Muted Colours and a Blogger Headache (Google+ automatically changes the colours of your photos)

First: If you're like me getting a headache when putting your photos to your Blogger blog, because Blogger automatically changes the colours of your photos, then please scroll down, because I have a solution for you at the end of this post.


A month of celebrations here in The Netherlands. Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years Eve. In a few weeks it will be winter. A time spent indoors at home to snuggle and renew the love for your treasures there.

I received and old book from my grandmother. It belonged to an aunt of my grandfather.
And look at the picture above of what I found inside...

A dried flower of over a 100 years old too, wow...

It is so thin and delicate.

The 21st of December will be the shortest day and longest night of this year in The Netherlands. Sun rise at 8:46h and sun set at 16:30h. That's less than 8 hours of light and more than 16 hours of dark. Temperatures drop to somewhere around zero. I tend to stay indoors more when it's getting darker and colder outside.

Colours are fading into muted hues of browns, greys and whites.

Above, one of the pages from the book.
They had beautiful handwriting in those days.

I love the faded and muted colours of winter.

For now, that is.

Because in a couple of weeks
I'll be pining for fresh Spring colours, to be sure!!


is the word prompt at Our Beautiful World this week.

The little poem above is in Dutch and it means something like...


"Hold on, hold on, with eye and heart,
The poetry of life!
She is everywhere, she is always there;
The soul be clean, the eye be bright,
Thou sees, enjoys, forbid her thus
to fload around thee."


It's by Nicolaas Beets, born 1814 in The Netherlands.

Here's a letter from 1861 by his hand
found on Wikipedia and a little bit of editing by me.

If you love to take photos and share your story of December,
then we'd love to see you join in at


Now on to the Blogger Headache!!

Recently I noticed that my photos uploaded differently
(mostly darker) to my Blogger blog then the originals.


Recognize that?

If so, it's probably because you started using google+

Google+ thinks it's funny to "beautify" your uploaded photos
which mostly makes them darker and smooths them out.

Don't panic.

There's a solution.

Go to your google account by clicking on your photo
(top right in your dashboard of your blog).
Click on Account.
Then choose tab Google+
and scroll way down to Photos.
It says something like "automatic enhancing"
(mine is in Dutch, so I don't know what it says exactly).
Please turn that feature OFF.


Still having problems?
Then please tell me so in the comment section
and I'll get back to you.


Wishing you a wonderful
and headache-freeDecember!

xx Wen


  1. Beautiful photos share Wendy, and thanks for the tips, I will have to go check mine to see if I have google plus or not.

  2. As a first time visitor, I enjoyed your blog so much...Many lovely photos, so much inspiration...

  3. Beautiful photos!! Love that little bird and what an amazing find in your book ...Thanks so much for the advice ... I noticed that last week so I will check ... Hugs

  4. Anonymous15:18

    Dear Wendy
    This post is sublime.
    I am sure my heart skipped a beat on reading that the dried flower is over 100 years old, oh my word, how precious this is.
    My headache is for some reason advertisement windows are popping up everywhere and for some reason I cannot be rid of them and I am sure they are causing my laptop to run slower!
    Happy Sunday

  5. The photos are lovely Wendy!! I haven't joined Google+.

  6. What a Beautiful post my friend. Your photos are so beautiful. I do hope you enjoy your December..


  7. Beautiful pics Wendy!! What an amazing find, the beautiful dried flower :)

  8. I loved the soft hues of the flower and lace from the get go...then to read it's over 100 years old!! How wonderful that someone found it so special they wanted it saved! Blogger, google and blog apps on iPad, they're all messing with us. Think they know what's best for out blog post....wish they'd leave us alone.
    Do have a wonderful and peaceful December.

  9. Dear Wendy,
    I so love visiting your blog, alwayes so beautiful and poetic,-just like today.
    Your old book must be a treasure for you, and the flower ,oh so special!
    Here in Denmark we celebrate almost like you, and today I have a pale cold sun shining- a beautiful december weather! Your vignette is so lovely, and so are the collage you made !
    Thank you for your old letter,-and all other wonderful images you share, so sweet of you.
    I wish you a lovely new week- Wendy,

  10. Ben blij weer eindelijk bij je langs te kunnen komen Wen. Kan ik even bijtanken en genieten van je schitterende en romantische foto's, beeldschoon weer... Oh, die bloem te vinden, het toppunt van romantiek, zucht... Dikke knuf, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  11. What a treasure!!. Flower so thin and delicate, yet already so old ... how did she do that?. I'd love to know :). Last week I made a baby girl mini album for a friend who just delivered a new born and I used lots of paper doilies, adding a little flower here and there would be amazing!.
    I don't think my Google+ is on, from the start I know I would be too impressed with it :). Gorgeous photos!!!. HUGS.

  12. Wow soso pretty thatblingy, feathery tail is amazing, love your pressed bloom too!

  13. So glad you stopped by my blog and I went trolling through your posts. I've been similarly frustrated by Google+ photo editing and a little peeved that I couldn't take the time to figure it out. Your post fixed it for me in about 67 seconds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen