Apples and Apricots

Today I'd like to link up with WOYWW again this week.
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Why on earth would you show your messy worktable? Well, because it's fun to see what others have on THEIR worktable by linking up to WOYWW. I'm just being nosy, that's all.

Two handmade books (one finished, one in progress) on my table below.

Left: a work in progress, the purple fabric book I told about in my previous post. Right: a handmade mini junk journal which I finished today. I'm going to show you that one coming Tuesday.

And below is the lace and fabric mess of the pile on the left of my workdesk. Well, I don't mind that kind of mess. Would you?

But just look what a precious gift I recently received from my grandma...

It's a stunning antique lace teapot holder... wow... A Tea Pot Holder. Can you image?? Just look at that delicate lace, so gorgeous! Me happy? Oh yeah!

I keep it on my worktable, so I can stare at and drool over it while crafting.

I cleaned my table a bit (a lot actually) today, because I got visitors. Don't think I'm usually this organized. Not me. I'm utter chaos.

Your turn.

What's on your workdesk?

xx Wen

Footynote: No idea why I titled this post Apples and Apricots...
I guess I must be hungry :)


  1. Wendy, I love your books, they are so pretty and I love the message on the front of the purple one. Anyone receiving that would be truly blessed.
    And I looked back at your previous post to see the cards and was very impressed with them and the crochet flower.
    Chris no. 83

  2. Anonymous22:18

    You bring such joy!
    The fabric journals are so divine, pretty colours, fabrics and oodles of lace oh I could happily sit at your desk and create with you Wendy.
    What a precious gift from your Grandma. Will you keep as a source of inspiration and prettiness or do you plan to incorporate it into one of your beautiful creations?
    P.S. Adore the idea of the photography collage as a means of looking back at your creations for the month.

  3. Happy WOYWW!

    I love the lace, and your projects especially the lace book. Your workdesk is mega tidy!

    Cazzy x #92

  4. Wow I see LOTS of fun goodies!Lace lace and more oh how lovely everything is.. I kinda got lost in time in your spot and almost forgot to leave you a comment. Im a newbie and just kinda stumbling around. Thanks for sharing.
    Roberta #122

  5. You have got a lovely present but You made Yourself many lovely things, too. Especially I like very much Your handmade books. They are really special.
    You have very interesting workdesk, I like to look at it :-)
    Best wishes, Uuna (#70)

  6. Your lace books are just so fabulous and gorgeous! And that lace teapot holder... oh my!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #106

  7. Your fabric books look so elegant on your desk and it's so tidy too happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 119

  8. WOW, what gorgeous lace from your grandma!:). Is it Indonesian?. I hope one day I would get to visit Indonesia.

    Your workspace is so pretty!. What with all the fabrics, the beautiful light. Inspiring. I think one would get a heart-attack looking at my worktable, LOL.

    The fabric books are gorgeous!. So cute the tiny one, please do share when they're ready :). Oh, thanks a lot pinning my fabric tiny books earlier :). HUGS.

  9. I adore your lacilicious piles of fabrics and laces. Lovely little books you are creating dear...

  10. How fun to get a peek at your work desk again!
    The books look gorgeous!

  11. Pretty ... all the lace and fabrics and your sweet books ... and your desk looks soooo tidy to me ... Have a lovely day!

  12. What a wonderful WOYWW share for the hop, Wendy! Your desk is divine and your fabric works are truly works of art!! Now, sweetie, I know you love Gram's tea bag holder (what a blessing to have that!), but you mustn't drool over it! A frame perhaps, for over the desk?

    Have a wonderful week! Darnell #118

  13. Oh yes, a very beautiful desk just full of pretty things. The lace is adorable no wonder you want to look at it more.

    Lynda #59

  14. Wendy, I think I am drooling. LOVE the lace and your precious gift! All that fabric to play with! And your cards are beautiful! My desk is not nearly as tidy as yours, though! have a great week! Dawn #146

  15. Kwijl, kwijl... sorry, moest even een zakdoekje pakken hoor... oh oh wat mooi allemaal weer! Ik herkende inderdaad je zelfgemaakte kaarten en uiteraard viel m'n oog zo plop op dat prachtige kanten boekje op je bureau. Zo chic! En wat líef van je oma om je dit supermooie kant te geven, ze weet wel waar ze je blij mee kan maken! Ik ga nog even verder genieten hier hoor! Lieve groetjes, Ira

    Ira’s Crea Corner

  16. Beautiful work. Love the little fabric books - and, well, everything really.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #9

  17. Your photography is more art than craft if you ask me! lovely stuff, you clearly are a patient gal, loving the inclusion of fabric and lace in your works.


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