Different kinds of love

There are different kinds of love. The first love I'm sharing today is a Mother's love.

Nothing compares with or equals it.

Only when I became a mother myself,
I truly started learning about true and unconditional love.

Above is the card I sent to dear Marie of Lost Bird Studio
that accompanied the giveaway magazine she received from me a little while ago.

Below is the image I used on this card.

It's by the hand of Raphael, painted in 1508, and is known as
the Niccolini-Cowper Madonna or the Large Cowper Madonna.

On Wikipedia I later found the painting in a different tone.

Which I love and find more sparkling.

And I think these are the true colours of the painting
because this is how it's seen on the website of
(owners of the painting)
as well.


The second kind of love is the romantic one.

Along with the magazine I sent Marie two romantic antique French postcards.
The back of one of them you'll find below
(which has nothing to do with romance, mind you).

And here's also a slightly altered version of the front of one of them.
I gave it a little bit of colour for example.
Only a hint of it. The original is black and white.

You are free to use them.

These and more you can find here on my freebie blog.


The third kind of love
is the love of dear friends.

A few weeks ago I had my birthday
and I received some sweet and beautiful packages,
made and wrapped with care
by some of my sweet blogfriends.

I will share with you these
later this week.


Wishing a beautiful day.

xx Wen


  1. Oh these postcards and the one you created for Marie are so very beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing these with us!

    Hope Wendy that you are doing well now and that your dear grandmother is much better and at home now.

    Sending loving thoughts for a happy day!
    Suzy x

  2. Great to see you back ... That's a lovely card for your friend!

  3. The card you made is very very pretty!

  4. I love the vintage images Wendy, what a delightful card for your friend!! Also glad to hear your gramma is doing better :) Have a super week!

  5. Love your beautiful creation!

  6. Just beautiful Wendy! Its great to see you back!


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