Remnants in a Jar or two

What's left on the workdesk
after some happy time spent with beautiful lace fabrics
are the little remnants of the day.

Too beautiful to be thrown away
yet too small to be put on a pile on the shelf.
What's a girl to do?

Dig up some trash jars
and upcycle them into lovely storage jars.

They're a bit shabby French style, don't you think?

I totally fell in love with the shabby Frenchness Jeanne d'Arc Living style. I have Pinterest to thank for it. But I know that although I love the white and grey hues of it the soberness in colour the roughness on the edges

after a while I will miss the sweet soft pale colours and even the happy bright ones.

And then it's time for yet another change.

Call it mood swings.
Crafty mood swings that is!


I'm still trying to find my own style
and feel like a copy cat until now (and probably many days after)

The only thing what's left to do for me now
is finding me some extra jars and probably shelves too
because I wanna make some more.

These two are for City Crafter's


Make or decorate a container (giftbox, bag, card holder, etc)

And our lovely host this week is Ros.
Thank you dear, I love this theme!

My dear blogfriend Milagros from Puerto Rico is our guest designer. She has so many unique and creative ideas so I'm happy she's joining the team this week.

And I'm sharing this post with Becky's Blissful Whites Wednesday.
Thank you Becky for hosting such a lovely gathering every week!

Last but not least:

I'd like to share with you
the images I used in these projects

Sending you warm hugs and wishing you a sweet week.

Au revoir!

xx Wen


  1. OOOH! Those images are so Beautiful and I LOVE the French shabby feel to it all! GORGEOUS tones! And I don't think one needs to pick one style and stick with it. YOU make so many beautiful things!

  2. Nou meid,
    Dit zijn weer geweldige plaatjes en.... wat een leuk idee he zo met die potjes,prachtig gewoon.nou jij ook een fijne week en hoop dat je een beetje door je kou heen bent.

    Lieve gr Anja Xx

  3. Your blog is a real feast for my eyes!

  4. Wat een prachtig gelifte potjes Wendy, mooie afbeeldingen heb je gbruikt, helemaal geweldig!!

  5. these are all lovely! your creations truly speak to me..such beauty. ;)

  6. Beautiful shabby jars!! I love them Wendy!!

  7. Your jars are gorgeous Wendy!

  8. Absolutely beautiful and brilliantly done. It's funny about style and how we view ourselves. I always think your projects are amazingly stylish!

  9. beautifully decorated jars, wendy! (i love city crafters:)

  10. Wendy these are all brilliant, what an awesome group of fabulousness!!! Thanks for the images of the Sweet Virgin Mary, they are beautiful!

  11. Hi Wendy--oh, you like so many of the same things as I do!! I love your idea of putting the day's leavings in pretty jars as the "remains of the day". I love to save the little bits also, sometimes you find just the little thing that makes your artwork sing, that you would not have thought of. Love the greys and whites and divine images as well. Have fun on pinterest (says the woman with over 20,000 pins!). :)
    ♥♥♥ Lorraine

  12. Oh Wendy the are delightfully gorgeous!! I love the shabby,
    French flavor, so creative! I have so many jars, this is such a lovely idea, thanks for sharing ;)

  13. Oh I love your beautiful jars ... what pretty delights they turned into ... I hope you are feeling better ... I think we both need to go somewhere warm! Have a lovely week!

  14. Such beautiful work, ok, I am sending my jars over, LOL!

  15. Beautiful jars...I love the soft shabby "feel" of them!! and yes, Pinterest can get us to be so creative, there are days I can spend hours on it...I need to create what I at some point...have a nice day!!


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