Spring is here! Meanwhile on my worktable...

Hello dears,

Europe here.

Anyone fancy some spring?

Let me send some sun rays your way,
because here the weather is so mild and sunny.

(WOYWW'ers: Second half of the post,
after my ramblings about flowers and yah... more flowers,
you can find more on the worktable part.)

Most of the times when I'm out and about I forget to bring my camera.
But luckely my cellphone has a camera too!

I have to say I'm getting quite addicted to Instagram at the moment.
Click, quick edit, and send.

These square shaped photos are all taken with my phone.

The tree above is my favourite one in our neighbourhood.
I love how the big petals of the blossoms make a soft tapestry on the ground.
Of course I forgot to take a picture of that.

But I also love how the sun shines through those beautiful petals.

And also through the petals of the tree above.
I love the effect of the light when a photo is taken against the sun.

In a forgotten corner are these sweet little blue ones...

Meanwhile, whenever I get the chance when it is not so sunny,
I try to finish a fabric wall hanger I'm working on.
Yes, well, it's taking a while.

So, here's what's on my worktable at the moment.
If you work your way through the bushes, you'll find this...

I'm still deciding on the hanging part
and on some other things.

But who cares really when there is sun to be enjoyed!

Who else is on my worktable?


An adorable little plant who found it's way to my table today.
Who could resist such a little one? Surely I can not.
I have a weak spot for wee plants.

I hope he'll enjoy his little place.
He got the best view, so I don't think he'll complain.

He had his own little name badge.
In case I couldn't understand him when he was introducing himself.

(And in case you didn't know, "Bambino" is little child in Italian).

Isn't that cute?

Oh, and yes, you're right,
months ago there was not a single plant to be seen on my worktable.

But there's an invasion going on now. They seem to take over my work space.
As long as they don't quarrel, they're most welcome to stay.

No room for mess anymore on this table.

Space is becoming increasingly scarce!


So, here's my WOYWW for this week.

(WOYWW = What's on your workdesk Wednesday)

Thank you Julia for hosting!

Wishing you all a sunny day!

xx Wen


  1. Nice to meet you Wendy. Thanks for stopping by today. I enjoyed your beautiful flower shots as well as your workspace.

    {Hurricane}Fiona #93

  2. Wonderful pics, love the piece you are working on too, Visiting from WOYWW. xxx

  3. I love all your plants, and photos too! And great job on the wallhanging..love the beading. Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!
    -K #89

  4. Lovely pics. Your wall hanging is beautiful.Thanks for visiting.

  5. For me there is no nicer spring plant than the blooming magnolias..even the little star type ones - bring me to smile and I constantly point out their beauty to anyone who will listen!

  6. Gorgeous flowers of magnolium... and the little bambino must to be a kind of Parma violet looking at the leaves...and is just next to "Forget me not" ("Nu ma uita"...)!! So lovely workspace!

  7. The prettiest WOYWW, Wendy! You have surrounded yourself with beauty. Hugs, Darnell

  8. Thank you for the Spring ramble through the flowers! It snowed this week here, so I am itching for them to start popping up here! Your collage piece is so pretty, love the lace you used on it too! Winnie#71

  9. I'll be sharing photos from our garden tomorrow... love your beautiful lacey creation - and all the lovely photos!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 50

  10. Awwww i love all your sweet little plants! Your wall hanging is amazing! So glad I got to visit you today!

  11. Hi Wendy and thanks for visiting my desk. Love that you have plants on your desk, maybe I can move a couple in but then maybe not now that Arthur has arrived. I love the garden too and miss my home (we're renting at the moment)and our garden - it's tropical.Oh well, nice that it's spring for you. Lovely hanging you'e working on, gorgeous colours. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#40

  12. Can never have to many flowers to look at!! THey are all beautiful ;) Having plants all around bring such a peaceful feeling and their shapes, colors and textures are always inspiring. YOur hanging is STUNNING< wow the rich colors, laces and image makes me drool!!

  13. That's a lovely spring post! And I like your work.
    Have a nice time :-)

  14. That is a pretty project lying around the table, bet you had fun crafting surrounded with all those green!

  15. It's certainly a lovely time of year I'm enjoying seeing all the blossoms and my Forget me nots have also come into flower ... Have a beautiful day!

  16. Prachtige foto's Wendy en wat een gezellige werkplek!

  17. Hi Wendy
    Loved seeing spring in the Netherlands the Magnolias are also in blossom here in France where I live & there's lovely pink cherry blossom everywhere. The little Bambino plant looks vey happy on your work table along side your beautiful lace collage. Enjoy your crafting and show us how you finish it to hang

  18. nice pictures and a lovely little bambino. I like your work in progress.

  19. Oh Wendy! Every trip to your blog is such a pleasure! Thanks for the springtime! Here in Ohio, USA we are JUST starting spring and I am SO READY after the long, freezing cold winter we had this year!
    Your photos are AMAZING ... WOW! Enjoyed and studied each and every one! BEAUTIFUL! And, LOVE the hanging you are working on ... it's going to be GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful elements you've chosen! Thanks for another wonderful visit ... you always make me feel so 'welcomed' at your blog posts!
    HUGS from OHIO, USA

  20. I love your flower photos - especially the magnolias. And your art piece is really beautiful - thanks for sharing it. Have a great week, Chris 53

  21. Wat heb jij een gave duidelijk camera op je foon Wen! (oh nee, je bent gewoon een supergoede fotografe! Dát is het!) Schitterende foto's van de lente, toch misschien wel het mooiste seizoen van het jaar, alhoewel alles z'n charme heeft natuurlijk. Je muurhanger wordt weer een echte blikvanger, mooie warme kleuren heb je daarvoor gebruikt zeg, heel erg mooi! Enne, vergeet niet tegen Bambino te obrollen hè? Liefs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  22. Wat een mooie Lente foto's zeg!!!!!
    Heerlijk he, dit jaargetijde, zo genieten vind ik dat!

    Jij hebt mij laatst een mailtje gestuurd.....heb je die heel toevallig nog in je mail box, onder verzonden items staan?
    Ik ben alles kwijt.
    Als je hem niet meer hebt hoeft het niet opnieuw hoor, dan ga ik met mijn zoon wel even via jouw blog proberen.
    (een paar mensen hebben mij ook niet meer in hun leeslijst, volgens mij heeft dat ook met Google plus te maken, bah, zo jammer)

  23. So many beautiful photos my friend.I am loving the pretty photos from your phone.. And your editing looks awesome as well. And your wall hanging looks amazing. I LOVE the bead work.


  24. Dear Wendy,
    This is an adorable post, I totally love the collage in burgundy tones, with that beautiful woman, and your wonderful flower pictures from your garden. How sweet your bambino is.
    Yes dear,I also press, and love to dye with nature , I hope to find time for that this summer.
    I send you weekend hugs and a kiss.

  25. Loving your gorgeous photos and amazing collage you are working on. Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Any flowers make the day a little brighter! Great post.

  27. Oh Wendy your collage is just so beautiful in those shades of plums and pinks and such a stunning centre piece
    looking so graceful amongst your potted ferns and succulents!
    Hope your weekend was pleasant in the sunshine.
    Love and warm hugs,


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