Christmas cards

Yesterday, I managed to make another two Christmas cards.
For which I crocheted two little flowers.

Card making and Wen = Paper, glue, threads, buttons, fabric everywhere. Including in my hear.
You get the picture.

If you'd like to use the images yourself
or are looking for vintage Christmas images or photos to use,

xx Wen


  1. Dear Wendy, in fact I`m out the door to see my daughter in Copenhagen, but just had to comment on your beautiful cards, for christmas. They are adorable, and the most lovely touch is your flowers.
    You and cards are a perfect match- I also so love the one you send me,- so you just go on creating ,those wonderful cards.
    Hugs and smile,Dorthe

  2. Your cards and your vintage Christmas pin board are gorgeous!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Je hebt het mooi gedaan, toch een goede kaartmaakster hoor.
    Groetjes Marja

  4. Beautiful, special and sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Anonymous23:29

    Your card creations are a dream. So perfectly vintage in every way and you tell us that you crocheted the flower, you are so clever.
    Oh my word, whoever receives a card from you will me overcome with joy.

  6. Your cards are beautiful and extra special made from your heart and hands. Sharing Joy and Jingles...

  7. Gorgeous cards Wendy!! I love how you used the laces, crochet and other treasures to enhance the wonderful vintage images, always a treat to see :)

  8. These are so sweet Wendy and what makes them so special is that they are embellished with flowers crocheted by you! Just beautiful and so are the images.
    I just love visiting your Pinterest Boards!
    Love and hugs for another creative day!

  9. Beautiful cards ... In fact they are more gifts than cards ... Have a lovely week!

  10. je kerstkaarten zijn prachtig, hoezo geen goede combi? Iedereen maakt er toch een rommeltje van als 'ie aan het knutselen is?

  11. The cards are beautiful. I had my tatting supplies out are inspiring!

  12. prachtige kaartjes Wendy!! Bedankt voor je visite!

  13. Love all your creations!!!!

  14. Your cards are simply beautiful, dear Wendy. Have a great weekend.

  15. Your cards are gorgeous, Wendy! Anyone would be thrilled to receive such a treasure. XO Sue

  16. Hi Wendy, Thank you for your comment on Pinterest. Sorry I am not certain how to reply to you on there so in answer to your question as to whether I have a blog...not right now although I did have for many years. You will find me on You Tube though under the name chrissiecrosser.
    Lovely cards you have created.
    Chrissie x

  17. Allereerst mijn excuses dat ik de afgelopen week niet bij je langs kon komen, maar terwijl we hier midden in de verbouwing zitten, moesten we plotseling naar het buitenland om enkele leveranciers te bezoeken (geweldige timing hè? Ja, ik weet het ;-) En toen kwamen we vanmorgen vroeg thuis (lagen om 4 uur in ons bedje), bleek de verwarming het niet te doen, hellup! Niet lekker, jezelf wassen met ijskoud water kan ik je zeggen! Maar gelukkig had de storingsmonteur dienst en zitten we er inmiddels weer behaaglijk bij! Sorry sorry dat ik je laatste creaties niet heb kunnen zien, maar ik vind het wel weer heel erg leuk om weer bij te langs te komen om ze te bewonderen Wen, want wat is het altijd weer een genot om ze te zien! Bedankt voor al dit moois, liefs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  18. Gorgeous cards they are Wendy! Who said you're not very good at cardmaking??!!! ;) and the fact you've used things on them that you've made yourself, makes them even more gorgeous-er!

    The pins on your board are beautiful, and I've just followed. ♥

  19. Lovely cards-you are so talented!

  20. Your cards are dreamy, Wendy!!!

    Hugs, Gaby


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