A story is told . . .

... as much by silence
   as by speech.

~ Susan Griffin ~

The beautiful girl image on the left page is a PaperWhimsy and can be purchased HERE
and the beautiful lady on the right page is a freebie by me, which you can find HERE

So, this is it...
It's my last week at City Crafter.

I'm busy making gluebook pages. And thought it would be fun to share with you some of the pages to give you an idea of what the heck it is I'm doing.

Love Story

Make a card or project for valentines day or include the word STORY in your project.

My first two pages above (top) tell the story of secret love and daydreams.

The quote I began this blogpost with I included on the left page
(see first photo... yes it is there... look harder though).

The French bookpage behind the girl on that mentioned top left page
tells the story of secret first loves.

"La belle saison".

Oh la la...

Secret crushes,
innocent blushes...


Our guest designer this week is

I'd love to thank Kirsty, Ros, Charlene and Anna for being such sweet and wonderful team mates, for your friendships and love. I've felt welcome, appreciated and loved. Kirsty, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be on the team! I was very much honoured to be asked!

I've gained so much from my time with City Crafter.

Grown as a crafter.
Learned many many things.
Gained new friendships.
Had a lot of fun!

Love you girls!!

Will keep on visiting you of course!
Wishing you all the best!!

And you too of course :-)

xx Wen


  1. Well Wendy we have enjoyed you at CCCB and will miss you too :-(...but this isnt goodbye :-) I'm so glad you came on the team and I got to know you my friend! Take care and keep making these beautiful creations!!

  2. It's so beautiful!

  3. Dear W#endy
    Well as one door at City Crafter closes you never know when the new door will open to you!
    Your Love Story glue book looks just so dreamy and beautiful! One day I might try to make one of these too!
    Are you willing to share your Madonna image used there? She looks so peaceful!

    Thank you so much for adding my Giveaway to your sidebar.
    Better keep those fingers crossed!
    Sending warm hugs,

  4. Goedemorgen,
    Jeetje wat leuk is dit zeg.Ik ben begonnen aan een DLP...maar dat is het begin he...whahha
    Dus eventjes iets heel anders dan mijn scrapkaarten.Fijne dag nog en ons mam maakt iets uit jouw Mollie,leuk he.

    Lfs van Anja

  5. Gorgeous project. I will miss your beautiful work over at CCCB. Take care and best wishes x

  6. your gluebookpages are lovely

  7. Gorgeous project! I will miss. Take care Wendy!

  8. Lovely work Wendy ... We'll miss you on the team but we will remain friends as always and still be together on OBW ... Enjoy your creativity ... hugs

  9. Dear friend,
    how beautiful is your glue-book, I love the romantic feeling and lovely images, on both the one and the other spread.... OH so sweet with ALL the roses and the laces ...
    I`m sure you will be misses on City Crafter !
    Hugs Wendy, from Dorthe

  10. oh these pages are just beautiful!!! I love all of the lace and roses and the vintage vibe!

  11. Wendy Love love those beautiful pages, your romantic vintage style always makes me smile :)

  12. You were a GREAT member Of the CCCB! LOVE these glue pages! So Beautiful and feminine! Best of luck in your next chapter of life, Wendy!

  13. Ze zullen je met lede ogen zien gaan Wen! Maar gelukkig betekent dit niet dat wij jouw creativiteit hoeven te missen, je pagina's zien er heerlijk romantisch dromerig uit... zucht... mooi!! Liefs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  14. just gorgeous Wendy! I love each spread! no tears! :)

  15. Like I said, it is not the end, it is the beginning of our friendship dear, keep creating and keep in touch, I am so glad that you share this journey with us, beautiful work as always!

  16. Volgens mij ben je vandaag jarig?!!!
    GEFELICITEERD meid, en maak er een gezellige, liefdevolle dag van.
    Lieve groet, Daphne

  17. Another gorgeous work from you and Happy Birthday too! ~Diane

  18. Dear Wendy first I want to wish you Happy Birthday!!
    Those pages are just awesome.... I really want to see more!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  19. So beautiful Wendy you never cease to amaze me!!!

  20. These pages are so dreamy and awe-inspiring, Wendy. :)

    Sorry to hear you are leaving City Crafters. :( Your things are beautiful, and you'll be missed!


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