Christmas card plus tutorials and patterns for tatting

Hooray hooray! I made a Christmas card!
I even dare say it's my first ever. Many more to come, I'd say.

Although, you could use this card for many occasions.
Hmmm, so technically it's not even my first Christmas card, is it.


Mom said it's so dark and grey coloured.
She can be so encouraging.



Some of you dear ladies told me you felt inspired to take up tatting. So, I thought, why not share with you some tutorials that really helped me?

The videos are all done in so called needle tatting. Most patterns can be done either with a needle or a shuttle. Both needles and shuttles can easily be purchased at online stores. It's becoming more and more popular, so may be you can even find them in your local wool or craft store. I find needle tatting to be less daunting than shuttle tatting, so I took up needle tatting first.

After a lot of sighs and knots in my threads that shouldn't be there
 I searched for tutorials and found the ones below.

Which made it all sooooo much easier!!


First, I started with a very clear and easy to follow tutorial by Maria Papia. She begins with a simple round and shows us how to in slow motion, which I found really helpful and easy to follow.

Then, I did the easy butterfly tutorial.
Again also shown in slow motion and easy to follow.

Next it's time to learn how to do reverse work,
because many patterns include this technique.
Below Maria shows you how to.

Now you're ready for a flower pattern by TotusMel. This lady is going rapidly through the pattern. But because you already learned some basics, you can easily follow along. Especially when you pause the video once in a while.

Tadaaa! You just made your first flower!
And now you can follow many more patterns.

If you're looking for some inspiration and patterns, then hop over to my Tatting pinterest board. I will be adding more by and by.

And the link to the pattern for the cross with the button from my previous post,
you can find HERE.

Good luck and have fun!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

xx Wen


  1. Prachtig gemaakt Wendy en wat ziet je blog er mooi uit, leuk dat je weer eens langs kwam!

  2. Dear Wendy
    Your first Christmas card looks so beautiful - I personally love the dark grey/black and white effect which also looks kind of grainy plus the lovely embellishing. It is such a beautiful Madonna and child image!

    Now those tatting tutorials could start any raw beginner off. They are so easy to follow - if only I could extend myself into a new area. I love to knit and crochet,
    spin and weave but rarely have time for these crafts these days.

    Your gifts to Dorthe were presented so beautifully too with all your bird images in blues. She absolutely loved everything she received.

    Have a cosy Sunday dear Wendy,
    Love, Suzy xox

  3. wauw wat mooi en bedankt voor de filmpjes. Ik heb zin om het uit te gaan proberen. Mijn moeder had vroeger een oud spoeltje voor frivolité maar ik geloof niet dat zij het zelf ooit heeft gedaan.

  4. Dear Wendy,

    your card is just stunning and thank you so much for the tutorial. It is something I for sure am going to try to do.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  5. My dear Wendy,
    I too love your card, with the most beautiful madonna and children image. Your choice of laces and fabric, is perfect for the black/grey center piece, and the little brownish colours on the back and on the picture frame.
    So very beautiful, dearest.
    Thank you for the taTTING videos, ...maybe another time, after christmas ,it would be fun trying. Like Suzy writes, also I haven`t chrocheted or knitted much and never learned tatting!
    Have a wonderful sunday afternoon and evening, my dear friend.
    Hugs and kiss

  6. A beautiful card. So love the softness and your image with the fun layers.
    Thanks for the Tatting video...I've most of the items to do it, just never had time or an instructor !.. His Aunt is 102 and still makes a tatted Cross, but she don't give instructions !!! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  7. Your card and tatting are beautiful. I appreciate your sharing the tutorials for tatting, however, I prefer to buy the finished product. Would love to have one of the crosses with a button, so whenever you get one to sell, please let me know.

  8. The card is just beautiful! You are a very talented lady.
    How very thoughtful of you to share tutorials on the art of tatting!!! I hope to try it sometime.

  9. Several things to comment on here. First your mom's comment about the card...sounds very familiar to me. My mom is always telling me how she would have done it.
    The needle tatting links and pinterest board...I have just spent the last half hour down that rabbit hole! LOL came out with a new pinterest board!!!!

  10. Prachtig Wendy! Ik ga dit zeker uit proberen!
    Dikke kus van Marianne XXX

  11. I love the "dark and grey" its so vintage and beautiful, your tatting is FABulous :) Thanks for sharing Wendy!!

  12. Lovely card and the colors are prefect for my liking. I have been wanting to learn to tat forever. Thank you for the links however I cannot seem to access them. Blessings and Bliss...


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