Coming soon: Our Beautiful World

Dorset, England - by Wen @ AppleApricot

One blog. Five blogbuddies. Five countries from different corners of our beautiful planet. 

United States of America
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
Puerto Rico

Plus the countries they've been traveling around.

A bunch of happy crafters with a love for photography. Gathered in one place. Our Beautiful World. Sharing photos of daily life and seasonal events around the globe.

On Our Beautiful World you'll find weekly linky parties (yay!!) where you can share your beautiful world and photos.

We're going to have a new linky party set up every Sunday. We'll be working with word prompts. It's not a challenge blog nor is it about who-does-best. It's a place where we will share with each other, inspire each other and learn from one another.. A happy place. Tips and tricks are always welcome, so share them with us!

It's going to be a fabulous adventure and we invite YOU to join us. First linky party will be online coming Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 12 AM (EST).

So hop on the boat with us and see us HERE.
The blog is an initiative by the lovely Kirsty from the CCCB team.

See you there!

Love and hugs,


  1. How awesome is this , love it , love the photos and CAN"T wait to work with you on this awesome journey!!!!

  2. Wow!This is great! I wish I could join you but I am leaving for summer!Hope I will catch up later in Autumn!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. This is amazing peek, Wendy!!. You're making us all giddy! :).

  4. Dear Wendy, thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog, dear friend.
    I will have a look at this new exiting blog adventure, so see you there !!
    I already follows you through Blogloving :-)

  5. Sounds fantastic, I'd love to take part in this.

  6. Oh, dat zal me een hoop prachtige foto's opleveren Wen! Vind die van jou al supermooi. Da's het mooie van foto's, er zit meteen een heel verhaal aan vast! Reizen geeft nou eenmaal een hele andere kijk op het leven, mensen en zaken, een mooie manier een hoop kennis op te doen! Maak er een mooi weekend van, liefs, Ira xox

  7. Ohhh...wat een leuk initiatief Wemdy...ben eruugg benieuwd. By the way....Dorset is prachtig we zijn er twee jaar geleden geweest en waren op slag verliefd!!

  8. Hi Wendy thanks for sweet comments on my blog, this is a fantastic idea, I love to take photos of everything, you have a very beautiful blog and I love your style so I'm a new follower.


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