A card likes to hang on a wall now and then

... or doesn't it?

"I wanna be seeeeen" they seem to cry sometimes. Well, there you go, on the wall with you.

That way, the receiver of your carefully and lovingly handmade card can display it as a personal treasure. Or as a little piece of art. Because that's what we make, right? Mmm, I might be right. But I might be wrong, right? Wrong.

(Are you still following me? I don't.)

What I do know is that we tend to think that what we make is never "good enough" to be called art.

I'm learning how to crochet.

This flower was intented to have five petals. Carefully following the instructions (read: tongue out of mouth, nose in my work) I got four, six or seven petals, but not five.

Don't laugh.

And learning to stitch with a sewing machine.

Ya, I know.
That should have been on the edges.

The joy of summer to me is...

Beautiful flowers, blue skies, strolls in the garden (well, our garden isn't that big, but it's a lovely idea, apart from the wasps giving me the creeps) and catching daydreams under a pergola...

And the spontaneous happy laughter and screams
of children playing outside.

Yeahhhhh!! She's definitely having some fun over there!

Now tell me, what's summer joy to you?


Ah, there are two other things (notes) that I'd like to get rid of.


Do you remember that I told you about a purple fabric book with embroidery I had started with and abandonned?

Probably not, but never mind. I'm happy to tell you now that I went on working on it and I'm hoping to be able to show the finished book in about two weeks from now. (My son's home for the summer vacation, meaning: less time for crafting and blogging for me. But of course I don't mind. Honestly.)

It's not going to be Art (See? That's what I meant!), but I love working on it and seeing the progress. And that's what makes me happy, because I have several needlework projects here desperately waiting to be finished. Poor things.


Love you!!

"That's it?"

Yup, that's pretty much it.


Happy crafting!

xx Wen


  1. Such a heart warming post dear sweet Wendy!
    Your card displays every bit of Summer with those roses and forget-me-nots!
    Such a cheeky little boy on the front and your stitching is fine truly.
    I think you are very brave to display your first piece of crochet too - flowers can have all number of petals anyway!!!
    Sending big Summer hugs to you dear friend.
    Won't be long now for the drawing!
    Hope you are crossing your fingers!!!

  2. What a sweet post, from your project to your writing, oh I am in love..... with your little space!

    ~ greetings from Grafing, Munich.

  3. Goedemorgen Wendy,

    Wat weer geweldig mooi! en o ja die plaatjes,super he!
    Nou hoop dat alles goed met je gaat.Ik ben alweer met mijn 2e \werkdag begonnen.Heb mijn vakantie erop zitten.

    Lieve gr Anja.Xxx

  4. Wendy what a pleasure to visit your blog again! You make such beautiful things. This card is a joy! I love the picture, so happy with her wonderful chubby knees! And your crochet flower made me smile. It reminded me of when I taught myself to crochet. I was so happy with the flower I made, even if it was nothing like the pattern!
    Big Hugs to you,
    June xx

  5. Dear sweet Wendy, your card is the most wonderful and happy little summer card, that surely should be seen on your wall!!
    Love you shows us the first attempt of crocheting ,and you know in ART, nothing is wrong or right,- so all our first attempts are just as beautiful, as the over perfectly made things!! I love your flower, it is real !! Nature is not perfect too!!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  6. Yup, that child looks to be having a great time, love the image.
    Summer to me is having fun with family and friends.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love reading your posts ... And I love your crocheted flower! Such a sweet piece of art deserves to be hung where it can be admired ... Fun challenge my friend ...

  8. That little child is surely making me smile. Bursting with joy on that wee face, oh what a delight.
    Adore your use of combining different patterns which you appears so effortless in your capable hands.
    It is true to say I struggle with the word art, always preferring to say "I've been playing" instead of creating art but at times I give myself a jolt and tell myself to be brave with such words, it can be difficult!

  9. Wendy you really had me spinning with all those rights, wrongs, rights however I stayed with you and smiled the entire time because I can relate so well. Your little crocheted flower is precious and we don't know how many petals you are supposed to have...neither does Mother Nature on some of her flowers. Sewing and showing your handmade cards is brilliant. I love to view what others have sent to me after taking their time to make it from the heart. Enjoy your family time. Creative Hugs Dear...

  10. Love the pretty card and great idea to hang it!! The flower is pretty and Wendy I always say that patterns are only a guide and then your creative license takes you the rest of the way so 7 petals is even better :)

  11. Hallo lieve Wendy,
    Wat weer een mooie post. Een heerlijk zomerse sfeer.
    Wat een schattig kindje. Die knietjes !!
    Dank je wel voor je bemoedigende reactie op mijn posts "Books' en 'Light'.
    Mooi om elkaar zo te leren kennen.

    Blessings en Liefs,Wilma.

  12. Wat een mooie wallhanger Wendy. Erg gaaf! De gehaakte bloem met de draad er nog aan geeft er iets vintage aan. En sorry, moest toch lachen om je haakpoging. Te herkenbaar.
    Liefs Lisette

  13. Heerlijk weer om te lezen, je verhaal! Was inderdaad bijna de haakdraad ff kwijtgeraakt, maar vond 'm gauw genoeg weer terug ;-) Maar weet je, jij zet tenminste nog door met je haakwerk, ik haak gewoon af ha ha ha! Vind dat kleine frutje met haar dikke pootjes té schattig, die blije lach is toch énig! Je hebt er weer een vrolijk geheel van gemaakt Wen, gewoon heel lief! Veel liefs, Ira xox

  14. Hoi Wendy,wat een leuke blogpost,ik lag in een deuk om dat kindje op je wallhanger(gaaf bedacht en gemaakt),moest grinniken om je gehaakte bloem,zóó herkenbaar maar de aanhouder wint....fijne avond lieve groetjes Miranda


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen