The Book That Fell Apart


Let me tell you a story.

A story about a book. A book about a bird.
So far so good.

One day a girl thought it a stupid book. She decided to alter it. She wanted it to be a present for a dear friend. She took glue, gesso, paint, ink, stamps, beautiful papers and so on and started crafting. She thought the book looked better and better every day.

The book thought otherwise.
It spit out several of the painted papers.

Blame it on the paint.


This is what it looks like now.

(I know... I should have used a book with a sewed binding... And I shouldn't have used that watery paint...)

Wanna have a look inside?

Here we go...

In the book you'll find tags and cards with room for notes, journaling or quotes.

And I added quotes on friendship. The whole book is about friendship really :)

"Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life."

Don't you just love that quote?

Well, may be not if you're a vegetarian...

I love this quote too:

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart
and can sing it back to you
when you have forgotten the words."



So, what did I learn?



I'm fine.

Totally fine :)


Last but not least

Never say a book is stupid.
It might take revenge.

Stupid paint.

Wonderful rest of the week to you!

xx Wen

Ps: But Wendy, what about the cover of the book?



  1. Wauww...prachtig project, mooie quotes en plaatjes!!

  2. your book is beautiful


    Ik had het al gezien op het blog van Citty Crafter.
    Mooi hoor, zoveel details en zoveel te zien, PRACHTIG gemaakt.
    Groetjes, Daphne

  4. Oh what a great post ... I love your little book ... even if it gave you a hard time ... I am so happy your are guesting for us this week ... Thanks so much!! Have a beautiful day

  5. Your book is beautiful! So's your blog! I can hardly wait to see what you make next. (Ok, I'm a fan!)

  6. The book is beautiful!

  7. Your little book is gorgeous! So, also, is your blog.

  8. Hi Wendy,
    Really love your quotes and what a great book..such great fun meeting
    so many clever, crafty and creative women❤

  9. Stupid paint! I LOVE your Happy Strategies...such a BEATIFUL outcome. Glad you shared it - keep on paddling, Wendy. Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  10. I love your happy strategies and I love a great sense of humour! My parents are immigrants from Holland (1950) so, yes, I still have relatives living there. Enjoyed your post!

  11. Your vintage style is just beautiful - love the addition of doilies and lace as pockets!

  12. Heerlijke post Wendy! Echt naar mijn hart! Zo blij dat jij ook zo´n boekenliefhebber bent! Ik ben echt zo´n nerd die in een boekhandel de boeken gaat recht leggen alsof ik er werk ha ha ha! Heb meestal ook cetabever tussen m´n handen want er blijft meestal wel iets tussen plakken! Wat een schitterend vriendschapsboek heb je gemaakt, een ode aan de vriendschap maar ook aan het boek zelf. Echt TOP! En wat onwijs leuk om te lezen dat jij zo gek op Indonesië bent en straks weer heerlijk kan gaan genieten van de selamatan! Adoeh! Wat grappig dat jouw opa ook van Java komt, mijn pa werd daar ook geboren, in Solo! Lieve groetjes, Ira

  13. hahahahaha (herken ik daar iets in?) hihihi pas maar op dat de verf zich niet gaat wreken nu!
    ik vind het een prachtig project!!

  14. Dear Wendy,
    this friendship book of yours, are a little lovely masterpiece.
    I love every page, and your colours....even some of them was spit out :-) Such a beautiful book.

  15. I am smiling from cheek to cheek Wendy, you are such a great writer, tell me what out come out with a book, I will be in line to get one for sure!
    Oops... almost out of subject, I love your story, I love your book, and I love all the pretty things I see here, thanks so much for being our Guest Wendy, you are truly AMAZING!!!!!

  16. WOW Wendy, what a gorgeous altered book!

  17. Your post has me smiling my friend. I think your book is beautiful. I just love all the images of the vintage gals you used. I am so excited that you are our Guest designer this week.
    You did a perfect job..


  18. That is beautiful

  19. Hallo Wendy,

    Wat een prachtig boek heb je "gewrocht" !
    want zo mag je't bijna wel noemen vrees ik :)).
    Je beschrijft het proces met zoveel humor....écht geweldig.
    Ik geniet er alleen al van om je berichten te lezen en
    dan ziet je werk er ook nog zo schitterend uit!!...
    en dan de remarks....!!
    You make me smile...

    Hele mooie post !!

    Shabby Royale.

  20. Wendy, your book is beautiful. I love it! and your "lessons learned" are fabulous!

  21. Hello Wendy
    What a gorgeous post and your book is beautiful but you made it work and that is what matters!
    You know we tend to be toooo hard on ourselves sometimes when our friends would so understand the trouble the book gave us.
    It is just great - keep going - you are doing good - real good!
    Love and hugs,

  22. Happy book!!I have purchased a few board books over time with that purpose in mind. Guess it is time to get r done!

  23. Your book looks wonderful.

    I don't mind the mistakes because then I have to get more creative. Of course, I do complain when I make the mistakes.

    I just finished a book for a Giveaway and hope to have time for creating this week.


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