Sweet Marie's Treasures

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift

by dearest Marie of

I would suggest you grab a cup of hot coco (or whatever it is you love to drink) and make yourself comfy because this is going to be a post brimming with beauty and LOOOOOOOOOTS of photos :)


Here's we go...

Sweet Marie had her 4th blog-anniversary and she wanted to thank her blogfriends by two most beautiful giveaways. And I was so lucky to win one of them!

Big YAY!!!

Because I'm a big fan of her beautiful creations.

First of all she had carefully wrapped the gifts in beautiful packages.

There was even a W on one of them! So thoughtful and sweet. Makes it all the more personal.
(In case you don't know, my name is Wendy, hence the W.)

In the bigger package I found the gorgeous handmade gift bag of the first photo.

When I opened it...

oh my, I felt like a happy giggling little girl in a yummy candy store!! I'll show you what was inside in a moment but first I opened one of the smaller packages

and found...

This superduper gorgeous pendant!! With a beautiful portrait of Miss Lily Elsie. You've probably seen her before or even used a photo of her in a project yourself.

I love love love this gorgeous pendant.
Thank you dear Marie!

Even the back of the pendant doesn't go unnoticed with Marie
and she made it as beautiful as the front.

On to the rest of the package...

Gorgeous lace, seam binding, buttons, old paper, pendants,
an old brooch, a most gorgeous cross...

All carefully wrapped and adorned.

Here's what it looked like when put together...

Dearest Marie,

Words fail to describe my gratitude. I'm in awe and inspired by your great and warm generosity and your talent to beautify the world around you. I feel blessed and honoured to receive this beautiful giveaway. Thank you so much dear!

(Update: I deleted the photos of Lily Elsie, because I'm not sure about the copyright. See more info on this subject HERE.)

Here's a little bokeh photo overlay, created with the silver goodies Marie had sent. You can use the bokeh in your photo editing, if you like.

I hope you enjoyed and are inspired.

Use the inspiration while it's still lingering.
So off you go
to your worktables now!!


And I'm profoundly sorry if you ran out of coco now :)
for this was a long post.

Linking Marie's treasures to

Woops, no I don't, Michelle's having a well deserved break
for Thanksgiving with her loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I'll be making a blog-visits-round very soon!

xx Wen


  1. A great gift! I love all those buttons!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Stunning! I am so glad I had my spiked hot coco to enjoy this post with. These gifts are inspiring and all I want to do now is run down to my studio and try my hand at making something so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and I am envious of your goodies.

    Have a wonderful week

  3. i saw where you were the lucky winner of marie's lovely giveaway. so happy for you! marie is kind, sweet and thoughtful, isn't she?? i am sure your gifts will inspire you. (i chuckled where saw your "oops" mention about my grey dey party. loved it! made me smile!) thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! I am thankful for my blog friendships! ;)

  4. All so beautiful! Marie does such lovely work! Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with us each day!

  5. Such a fun post and look at the treasure you have there, lucky gal!

  6. Oh very lucky you Wendy! A wonderful gift indeed!
    I've just found you today through Suzy's blog and very pleased I did. Just wanted to thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photos. Isn't she so pretty! I also found the two of the little girls a bit further down. Such sweeties they are.
    Saw quite a few of your projects and you do gorgeous work yourself. You're very talented. x

  7. Hi dear Wendy,
    first of all thank you so much for your kind words and the beautiful post:)Just love your photos and you are welcome.So glad you liked everything.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I'm speechless too!! What adorable gifts and all so very beautiful!! I'm so happy for you ... I know they are with someone who will treasure them ... well done my friend!

  9. OH MY STARS.. What a wonderful gift you won.. So many pretty things for you to create with.. And they look perfect for the type of creating you do.. So happy for you.


  10. Zowie Wendy did you ever score!! A pile of gorgeous goodies to create with and I know you will do something fabulous with them too! Thats reason to be doing a happy dance for sure ;)

  11. Nou, idd, wat een lange post, hi hi.
    Maar kan me voorstellen dat je geen keuze kon maken wat betreft de foto's, dus dan allemaal maar.
    PRACHTIG, wat je hebt gekregen, geniet er maar lekker van.
    Lieve groetjes, Daphne

  12. Wow lucky you….fantastic gift ...I can’t wait to see what you will do with those treasures!

  13. Beautiful photos! Cool pictures and designs! Exquisite white and very fine!

  14. Such a beautiful post Wendy!!!!

  15. How sweet, you must feel loved!

  16. Amazing gift! You are so lucky!:) My congratulations!!! I hope you'll create a lot of beautiful projects with these pretty treasures!

  17. Whoa, what an amazing collection of vintage pieces. I especially was enamored with the fleur de lis. Congrats on your windfall!

  18. Beautiful... Tender... Amazing... Love it!!

  19. Lucky you! Beautiful pics too.

  20. splendid! I enjoyed seeing all your pretty images and thank you for sharing the bokeh.

  21. Very fun post what fun vintage items.

    Hugs diane

  22. I AM speechless! What a Fantastic gift, Wendy!

  23. Lovely pieces.

  24. Amazing gift! So beautiful creations!

  25. You know the post really didn't seem that long, I was in awe at every photo posted and the goodies that you have received, wow how wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Eliza

  26. Oh Wendy
    Sweet Marie has the best Giveaways - the gifts she sent you are out of this world!
    I'm especially smitten by her soldered pieces - they are her personal trade mark I feel and she has mastered that art so beautifully.

    I know just how you felt when you opened her parcel and found the amazing beautifully wrapped little parcels within!
    I was blessed to be one of the winners last year!
    When her parcel arrived and I opened each piece - it was a magical moment!
    My heart skipped beats!!!!

    A lovely post dear Wendy and your photographs and words are a fitting tribute to Marie's exquisite creativity and her generous and giving spirit - she is indeed our fairy blog-mother, a real gem!

    Shane :) xox

  27. Wendy what a wonderful package Marie have sent you so many beautiful lace, buttons and thing she have made,I'm sure you will enjoy it all. Thanks for your sweet comment on my book.

  28. Wow...this is stunning! Absolutely fabulous post. Thank you so much for sharing, because it definitely does inspire! aloha...


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