is really mini, it fits in the palm of my hand... Should have taken a picture of that. Oh well, you just gotta believe me.

Any idea what that dark old pink kind of coloured piece of whatever is there in the right corner? (See above.) It's a piece of one of those thingies you put in the washing machine in an effort to avoid colours of one piece of clothing ruïning other pieces of clothing. This is a fragment of one of those thingies after it had done its job.

As you can see, I left blank pages (embellished with some lace pieces and stitched edges) for journaling, or writing down quotes for example.

And here's the back cover of the mini book and the hand stitched binding...

Okay, this was SO much fun to do!! I'm thinking of making more of these. And trying various bindings.

I made this little book for this week's challenge of City Crafter.

This was a loooooooooong post.

And now comes the elephant which blows out the story....

xx Wen


  1. I'm just going to have to learn to live with cold toes because your little handmade book just blew my socks into outer space, Wendy! It's so wonderful that you have that kind of talent and the spirit to tackle a new project like this so brilliantly! I love it! So a winner!!

  2. Your little book is just fantastic, dear Wendy!
    I love the Colors you used and the sewing parts with the machine. Wonderful artwork and thank you for the tut, I will immediatly go and have a look.

  3. Wauwww...wat een gaaf boekje heb je gemaakt Wendy, bedankt voor de link naar de tutorial!!

  4. Oh My GOSH, Wendy! To think you made this BEAUTIFUL mini book from bits and pieces! LOVE this! So many GORGEOUS details and pages! A true work of art! PS THX for the welcome!

  5. I adore your little book ,,, so very beautiful ... Kirsty makes these too and she sent one to me ... I just love them! I love how you added little bits of lace and pretty flowers ... Have a sweet day!

  6. Oh my heavens! I thought I'd just died, these are beyond gorgeous!!. I came here earlier and then drooling over your creation, a bit giddy from all the excitement, went back to bed to dream about it. Came back just now and comment :). Wendy, I LOVE LOVE your mini junk journal!!. I thought of taking a break after 6 weeks of making little books, I think I can't take a break ... this is too addictive!

  7. Anonymous17:27

    How adorable this is - the sweetness of the papers you gathered together, the laces and all combined into a journal that will nestle in the palm of your hand.
    It has been the longest time since I handbound a notebook, very simple binding but I agree it is fun and also so satisfying to sit back and view the end result.

  8. Hey, lag dit mooie boekje ook niet op je super-opgeruimde-werktafel? Ziet er heel gaaf uit, van binnen en van buiten. Leuk hè, zelf boekjes maken? En al helemaal wanneer je er zelf hele verhalen in kunt zien/lezen! Maak er een mooie avond van, lieve groetjes, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  9. How very lovely, my dear - so tiny and beautiful,-
    The papers and fabrics are all wonderful, and love the idea with the : colour thing piece-- wonder if we have such here !! The binding looks so pretty ,--and thanks for the link Wendy.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  10. Ooh wat mooi gemaakt Wendy,ik ben dol op dit soort boekjes,heerlijk romantisch en zo lekker prullen als je er mee bezig bent. Ik heb genoten van je foto's en uitleg,lieve groetjes Miranda

  11. I love making handmade books but don't have the time anymore to sit and make them. YOurs turned out spectular Wendy!! Love the papers and all the lace!

  12. Wat een prachtig boekje! Ik zou zoveel meer tijd moeten hebben. Krijg helemaal zin om zelf ook aan de slag te gaan.

  13. Wendy your little altered album is fabulous!! I love all the delightful details you have put into each page.A wonderful little keepsake gift for someone ;)

  14. Ah, what a darling little book. I admire you for trying this new technique. You did an absolutely wonderful job. The little book could still anybody's heart.

  15. What beautiful book - so creative. As you know I have an obligation to get using my sewing machine and your project is such an inspiration!! I am in awe :)

  16. Well I knew Shahrul was going to be proud of you!!! WOWWWWW I just adore this mini book and seeing Shahruls minis I believe they fit in the pal of your hands. You girls are inspiring me to do one too!!! Your binding stitches are just marvelous. Truly a fabulous project♥♥♥

  17. What a sweet and lovely book, it got my hands itchy all over and want to run to my craft room right now. I might follow the footsteps of you and Shahrul and start making these beauties soon, totally fabulous and totally fun!

  18. Heel mooi boekje Wendy, helemaal jouw sfeer.
    De kleurtjes zijn prachtig en dat fijne kant !!Ik vind de binding zo knap gedaan.
    Dat wil ik ook graag leren.
    Zal de tutorial opzoeken.
    Heel erg bedankt voor je lieve bemoedigende reactie op mijn laatste post!!

    Knuffels :),

  19. Amazing my friend. Your little mini book looks amazing. I love every little detail of it.


  20. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Wendy! LOVE all that lace and its vintage appeal! Way to rock that polka dot label, too ;)!

  21. What a darling keepsake book, Wendy! I love how you featured the Paper Sweeties stamp for some journaling on the pages!

  22. A very beautiful little book Wendy and so well made, wish you a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs Anni

  23. What a sweet little creation full of so many of my favorite materials!...just beautiful! I really have been wanting to make some of these for a while but just haven't found the time. Now I'm going to be tossing this around my mind until I do it!!! I love your mini journal!!

  24. Oh wow this makes everything look so easy. very elegant thank you https://thehappycraftchallenge.blogspot.com/


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