Simply Neutrals #43 - a needed change

the Sea Gull highschool :)

Hello dear friends, welcome to Simply Neutrals!

Last week we celebrated the 8th birthday of the City Crafter Challenge blog, run and hosted by Kirsty. Every week for 8 years already she is hosting the linky party there. I'm so much in awe! Because to be honest, I find it quite challenging to do this every week, and I only just started!

I know how much these neutral-love parties mean to you and me, the weekly gathering is so wonderful, inspiring, and it makes me so happy to have these cozy gatherings with you where we share and chat with each other. And you my dears have left me similar comments.

But I have to be honest and tell you that no matter how much I love these gatherings with you, after a couple of months I find it draining to host a linky party weekly and really need to reconsider and think about how we can still gather but without a drained Wen. I hate to disappoint you, but my question to you is:

Would you mind if we try to make this a monthly gathering instead?
Like, every first Tuesday of the month?
And see how it goes from there? Would that be okay with you?
Please share your honest opinion and wishes.


Dear Karen of RoosterHeadDesigns had shared this beautiful album before, but I'm glad she shared it again! I love how she honours her family by creating this gorgeous album of their wedding photos. I think it's such a wonderful idea! And oh my, how beautifully she's done it too...

scrapbook wedding album by Karen of RoosterHeadDesigns

Dear Karen, I know you might not be able to come to the party this week, but if you do make it: here is your feature blog button if you like:

On to this week's party!


To join the party, please keep the following things in mind:

1) Please link only to the blogpost that contains the photo(s) you want to share, and not to your blog's homepage.

2) Kindly link back to AppleApricot by putting a link to my blog in your blogpost.

Of course you're most welcome to use the blog button of Simply Neutrals Tuesday as well
(which can be found in the sidebar of my blog)

3) Link ups to both new and older blog posts are welcome.
Of course it would be nice if you link up to a new or recent blog post, but if there is something from the archives you'd really want to link up here, then please feel welcome to do so.

4) You can link up from your blog, but if you do not have a blog but would love to link up from your instagram or other social media account, that's perfectly fine too.
Beware though, that may be not everyone can come visit and/or leave you a comment there.

5) Please take time to visit some of the other link ups and send them some love.
The most recently added link ups will show in the list first.

Time for the link up!

xx Wen

Simply Neutrals Tuesday linky party at AppleApricot


  1. As I was reading the first part of this post my immediate thought was about going monthly, and then I see you had come up with the same thought. Surely no one would have any objection to that - after all, the well being of the hostess has to come first!! If the monthly idea isn't a winner, what about having four different hostesses and each takes a weekly turn? Then it would be an easy matter if the others would simply 'point the way' to the current hostess on their blogs. Just my two cents worth (sez I, who doesn't play, but sure do enjoy the party!).

  2. Of course we do not mind, my dear. Take your time and we will be with you every month, instead of every week!!!

  3. Dear Wen
    That is such a cool image of the seagulls playing in the sea water there! Your photography always inspires us so much!
    Now in all honesty regarding the gathering of us all here with you on SNT I think that would be an extremely wise decision to have these on a monthly basis as YOU are the wonderful soul putting in all the set up work for all of us to make this happen and we just would not want to see you burn out again! So my vote is YES I am with your new decision and I would really welcome the change to a monthly party. I will always try to be there and support you as I have tried so far and as I love to see everybody's beautiful images which I find so inspiring and all the other chatter you share with us.
    You created such a beautiful collage of Karen's Album of wedding photos too. She has done such a beautiful job of that album - it's simply gorgeous!
    Sending my love and hugs in my continued support dearest Wen!
    xox Suzy

  4. Dear Wen, I totally understand you. I had a weekly linkparty for green things and gave it up, because I could not manage this every week, the next friday always came to fast... with my sickness and the care for my mother. But even without these things: the digital activity should be a joy and enrichment and not a burden and stress.
    Would be glad, when it is once in a month, I've never managed always be here...
    Enjoy your springtime, smell the real flowers and take inspirations from the nature :)

  5. I wish you, dear Wen and all participants a nice day.
    Even today I like to be there again :-)
    Warm greetings from Germany.

  6. That is a fantastic idea Wen! A weekly challenge is too much work for you and also for the participants -it's too often I think. A monthly challenge could give us more time,and maybe we have even enough time to visit each other as well, as I recognized there are many artists just linking up and find no words or thoughts for the others - no interaction- that is a bit sad, but I know that some of the artists are very special and introverted. A bit sad in my mind. I think it will be great to meet monthly!♥♥♥ Thank you for all your work dear Wen!
    I love the seagul highschool and Karen's beautiful wedding album!
    Hugs, Susi

  7. I cannot wait to be seeing the gulls and ocean again...
    Of course, you need to do what is best for you and if the weekly format has become more work and less joy then I am totally with you to try once a month. And if that doesn't work for you either, then just let it go. That said I have been enjoying entering when I can because neutral is not so much my thing and it pushes me to challenge myself more. Thank you for that!

  8. Weekly or monthly it will still be a joy to join you for your Simply Neutrals party, whatever works best for you dear Wen 😁. I love your photo of the seagull high school 😉... it made me smile! Wishing you a very happy and creative week! J 😊 x

  9. Dear Wen,
    The gull in flight is breathtaking. I love this photo so much~ I wish I could ride the wind on his wings and soar a while. Just breathing, smelling the salt air and taking in with my eyes that beautiful water . . . Thank you for sharing your captivating photography. *smile*
    I feel humbled and honored to see some of my pages being highlighted today <3
    Thank you Wen~
    And once a month for SNT sounds perfect! (I'm leaving soon, but will lovingly follow (when possible) your blog, and our friends here! : ) Love & hugs, karen o

  10. Love your seagull highschool, and love them when they are flying over my house, as they do, because we are close to the sea- your photo is beautiful, dear Wen .
    And totally understand you, my friend- it should be only fun, for you , too, so of course we make it a monthly meeting here :-)
    Thank you for showing Karen`s beautiful book, it is such a special creation .
    Big hugs from Dorthe- xxxxxx

  11. I think once a month is a good idea. I would hate for you to be worn out from it.

  12. Once a month sounds ideal Wen! These blogs are meant to be fun aren't they? and where's the fun when you end up burnt out and guilty?! I can't even make it to my blog at all anymore, much as I'd like to. I don't make it into your meme these days but do read your newsletter and look at the simply beautiful neutrals. Take good care of you. xx

  13. Dear Wen,
    You do such a wonderful job hosting, with all your supportive commenting to everyone, as well as your beautiful showcase photos and your own artworks. It is a lot of extra work for you. I think monthly is a brilliant idea. To tell you the truth, it's been hard to keep up with you at times, but I'm so proud I have continued to post regularly, and now I am on a roll, I have lots of ideas, many of which would perhaps not fit into SNT, so I will challenge myself to keep up a weekly (or more!) post to my blog. Perhaps on your next SNT post you could remind everyone to subscribe to the blogs they like, so that if some post in between, they will get to enjoy those posts as well as the monthly SNT.

    Your seagull photo is full of gorgeous ocean texture; you have captured the atmosphere and framed it beautifully. Karen's album was breath-takingly lovely. She is very talented, and your comments about her were so well put. You have such a gift for writing, too!

    It would be too sad for SNT to fade out due to you burning out, so take it easy, have a break, and enjoy your own art and life stuff.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all that you do on your blogs. You are such a positive presence on the Web, and I love what you do. With much love and a big hug,
    Jesse XXOO

  14. I totally understand what you are saying, I hope that doesn't mean we won't see you only once a month but you have to do what is best for you. I loved being on a design team but it ended up being more of a chore than fun and that is when I knew it was time to stop.


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen