Why hello Miss Mojo!

Hello my friends,

I've got happy news to share with you! Miss Mojo decided to come back. So off with you, evil twin sister Miss Nojo!

This week at CCCB the theme is called On The Road and then I found this sweet vintage photo of the cat and rabbits, which I couldn't resist. I used buttons from the thrift store. And some paper goodies from a favourite magazine of mine called Daphne's Diary.

Aren't these buttons cute?

This card will probably end up as a little wallhanging in my room. To remind me of the joy of finding your mojo back when you just keep on going!

Sewing the edges had come into my mind, but I didn't dare to screw up this lovely project...

Yesterday's card

I already showed you this card yesterday, for Charlene's birthday.

Some musings...

When this card was finished, I felt so happy. I made it after I made a project for CCCB. A mixed media collage that just wasn't it. It was missing something. You know what was missing? ME. (I don't even bother to show it to you.) Not so with this card. This is me. Well, at the moment anyway. And within a blink of an eye I made even more cards in the same style.

With earlier projects I was trying to copy the beautiful work of others (which probably includes you!). That's what you do when you're just starting with being crafty, don't you? I only started crafting last year you know... With this card I didn't copy anyone. I followed my own heart and imagination. And as you can see, it's happy, colourful and flowery there at the moment :)

I am infuenced though by two recently bought books. One is *Granny Chic* by Dottie Angel and Ted+Agnes, and the other one is by Selina Lake. But this now is so my own style in the making. For it's still a process.

I hope you like it too... And if not, well... this is me in this stage of crafting happiness, I hope you'll stay and see how my own style will evolve in the future. And I'm very sure there will be elements returning of the things I made, up till now.

So, it did Miss Mojo good to be off for a while. She makes me happier now then before. I really hope she'll stay a while now. So I'm going to nurture her very carefully and lovingly.

The End... (for today's yada yada that is!)

Of course I shouldn't forget to mention that the first card was made for our challenge for you this week at City Crafter!

The CCCB Challenge

Host: birthday girl (alright, that was yesterday) Charlene, who's work I admire and so wish to be able to make myself too! (Oh no, I'm going to follow my own path, didn't I say that just now?)

Guest Designer: my dear blog buddy, fellow Dutchy, and very talented Ira!

Big hugs to you all dearies, I've said quite enough for today!

A happy Wen

Hang on... there is a PS...

Oh no!!

We've had enough Wen!!

But but...

Dear Ros is going to have a fabulous tutorial on photo editing coming Wednesday 24th at Our Beautiful World!! I'm very sure you don't wanna miss this one!!

Okay, I'm really off now!

Am I?

Oh yes!



  1. So glad your mojo has returned (her absence never showed in your previous projects). Love these cards -that rabbit image is so cute and such fun and all the papers are scrumptious. Liking the yellow accents too. But no sewing - what can I say ?!!!! :) xxx

  2. Awww..... as cute as can be, and I mean both of them.
    Good that miss mojo is back, YAY!!!!

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Dank voor je post. Ben zo blij voor je. Je werk ziet er prachtig uit.
    Je kunt er helemaal in zien dat je blij bent. Ik word er vrolijk van. Mooi gedaan.
    De kleuren zijn zo goed op elkaar afgestemd. Het heeft een prachtige sfeer.
    Je vertelt over je proces. Mooi!
    In januari van dit jaar heb ik 2 posts gemaakt 'Books'en 'Light' waarin ik iets heb verteld over
    waar ik op creatief gebied door heen ging. Ik herken zoiets bij jou.
    Wat is het bijzonder hè, om jezelf zo te ontdekken en meer te gaan genieten.
    Dank dat je het gedeeld hebt.
    Over het recyclen, ik gebruik in bijna al mijn werkstukken materiaal van de 'kringloop'.

    Liefs, Wilma.

  4. Well that was some post! Glad your mojo came back ... at least you are never stuck for words and can make a post worth reading without creations ...
    Your card is wonderful ... this really makes me smile ... Thanks for the shout out and your lovely comments too! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Your cards are beautiful Wendy! It certainly looks like your Mojo is back!
    Hugs xx

  6. Oh lachen weer Wen! Je weet het altijd heerlijk te vertellen meis! Bij sommigen speelt de hitte parten, maar jouw hersentjes hebben hier zo te zien geen last van, want dit konijnenkaartje vind ik zooooooooooooooo schattig!! (zegt deze rabbit lover pur sang). Als dat stelletje hier door de straat zou kachelen, zou ik direct achterop springen ha ha ha! Je zou eens bij ons in de straat moeten kijken, wij hebben hier een behoorlijk grote stoffenhal waar je ook nog veel 'oude' stofjes (retro) kunt vinden, altijd leuk om te neuzen! Liefs, Ira x

  7. wat een leuke kaarten! blij dat je inspiratie weer terug is.be Ik hergebruik ook veel, oude enveloppes en oude doosjes... van alles

  8. Hello dear WENDY,
    I`m sorry to have been away, but family visits and birthdayes in family, have been holding my dayes very bussy, as you have read on my blog dear friend!
    I`m so happy for you, that your creative happy mood have returned, and I LOVE those two cards you did.
    They are both so very beautiful, and so lovely. I know what you mean about being inspired by other artists in the beginning, -and really love your new colourful own side !
    You used the most sweet images and fabrics!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  9. Wendy how lovely that Miss Mojo is back and musing you into creating such glorious card collages. Both images are uber cute. Your vintage floral fabrics and buttons are the perfect touches. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  10. Wendy,

    So pleased to see your Mojo is back and Nojo is gone forgood. Beautiful fabrics and amazing work, perfect in everyway.

    Hugs Eliza

  11. Both these cards have me smiling. So happy you found your Mojo. I knew you would..


  12. I can see why you love that image of the animals on the scooter. That is just so cute! I love the design that you placed it in; the lace and vintage buttons are the perfect finishing touches.

  13. Wendy your cards are so beautifully made I love images and everything else you have used.

  14. Thank you sweeties!! Big hugs to you!

  15. I can't tell at all, if the Mojo is away! You always create pretty art :). I LOVE this card, the buttons, the flowers, well...everything!. It does look like a pretty fabric :). LOVE your fabric pins!

  16. These cards are both so, so sweet, Wendy. :) I giggle looking at the kitten with rabbits pic, and I do love your choices in dainty, romantic vintage style paper patterns. Welcome back, Miss Mojo!


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen