Dear Miss Mojo, { Or: how to get your mojo back }

Fresh flowers smelling good

Dear Miss Mojo,

So you're on a vacation are you? And leave me behind with your evil twin sister Nojo (as dear Darnell calls you, lol, that's so funny Darnell!)

Luckely, my dear blog friends have helped me out :)

Wanna know what advice they gave me? Okay, listen very carefully then, as I'm going to share their advice in a minute...

Your owner,
Miss AppleApricot

Why, hello dear friends,

Are you having a lovely weekend?

Like I said, you're a bunch of sweeties.
When I ask for advice, there you are with a listening ear and some jolly good tips 'n tricks.
I'd like to share the advice you gave me, so we might all benefit from it.

So, what could you do when you're Mojo is on a vacation, without inviting you to join in the fun?
Leaving you behind with dear Miss Nojo?

Hear what my friends do:

1)   Go on a vacation too! (Good one!) Or just take some time off.
2)   Try not to see creating as a chore. It's meant to be fun, isn't it?
3)   Clean out / organize (not necessarily major, just a bit can do the trick).
4)   Go visiting your blog friends and Pinterest for inspiration.
5)   Visit new-to-you challenges for jumping off points with a sketch or colours or both.
6)   CASE a card or project you love. Before you know it, you're making this card or project your own (with credits to the person who created the original piece).
7)   Don't be too harsh on yourself (ouch...)
8)   Just create for the sake of having fun. The result doesn't have to be perfect, does it? It's the process of creating that we love, so: love it without fearing the result.
9)   Relax girl, you still rock!! (Thank you dear Kirsty, love you!)
10) Hang in there, your mojo will come back eventually.
11) Try a new-to-you challenge or challenge yourself.
12) Or avoid challenges if they're stopping your creativity.
14) (Ya, I don't like 13... lol) Buy some fresh flowers after clean up (my tip, they cheer you up).

Thank you dear friends for helping me!!


I tried the clean up / organize trick first.
Which was soooo needed by the way (and still is, don't dare to show you the mess here).
That really helps! You really do feel afresh after some good cleaning up.

And then I bought me some fresh flowers. Now that's pure happiness!

Anyway, I'm very sure Miss Mojo will head back home, be it mine or yours :)

Hugs and happy rest of the weekend!

xx Wen


  1. Thank You For THIS POST.
    Knowing we are all in this together encourages me . . .

    Your uplifting energy kept me from "venting" - gave me a fresh breeze of JOY and I am "ready to roll" again.

    MoJo??? You got it in spades - you certainly shared plenty with with me today . .

    Love & Love,

  2. If Miss Mojo doesn't come back now, Wendy, drawn in by the beauty of those flowers, then she be crazy!! Thank you so much for those extraordinary photos of your(I believe) sweetpea bouquet!! And thank you for the shoutout! Your recap was excellent! Enjoy your day!!

  3. Wonderful post of honesty. Mojo vs Nojo...very clever of Darnell. I save old crafty magazines to review when feeling un-inspired. When I see something I put a new current spin on it and Voila...back in the creative groove once again. Your flowers are breathtaking. Happy Creative Hearts Dear...

  4. Geniet van je prachtige bloemen,ik heb genoten van je post,:-) lieve groetjes Miranda

  5. Ahhhhh.... lovely post!

  6. So it was YOUR mojo weighing down my case! I'm so sorry ... I picked it up by mistake ... Haven't a clue where mine is .... Must be the heat ...

  7. Wat grappig! Nojo! Ik heb Nojo wel eens ontmoet maar wist niet hoe hij heette.
    Liefs Lisette

  8. Briljante post Wen, heerlijk om te lezen en wat een schitterende bloemen zeg, totaal genieten! Mojo of niet, jij hebt altijd wel iets leuks te delen of te zeggen! Liefs, Ira

  9. Great suggestions.

  10. Ha wat is dit herkenbaar en wat ben ik blij dat ik niet de enge ben die hetbij tijd en wijle niet voor elkaar krijgt om iets fatosenlijks te freubelen. Je bloemen zijn beeldschoon en ik vond deze post enig om te lezen.

    Enne...nog bedankt voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog,. Goh ik kreeg er een kleur van; en helemaal happy natuurlijk!
    Fijne avond!

  11. Great advice Wen~ I've tried a few of these in my years;
    but some are new and def. worth giving a try!
    TFS~ Karen O


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