Whispers of the soul

listen to the gentle whispers of your soul @ AppleApricot

Do you ever feel like you're stuck? Lost for words? Searching your way through thick mist in your head? Knowing that you have so many ideas and options but just can't find them anymore? You try to grasp one and poof! it's gone...

listen to the gentle whispers of your soul @ AppleApricot

I feel like that for a while now. I know I have tons of inspiration, but it's like all these nice ideas that I have, are like fragile butterflies fluttering around in the mist. I can't catch them. I chase them and they just keep flying away from me.

My mind is misty. It goes blank several times a day.

When I try to read a book or text, the words dance before my eyes and won't stick with me. It's like there is already too much stuff in my brains. I can't focus.

And may be that's where the clue is.
May be I should not try to think for a while.

Just be.
Go outside.

But don't think.
Well, not on purpose anyway.
No analyzing. No making of mental notes.
No judging, no comparing.
No searching.
Not even trying to make sense of it all.

mixed media collage by AppleApricot: Whispers

And may be, after a while, I will be able to hear the gentle, subtle whispers of my soul again and to carefully catch my butterflies.

How about you?
Do you ever feel this way? How do you deal with it?

xx Wen


  1. Wen,
    I hear you....I feel like that sometime and get very frustrated....can't seem to get some of these ideas into motion. Hopefully I can settle and focus. Love your butterfly and all your work. You are a talent! Hugs, Diane@babiesbridesandlavender.com

  2. Beautiful art Wen ... Guess we all feel like that at times... Sometimes it's better to just be in the now and connect with everything around

  3. Oh yes I feel like that a lot lately, I cannot seem to light on one thing for to long. About a week ago I decided to give staying outside my head for a while. I have to remind myself constantly not to be in my head. Thank goodness it is summer, going outside and observing nature helps me, so does seeing a blank chalkboard in my head. I wish you luck

  4. Oh yes Wen. It's like I'm a dreamer more than a doer..All the fun things bouncing around in my head and then the energy to create is idle. Today is 43 out and I am blaming the weather this year. A week of high 90's, storms, now the unusual cool, but it is frustrating. Hoping you hit a bright spot and things return to normal. I love your beautiful posts. Hugs.

  5. Lately and due to my mum's illness I am unable to listen to my soul. I simply feel sad for her and try to finish every day chores. I am sure I will get my creative bug back in due time.We will see. I think I need a trip some place but it is impossible nowadays.AriadnefromGreece!

  6. I hear you too - and can identify with that feeling. I find the best thing for me is to just simply do something else - usually immerse myself in reading. I stay away from the news programs too because too much doom and gloom and fear is not good for my soul. There is too much turmoil in the world right now and it's not good for my mind to dwell on it. I also do a lot of doodling (can't draw worth snuff, but I usually doodle seam treatment ideas for my crazy quilting). I've also learned to practice the 'I can do anything for 15 minutes' philosophy....I sit down and force myself to work on something for fifteen minutes and then I set it aside and go do something else for a few hours. Then I work again for another 15 minutes and rinse and repeat. It's a constant source of amazement to realize just how much I can accomplish in those 15 minutes segments and I can psych myself into being able to deal with short periods of time. Don't know if any of this is the least bit helpful!!!

  7. I used to be much better at "the wait". I could effortlessly move myself away from my creative efforts for a few days, weeks or sometimes months feeling quite confident that my muse would return. I was in my 20s and 30s then and perhaps more carefree. Now, in my 50s, when I listen and cannot hear, I feel afraid, thinking my best work is behind me. I force myself to make the effort to busy myself with something, anything so I won't keep thinking about what I'm not hearing. About six months ago, I found new inspiration through my 5 quite young grandchildren. I listen to them in a different way, I've learned to see things in the way they "speak" them. I view happiness through their eyes instead of my own which leads my thought to places I've never explored. I think we do ourselves best when we allow ourselves to be surprised by something and focus on the surprise and the thoughts immediately following. I think it is then when we hear the song, dance, color and movement of our muse and know she has returned. Since life full of surprises, dear Wen, take peace in the knowledge that a surprise is always a moment away.

  8. What a beautiful post, dear Wen. Lately, I forgot to feed my soul and listen to it.
    Too much going on - thanks so much for reminding us and for stopping by.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs and love,

  9. I very much appreciate this post Sweet Wen. My muse needs to have time and space away from being or forcing being creative. I like your simple word list. I never allowed myself to daydream because it was "wasting time". Maybe that is a wonderful way to recharge and refresh my creative muse. I adore your butterfly canvas and your soft collages. Creative Bliss Dear...<3

  10. I do understand where you are coming from, I too have had that happen to me, but I think when it usually gets that way I am under a bit of stress, what you have in mind is a good idea to just relax and try not to make sense of things and then your mind will have a chance to calm down and re organize itself again, I know that isn't always easy to do but to take some time and just sit outdoors and listen to the birds and just be, can really do a lot for me and I hope it works for you.... I love the sweet butterflies in your post, it's a reminder that you don't have to always go in a straight line but flutter about and let life take you where it does. Wishing you better days soon!

  11. Good to read your post again Wendy, hope all is well, I have been thinking a lot of Netherlands lately, thanks for the fun time while I was there!
    I can feel you on this post, there are times where i feel very lost as well, I am glad I took some time off from blogging "sort of", it does give me time to rethink a lot of things.

  12. Wen, so good to see you! I love the beautiful piece you have created here. I really need to be able to do this right now. In the process of relocating again, so packing is my life. :( I hope you are enjoying the summer. xoxo


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