Jingly birds and grannies



Dear me, what day is it???

(It's GroundHogDay!!)

No, it's City Crafter day and I'm a bit late...

Hurry hurry before the party is over!

Oh I'm a dreamer alright.

I have these morning rituals which I automatically go through being half awake.
Whilst in my mind wandering off to where-nots.

Then, somewhere in the morning

I freeze...

Hang on, did I put on some deodorant this morning?
Well, guess we'll figure that out sooner or later :)

My garden door is open at this very moment
because I'm in desperate need of some fresh air.

But Wen,

 it's December,

almost winter here!

Re-used stuff

torn piece of old bedsheet
jar of can't remembers
wooden heart from gift package
jingle bells from a bag of whatnots from my mum
(which I painted by the way)

If you wanna join the party hop over to City Crafter where sweet Lisette is our guest designer again this week and we have a new designer in da house!! Anna will be on the team from now on because in a few weeks I'm off. But more on that later! Dear Char is our host this week!!

For now:

Happy wishes for the week!

xx Wen


  1. Oh wow wat heb je dat leuk gemaakt zeg.En wens je dan ook een fijne week toe.

    liefs van Anja Xx

  2. Wendy love the little decorated Jar, so pretty !! Menapause,,not bad if you can weather those pesky hot flashes :)

  3. Oh, this is so lovely!

  4. Growing old is better than the alternative, :-) This is lovely.

  5. Your post made me laugh! I'm hoping it isn't the menopause 'cos it lasts forever! Love your beautiful creation and I'm going to miss you when you go ... but I'll still be visiting

  6. Hey lief dromertje! Gelukkig heb je dan weer wel die belletjes gebruikt in je prachtige kerststukje, word je toch wel wakker van ;-) Dikke kus, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  7. Ha, ha...leuke post Wendy. Zou het echt je leeftijd zijn of je creatieve geest :)

  8. oh this made me LOL! so witty! truly. love the vignette...(and me thinks you have a ways to go before you have to "open "the garden door". :)

  9. Beautiful project!

  10. Wat mooi, Wendy, zo sfeervol !!

    Wat schrijf je toch leuk ! Je maakt me altijd aan het lachen :)!
    Wacht nog maar even met die menopauze hoor....

    Ook vanaf hier goede feestdagen toegewenst !


  11. Gorgeous project Wendy! And when I was reading about menopause…it`s happening also to me (specially hot flushes and I forget a lot of things) and I am also to young (36) for menopause, so it’s have to be something else :)
    Wish you and your family happy festive season! Hugs

  12. What a darling project - Birds and Jingle Bells - what could be better. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dru

  13. "Is it fun to grow old?" ... good question!! So much fun... I have the feeling (being in my youth of 40's, as well) that the post is dedicated to me...
    and that's because I'm kind a dreamer... with "a dream of white december"!!...

  14. Very nice bells!
    Thank you very much! I wish you a happy holiday!

  15. What a pretty, little project, Wendy! LOVE the silver and white palette and those sweet, little birds!


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