Time for tea and a chat

It's time for tea and a chat. I really would like to talk with you, my bloggy friends, about something (oh dear... lol, well, it's not that worrisome).


I have a confession to make...

My creative mojo is gone for a long while now.
Yup, it's my turn :)

I know that every creative person faces this from time to time.

It all began with entering the DT of City Crafter. We do wonderful challenges to be sure. But most of the times the challenges are a huge challenge for me. Nine out of ten I just can't think of something for a project. And end up making things I'm not overly happy with. But I do keep on challenging myself to come up with weekly projects I AM proud of. Practice makes perfect, right?

Now here comes my question for you:

What do YOU do when you are faced with a mojo gone on an extended holiday?
Without informing or inviting the owner to join in the fun?


Let's end this post with some


Oh, the happy sight of flowers! We have new colourful friends in our garden. Always such a homely feel. They cheer one up, don't they? Not that I need a cheer up, I'm not depressed by a mojo gone astray. (It's just that it's most unhandy, that's all. And it does teach me to just create and be satisfied. Period. That ain't too bad, is it.)

Love you all, you are a warm and welcoming bunch of sweeties.

Big hug to you!

I would like to link these photos to Messy Little Details by dear Carolyn. Won't you join us too?

xx ~ Miss AppleApricot

Footy note: Read HERE what my blog friends said about how to get your mojo back!


  1. Usually I just take a day or two off and before I know it I am hankering to stitch again. I try to never make stitching a chore.

  2. Well, Wendy, we've only just met, but I hope you don't mind if I answer what I do. I usually clean out/up/organize - not necessarily major - but just a bit always makes me feel fresh.

    Then I go visiting my blog friends and Pinterest for inspiration. Oh, and I visit new-to-me challenges for jumping off points with a sketch or colors or both. If that doesn't banish Nojo (as I call Mojo's evil twin), then I will start to literally CASE a card I love. For some reason, just starting to copy a card will light a creative fire and before I know it, I have made their card "my own" (with credit to them of course for the inspiration).

    Lovely garden!! Oh (sorry, I'm a talker), another thing is to make cards out of photos of your beautiful flowers!!

    Take care! Darnell

  3. Oh wow, I didn't know that, your projects for CCCB didn't suggest so, you are too harsh on yourself, but we all do aren't we?
    As far as I am concern, your projects is just beautiful weeks after weeks, so no worry, I think your mojo is just hiding in a place you do not know, because we definitely know that you are not lacking in any way.
    As for me, it always happened when I am away from my craft room for a longer period of time, like on a vacation or something, I just craft and show my ugly stuff and then go ahead and critisized myself, who cares, LOL!
    Relax girl, you still ROCK!!!!!

  4. Dear Wendy,
    That is why I am almost never involved in projects where there are such challenges!! My creativity stops in the same minut I HAVE to do things from a certain wish or certain challenge!!
    I happily create what comes to my mind, and that`s it :-)
    I hope you will have your mojo back sweetie, -it is what gives the day a twist of happiness, after all!!
    Love your beautiful flowers!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  5. Oh I'm sorry that you've lost your mojo! I haven't lost mine YET, but if I did, I'm quite the opposite when it comes to challenges - I really enjoy them and it's what helps drive my creativity. Even if I set my own challenge, like - I want to use up this old product now - what's a good new way to use it? That sort of thing! I hope your mojo comes back to you very soon!!! Love the flowers too btw! :D

  6. I have definitely lost my Mojo from time to time. I am sure you will find it soon... Love your photos.


  7. Oh ik denk dat we dat allemaal wel hebben van tijd tot tijd, soms ben je blij met wat je hebt gemaakt en soms minder (of totaal niet), maar ach, uiteindelijk gaat het er toch om dat je lekker ontspannen bezig bent geweest? En ondanks je deadlines weet jij ons nog steeds te verrassen met iets moois, leuks en origineels, dus don't worry sweetie! Liefs, Ira

  8. I am sorry that your mojo has gone on holiday. You seem to be doing well though, those photos are lovely.
    Thanks for linking up, I do want to start joining in with beautiful world, just life has been a little hectic recently.

  9. Fabulous photos, and a lovely, refreshing, heartfelt honest post. Hope your mojo comes back to you soon. We alllll have that happen to us!


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