Spring Lavender Blues + tutorial link

Hello sweet friends,

Mr Laptop and I are not seeing each other at the moment.
We are having the Spring lavender blues as I would call it and decided
we should take a break from each other.
Well, little breaks now and then.

Here's a little card I made a while ago.

The blue seam binding rose on crocheted flower on the right
is made after a tutorial of the talented and generous

(click name to get to the splendid and very clear tutorial,
thank you so much Karen!)

My seambinding rose looks a bit different than hers though.

What I did different from the tutorial is that I crinkled the seam binding before using it. Just spray a little water on it and crumple it with your hands. I also added just a tiny hint of different shades of blue with watered down acrylic paint. Just use your fingers, a brush or whatever you like.


Grandma is doing okay but not too okay. Thank you for your sweet prayers and wishes dears, I appreciate that very much. Grandma is out of the hospital but every time I see her, she's doing a little worse. It's her age though, she's a tough grand lady but even the bodies of tough grand ladies will not survive in the end, though their minds be still young and alive.

Sending you all big hugs from sunny Netherlands.

Take good care of yourselves.

And don't forget to take a break when you need one!

Or two, or more.

xx Wen


  1. Lovely pictures Wendy. I hope things are looking brighter for us all soon.

  2. Beautiful card Wendy ... I know what you mean about your Grandma ... But glad to know she is home.
    You take care too and enjoy the breaks ... we all need them ... hugs

  3. Hi lieve Wendy,

    Herkenbaar wat je vertelt.
    Goed om het even zo te doen hoor !!
    De kaart is echt prachtig, zo mooi samengesteld, kleuren en materialen.
    En die afbeelding !!

    Dank voor je schrijven !

    Veel liefs,

  4. OH MY!!!! Your piece is just so beautiful Wendy! I'm loving it so much and the colours speak to me very loudly! lol. and I'm not really a 'blue' person. Your little flower from Karen's tutorial is adorable and doesn't she have some lovely little tutorials?!
    Special thoughts going out to you and your grandma. ♥

  5. Lots of hopes of being well for your grandma, lots of good health... Such a sensitive post/card today (written words, feelings). Lovely post. Thanks for sharing and take care, also!

  6. I hope your world gets a little brighter .... your project is beautiful!

  7. Hello my friend.. Your card is beautiful. I always love your vintage style of card making. I have been down as well my friend. But starting to feel a bit better as time goes on.


  8. Oh my Wendy that is sooooo absolutely gorgeous, love your blue rose!! Im sorry to hear your gramma is not doing so well. Just enjoy each moment you have with her, they will be the memories you will to have treasure for your lifetime :) Breaks are good for all of us enjoy yours.

  9. So beautifully made Wendy, love the image and fabric flowers.

  10. beautiful flower. I read the tutorial and like to try it but I don't know when. So much to do and so little time :0)

  11. Sorry to read about your grandmother - what lovely memories you'll have to treasure in the future.

    Thank you for your visit!

  12. It's perfectly O.K. to take a break and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful out doors :-) Praying for your grandmother :-) hugs

  13. Dearest Wendy,
    Thank you for your dear comment,..I hope you yourself will soon gain more energy, and not feel the spring lavender blues ,anymore .
    I so adore your card Wendy, it is just so very beautiful, with all the different roses, and lovely seambinding frame you made her .
    Please relax with family and friends, and see you soon again.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  14. Ja, soms zijn er van die fases in het leven wanneer het allemaal niet zo lekker loopt en dan is het goed dat je ook voor jezelf durft te kiezen. Het is ook zulk lekker weer nu, het zou toch zonde zijn om daar niet van te genieten?? Lekker doen hoor! Ik denk regelmatig aan jou en je omaatje, hoop toch dat het zonnetje haar ook goed doet. Je stoffen creatie ziet er prachtig uit, je bloemen zijn top! Liefs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  15. What a gorgeous project.
    Don't forget to take care of yourself while taking care of grandma!

  16. A truly spectacular masterpiece!
    so soft and feminine!

  17. an absolutely gorgeous card~!!
    you are very creative and talented.
    i'm sorry to hear of you grandmother's illness. i'm sending thoughts of lemony warm sunshine and recuperative rest for both of you.

    take good care of yourself.


  18. Your card is so stunning, Wendy! You're right, it's not gloomy, it's contemplative, and so pretty!

    I'm sorry about your grandmother, dear. I think you are smart to take breaks once in a while and be contemplative, too, just like your card. I imagine that it is natural to be thoughtful as you mentally come to a place of acceptance about what's going to be happening to the family dynamic. She sounds like a true lady. You are blessed!

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving some love! It is very much appreciated!! Hugs, Darnell

  19. Hi Wendy,

    Hope your beloved grandmother is doing better; she sounds like a real trooper! I think you are doing the best thing for a tired body and a weary soul - walking in the sunshine and soaking up the smiles of your loved ones!

    Take care!



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