Mind blowing { Google Friends Connect - Followers Gadget }

After my previous blog post about being a so called no-reply Blogger, and changing the things on my blog. I thought the troubles with Blogger were over. Wrong answer. If you have a Google+ connection, you can change your settings now (see tutorial link in previous post) and after a while... tadaaaa!! Google/Blogger has undone your happy change again. Which leaves you with exactly the same problem as before.

Today I came across another issue with Blogger. Turns out that a whole lot of Blogger users (including me) are facing problems with Google Friend Connect. You know, the followers-gadget in your sidebar where you can find your blog friends and where new followers can join. (The old gadget from Blogger. Not the new one from Google+.) And here it doesn't matter if you're using Google+ or not.

It doesn't work properly anymore. A lot of us can't join another blog through that gadget anymore, but get a blank pop up screen with a message that starts with "We're sorry, ..."

On the product forum of Google there are many threads with questions about this. But no proper answer from Google so far... Just so you know. You might already have encountered this problem and wondered what was going on.


My dear blog friend Kirsty told me gave me the solution below:

If you get a blank pop up window
with the text "We're sorry, yadayadayada" like I do, then do this:
Look at the Google Friend Connect gadget.
See those two tiny squares top right of it?
Click on those.
It will open the "follow" pop up window.
There you still have the same yada yada message in the box on the right.
Don't worry.
Next to the button "follow" (which doesn't work)
there is a button "more options".
Click that one.
On the next screen click on "follow"
and on the screen after that again "follow".

That's it! Wooohoooo!!! (Little dance going on here.) Kirsty, you rock!
Thanks girl for giving me this trick.

If it is still not working... Try patience and acceptance? And may be add another followers gadget to your sidebar, like Bloglovin.

Google says they're working on it. But may be they just want us to use Google+ instead? Well, we'll see where the Blogger-wind will blow us :-)

All images are paintings and drawings by one of my favourite painters,
John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).

Wishing you a happy week.

xx Wen


  1. I don't do well with google friend connect. I hope your problems with them are straightened out soon.

  2. Wendy the images are stunning, I love everyone of them!! I am a computer idiot so I just used the blogger as it is ;) Hope you get it all figured out!

  3. I know I know..... trust me, i was so frustrated too. If I know what you are talking about, here's what I do, click on join this site (as usual), and then of course they will show you that message... sorry blar blar blar, click more option, and simple click "follow" from there, let me know if it works.

  4. Thanks for the info my friend. I hate all this computer stuff. I just want to share my post...

    Hope you have a happy week my friend.


  5. Ja joh, zo fijn al die veranderingen ;-) Alhoewel ik normaliter geen problemen heb met veranderingen, juist niet! Maar in dit geval was het even aanpassen ja, naar Bloglovin' inderdaad en dat werkt tenminste ;-) Mooie plaatjes heb je hier weer op staan Wen, die behoeven geen verandering, die zijn al mooi en goed van zichzelf ;-) Liefs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  6. Told you! No matter what you do you are back a no-reply after some time! I just hate spending time fixing things that they should fix. AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Love your photos ... For me I'm really not worried about followers or connecting with friends ... I know my friends emails and blogs to connect to - how many of them ever leave a comment? Lots only become followers or friends to win blog candy which is quite false in my book ... But great that you can help people Wendy ... Have a good day

  8. How tirering dear Wendy,
    and so bad they don`t do anything about it..as you say it might very well be to make us all change to Google + !!
    I also have a problem that my friends connect are often not for me, to see on my blog page,-I don`t know if it also dissapers for other viewers.
    Oh you did a great job and I hope there will be a solution to all this ,some day!
    Hugs from cold ,rainy, stormy Denmark and me.

  9. Hi Wendy

    I have a blog and people just can not join at the moment, I have copied your 'how to' message and put it on my page.... I hope that is ok.

    I have 'joined' your blog and it seems to be working.

    I hope I can continue with my blog with out to much frustration.

    Kind regards

    Sarah ... homespunstitchworks.

  10. Oh hell yeah!!!
    Thank you so much, good job :D


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