More lace love

In our beautiful world you happen to stumble upon some beautiful lace here and there. (Most definitely here!) There are just some things I can't live without, lace being one of them.

And I know you do love lace and doilies too, my friends! Below is one of about a hundred years old. Gosh, if you say that out loud, it sounds really old! It was handmade either by my great-granny or her sister.

Would be oh so lovely if you share your lacy love too at Our Beautiful World, where *LACE* is the word prompt this week... So grab your piles of laces and your camera, and join in the fun! Please. (Lol, don't you remember hearing your mom telling you to always add that little word?)

I know you can't resist this one!!

I'm linking this pink flowers photo to Beverly's Pink Saturday. Thank you Beverly for hosting such a delightful event! Dear Liz of Lululiz in Lalaland pointed me to this event, which I hadn't known before.

xx Wen


  1. I'm totally drooling over the laces here, what ethereal photos!!. I'm now a total convert, I used to love a little of lace in my art ... but nowadays, more is MORE!! :).

    WOWW for the ancient lace!.

  2. Hello My Dear Wendy
    Oh I just can't resist this one can I.
    I'm just into a bit of lace in case you hadn't noticed (hehehe!)but when it has been crocheted or knitted by one of your family from the past - nothing can beat that!
    It is such a sweet little doiley!
    Thanks for putting the Giveaway button on your sidebar for me and I'll cross my fingers for you!
    Oh I do hope you and your son both feel better soon sweetie.
    Try to enjoy some lace and sunshine.
    Big hugs and love,

  3. I am drooling over that old lace and pretty lace top, all so beautiful!
    I do hope that your little precious one feel better soon, and take care of yourself too!

  4. Mooie plaatjes weer Wendy, en lace....ja ik ben er ook dol op!!

  5. I hope your son get better pronto!!! love your doily and the lovely blouse too, so dreamy ♥♥♥

  6. I am right there with you guys.. LOVE everything about lace. Love the photos here.


  7. All three of your photos are gorgeous, but I especially like the composition and perspective of the first one.

    I hope that you and your son feel better soon.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear that Sam is ill ... I do hope you are both recovering ... Your photos as always are beautiful ... This prompt is just perfect for you!
    Take care sweetie

  9. Wat ben je toch een kei in fotograferen Wen, je weet het kant nóg mooier te maken dan het al is! Ja, ik herken het gevoel maar al te goed, heb het liefst overal kant aan (ja ook aan m'n broek ja, ha ha ha!) Hopelijk gaat het gauw weer beter met Sam en lig niet ook jij in de lappenmand! Beterschap en veel liefs, Ira x

  10. You certainly DO know how to show lace off to perfection . .

    Now, Feel Better Right Away - and, your little one, too.

    love & love,

  11. I love your doily and your blouse! I have had such a grand time collecting doilies and laces for fun and for different things, I have some beautiful pieces made by my own mother as well as my hubby's mother and grandmother....I just love them! I have quite a few posts about lace on my blog!
    Hope your boy feels better soon, no fun to be ill!
    Hearts to you!

  12. Wendy your doily is so beautiful, I love doilies, I have about 200 hundred, lovely lace top.
    Hugs Anni

  13. Your lace pics are wonderful, Wendy! That 100 year old doily is in beautiful condition.

  14. Thanks for sharing..the laces are sooo beautiful..
    how about your son?? Is he better now?

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