Blooms and Genevieve

Dear blog friends,

At this side of the ocean it's spring.

I know that some of you are still in winter cold weather.
Hold on dears, spring will come.
And soon too, no doubt, it's almost April now!

So let me bring you some happy spring blossoms.
I hope they'll cheer you up.

Lot of editing this time.
Just really having too much fun with pixlr and photoshop,
you'll have to forgive me.

At Our Beautiful World this week's word prompt is


chosen by dear Bonita.

When busy editing, a beautiful study for a painting came to my mind.
It's by John William Waterhouse.

What is she thinking?

Perhaps she's writing a postcard to a loved one.
With mixed feelings. Like the card below...

Here's a woman, writing to a man during World War I.
He's a French soldier stationed in Germany.

Picture what she must have felt, when she wrote the card below...

It reads:

"Henri got another tooth, a big one.

She wanted to write him some happy news about little Henri.
Was this little boy his baby son?

And this beloved man, Célestin is his name,
did he return from the war?


I think this is one of the antique postcards I sent to Ros?

Please feel free to use it for your own arts and crafts.

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday
and a sunny week.

xx Wen

Footy note:

Actually, I'm NOT in a soft pink mood at the moment.
It's earthy colours and calm blue today.
But I had these photos prepared already, so soft pink it is!

Do you have such colour mood swings too?
And what is your colour today?

Tell me, I'd love to know.


  1. Nou idd, de Lente komt eraan!!!!
    Kijk eens naar buiten, zooooooo mooi weer.
    Geniet er maar lekker van, doen wij ook.
    Lieve Groetjes, Daphne

    PS: Bedankt voor je mailtje, ik heb er nog niet veel mee gedaan, maar ik ga samen met mijn zoon (die heel erg handig is met computers) eens naar kijken

  2. Beautiful photos ... I love your post ...
    I know the answer to Picmonkey too ... I will have to post it on my blog ... Happy Mothers Day dear friend ... enjoy!

  3. Your post is so pretty, Wendy. We are getting some wonderful blooms here in South Carolina, as well!

  4. Prachtige foto's, mooi teer bewerkt... Wanneer ik naar deze kaart kijk, hoop ik dat het toch nog goed is gekomen met deze onderofficier en dat hij zijn vrouw en zeer waarschijnlijk zoontje idd in zijn armen heeft mogen sluiten... Dat zijn dan toch altijd dingen die je je afvraagt hè? Liefs, geniet van het mooie weer, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  5. Beautiful collage - and your blooms are truly stunning!

  6. "soon too, no doubt, it's almost April now!".. so true - the Spring is on the way! Have a great week!

  7. absolutly wonderful editing pictures. Love the cheery blossoms.
    By the way, I have also color mood swings too ;-)

  8. Beautiful apple blossoms Wendy, so soft the colours

  9. My moods are very reflected by colors. I often find when shopping I am drawn to the colors I am wearing...even when that is not what I need nor want. would have to be grey as we are having rain and thankfully so. I enjoyed your pink collage and that postcard is priceless. Creative Bliss Dear...

  10. What stunning BLOOMS Wendy...I am still such an amateur when it comes to photo shop. Thanks for sharing..

  11. Your soft pink looks beautifully friend!!
    So many lovely thing to look st here!


  12. Dearest Wendy,
    your beautiful soft pink pictures just comforts me today, -and the old card with it`s little message ,from everyday life, looks beautiful in your collage ...even the thoughts of sadnes follows it ,as you write!!
    Thank you for alwayes being generous with your images, or cards.
    Hugs ,xx

  13. Great posts!! So beautiful!!Hugs!

  14. I really like the WW 1 postcard,it would be nice to know thing behind that little sentence. Before and after, how the peoples life went on.

    Your blog is also nice and fresh :).


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen