Autumn in The Netherlands


Only two more months of 2013.
In the Netherlands it's definitely autumn.

Golden leave trees
until the storms cause the leaves to dance on the ground.

The best of autumn is here to be seen in October/November.

One down, many more to go...

Three days later, on the isle of Ameland, two trees in this very same street of the leave-photo above had been blown down by a fierce storm, only just missing a beautiful old building from the 17th century (1625 to be precise).
(Update: photo of buildings deleted because of copyright.)

That's what November is like here.

November is misty mornings.
Just above the ground most of the times.
Everything then looks like it's missng legs, pillars, trunks.

Friesland, on our way to Ameland

November is golden sunsets

like here above the dunes of Ameland

up north of the Netherlands in the world heritage area called the Wadden Sea,
where land and sea mingle.

We were on a bike ride that day and made it home
just in time before it became pitch dark in the dunes of Ameland.

You don't want to get stuck in the dark there.

Trust me. You don't.


There are no street lights in the dunes...

We saw beautiful star filled skies though.

November is pumpkins.


What does November look like in your country?

Come share it with us at Our Beautiful World blog.

No need to be a brilliant photographer or storyteller.
We just heart to see and read from folks
and their home/area/travels around the world.

xx Wen


  1. These are stunning!!. Beautiful country, even the blades of grasses. Gorgeous photography too, hope you don't mind me pinning :). LOVE LOVE LOVE to see everything. HUGS.

  2. Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing with us all.

  3. ik hou van de herfst, best gezellig de wind en de regen als ik zelf binnen zit... alleen ongevallen bomen zijn minder...

  4. Wat een mooie foto's. En ik ben best een beetje jaloers dat jij op Ameland bent geweest......
    Wij houden heel erg van Vlieland en we zijn al veel te lang niet geweest!! Ameland hebben we ook al vaker bezocht en das ook een prachtig, gezellig eiland.
    De Herfst is mooi, als je het WIL zien tenminste! De kleuren van de boom-bladeren, prachtig en het weer, storm, regen, maar ook veel mooie dagen, met koud, maar zonnig weer. Ik hou ervan!
    Fijne zondag en lieve groetjes, Daphne

  5. OOh wat is dit leuk zeg al deze mooie geweldige foto's van ons kleine Nederland.Kunnen we toch trots op zijn vindt je niet.Jullie ook een fijne zonnige herfstige zondag gewenst.

    Lfs Anja Xx

  6. Your country is so like ours ... I love your photos... so very serene ... what a shame about the trees coming down ... Thankfully that beautiful building is still standing ... Last night and today we have storms!

  7. Lovely photos! They all have a beautiful golden glow.

  8. Wat weer een leuke post en prachtige foto's Wendy, en ohhhh die storm die heeft wat aangericht!

  9. Wendy your land is beautiful. How very fortunate those large trees did not hit that beautiful old building. Our Fall is waning and Winter is lurking close by. Colder weather and shorter days. Blessings...

  10. Beautiful country and not so pleasing that nasty storm that ripped the tress from the ground. So happy to see the building survived total devastation, I so love old buildings, it's a pity we can't wrap them all in a bubble to protect them forever. Also loved your reeds and rolling landscape photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza

  11. WOW!! These are amazing photos my friend. Yes they have me smiling at my computer..


  12. What a lovely post, I love your photo for November!

  13. Beautiful Photos Wendy! Wow the pics of the storm blown trees is crazy so happy that they missed the beautiful building but sad such wonderful trees were destroyed! The colors in the dunes pics are really pretty :)

  14. Wat ben je toch een begenadigd fotografe Wen! (buiten al die andere kwaliteiten die je bezit!) Heerlijk om even met je mee te gaan naar Ameland en al het moois te aanschouwen. Schrok wel even van die ene foto zeg! Had die nog niet in het nieuws gezien! Liefs, Ira
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  15. Wendy, this was a stunning journey to go on!! Everything beautiful and peaceful and autumnal and then, bam, trees down! Your photos told a wonderful story from start to end!! Hugs, Darnell

  16. Gorgeous photos, a shame of the falling trees though, I guess one never knows. I loved "visiting" your lovely country and seeing some of natures best!!

  17. What a lucky building being barely missed, must have been quite a scare. Love your Autumn dear, such glorious photos of perfect colors and sunsets!

  18. What a gorgeous autumn and so many delightful photos to share with us as well! Happy November!

  19. WOW, these are stunning! Wish we had some like that here for us. Would love to live out in the open country during the fall and see the colors for miles. I enjoyed all of these, can't pick a favorite. I can see you enjoy fall as much as I do, YAY!!
    Happy November!


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