Weeds fabric journal

Bookmaking is addictive.
And time consuming.

You're warned :)

Several of you sweeties have told me to be eager to start making your own.
Please do, it's such joy! And tell me if you did, I love seeing what you create!

For City Crafter I made another hand bound book. My purple fabric mixed media journal which I started creating last year... Sometimes projects just need to be patient, don't they. More fabric this time. I showed you the cover earlier. The book is not finished. I'm still happily stitching away, busy with another embroidered plant and I want to add sachets and so on.

The challenge this week at CCCB is COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.
My intention is to fill this little journal with the blessings of my life.

The binding is fairly simple this time.
Just some stitches in the middle to keep the pages together.

A stamp, some stitching, some distressing
and some lace on thick paper will decorate my handwriting.

Below is a "painting" with pieces of fabric and embroidery,
which I designed and made after seeing a beautiful drawing of some plants.

Another new to me technique which was so much fun to do!
This book I'm using as a playground to learn and try out new things.

One of the beautiful drawings of some weeds I found on postcards.

The closing of the book...

The beads and stitching of the front cover.
I love how the sun plays with it.

And here's some photos of weeds I took with my new camera.
Since we're already talking about weeds here. So happy!

Just some little flowers on the ground.
Small details in the world around us.

Growing in the little unseen corners of our habitat
(called "gutter" "edge" "ridge" and the like).

I feel blessed that I can come closer through my camera
and enjoy more of their beauty.

The growth and decay of tiny everyday flowers along the pathway, who notices?
(Me usually not! But that's going to change!)

I love the macro feature of the camera.
I made a lot of other pictures,
but I think you've had quite enough now.


Anyway, let's talk about the CCCB challenge shall we.


Host: our lovely traveler Kirsty
Theme: Count your blessings
make a card or project and include the word bless, blessed or blessing(s)
Guest Designer: our month-long sweet and talented mixed media artist Sue Lelli

Will you join us?

Since I did some of the stitching here only this weekend (and am still not ready, so happily stitching on), I'm linking this also to Slow Stitching Sunday, a lovely fibers and fabrics loving gathering by Kathy. Thank you dear for hosting this sweet event. I found it thanks to the very talented Libby. She's got so many talents in needlework, mixed media and photography, so I'm inviting you to have a look at her blog.

Happy crafting!

xx Wen


  1. Wat een prachtig boekje Wendy, jij bent hier echt een ster in hóór. Super mooi!!

  2. Oh your book is so beautiful ... what lovely laces and fabrics you have put together and the embroidery is s pretty ... Love the 'Painting" A true work of art Wendy ...

  3. what a superb example dear Wendy, this is sooo adorable!!! totally fell in love with your painting/stitching, so GORGEOUS!!!! Yep totally agree with you on Libby's blog, already went there and loved her prayer flags. And about sharing other people here , totally would love to see you feature others too. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece, yes bookmaking is totally addictive!!!

  4. Your book is so beautiful! Makes me wish I could sew. Sadly, my fingers won't hold on to a needle. But I will try making a book. Thanks for being an inspiration! Hugs

  5. I need to go wipe the drool off my chin lol!!! WOW spectular!! I LOVE all that lace!!

  6. Oh Wendy,dear, your new book is adorable, in every way!!I love the lilac and green tones you used, and the emboridery is so beautiful, with the laces, and sweet drawings , how lovely it will be for you to add your blessings here, in the future. Your fabric "painting" is so amazing too.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  7. This is so lovely! I'd be afraid to write in it! :) My goodness you are quite talented!

  8. Anonymous22:33

    What an absolute treat to come visit you and to peek inside your beautiful handmade journal.
    The mix of stitching, lace and botanical images is a dream.

  9. Oh your book is just DELIGHTFUL! LOVE the stitching and beads and painting and fabric and lace and just the LOVLINESS of it all! FAB project to count your blessings in!

  10. Wendy your fabric and lace book is delightful. How fun to complete something that has been patient. The use of purples and greens really resembles Nature's beauty. Bliss dear...

  11. Wow! What an amazing talent you have!!!2

  12. thanks so much for the extremely kind words and link to my blog~!

    your book is wonderful. the colors are pretty and i always love anything that has laces worked into it. a book to record one's daily blessings and gratitudes is a great idea.

    i do feel myself becoming more and more tempted by bookmaking . . .


  13. Oh wow this is jaw dropping gorgeous. So love the beautiful textures of the sewing and fabrics.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  14. Oh wow, wat een prachtig boek!!

  15. Oh Wendy I love love your fabulous book! Im envious , all that beautiful lace, stitching and colors WOW!! Your new camera takes really beautiful pic too :)

  16. Every time I see these tiny beauties, I just want to run to my craft room, dig out my lace, fabric and paper, but my craft room is full of half-done projects right now, *sigh.... guess I will have to wait, thanks for sharing yours with me! : )

  17. WOW!! I LOVE you fabric book.. Everything about it has me smiling.
    Your stitch work looks amazing.


  18. So very beautiful... I bet it feels good to have it done, but you did a fantastic job on it!!

  19. Gorgeous and more gorgeousness! Love your book, so creative and lovingly crafted. Thanks for linking up and sharing!


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