Lazy Daisy

Touring in a covered horse wagon in the shades of the forest

Hello dears,

What does your month of August look like?
It's all about August this week at Our Beautiful World.

Moss, pine cones and wild mushrooms belong to my nature favourites

August in The Netherlands to me means looking for wild mushrooms. Actually I saw one already in July, a couple of weeks ago.

I love looking down and seeing the beauty in the small details on the ground. It's a whole different world down there. The home of little creatures, living in the ground under our feet. I truly wish I had an amazing macro lens to capture that.

In August in The Netherlands the colours of nature are getting darker, more browns and dark greens. And everything starts to dry out. It's the hottest month here. And I'm being a lazy daisy then. I can't cope with the heat very well and am very much looking forward to the fresh air of autumn again.

We have sand dunes near the beach but also in some inland places. Like these in Kootwijkerzand. It's a popular place for horseback riders and pony carts.

What does August look like in your country? We'd love to know, so we welcome you to share it with us at Our Beautiful World, where the word prompt this week is August.

Happy August to you!

xx Wen


  1. Lovely photos Wendy ... I think our countries are quite alike when it comes to the weather and season ... Love your shot on the wagon ... how lovely that must be to travel along in the woods... Have a lovely Sunday ...

  2. How pretty this is, love the horses! I am trying to remember about looking down too, watching clouds are my favorite so I'm always looking up.
    The summer/August heat is not my favorite either. Fall time is my favorite season. When it gets too hot I just get lazy and sleepy it seems. Our summer so far has been more on the cooler and wet side which isn't that great when the kids want to go swimming.
    Thanks so much for sharing and hope you stay cool this month.

  3. Wendy my dear, August is almost our hottest month,I have to wait for September for that to happen! and with it comes hurricanes so NOT looking up for it either... your first photo begs for a fairy, what a wonderland it is!!!

  4. Dear Wendy,
    your photoes are so very beautiful, shoing nature and the the colours also turns darker, and everything seems to be more rich, also the forest ground, and the life going on the fairies ;-)
    I believe they celebrate this time of year-lol.
    I don`t know if it is hotter here in August, but this evening is amazing beautiful with fantastic colours!!
    Sensing you hugs cooler dayes to come !!

  5. I kind of agree with Milagros, now I feel like a princess riding on my cartridge into the woods, looking for fairies dancing around the lovely mushrooms!
    Did you have a horse and a cartridge? YES? ok, I am going there next!

    ~ greetings from Prague. (not that far away compared to vegas)

  6. Je hebt met je prachtige foto's het luie augustus-gevoel wel heel erg goed te pakken Wen! (alhoewel lui in ons geval nu even niet opgaat, hebben weer een belachelijk drukke start van de week gehad ha ha ha!) Dus ik zou eigenlijk wel heel erg kunnen genieten van een hangmat of zo, of inderdaad, een tochtje in een huifkar, ook gezellig, picknickmandje mee, lekker wat kijken en genieten, simpel genieten, je kent 't wel ;-) Genieten jullie nog lekker van de vakantie samen? Veel liefs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  7. Awww,LOVE the shot from up the horse cart!!. Beautiful other photos too, the beach is quite beautiful there, hmmm I always thought about damns,bicycles, tulips & windmill in the Netherlands but never about beach :). So this is cool!. I love foraging but I don't much about mushrooms or anything edible in the woods. I'm secretly wishing to see wee folks in the mushroom & moss photo above :). I LOVE fairies!

  8. What beautiful photos. I really enjoyed taking a peek into what your august looks like..


  9. Some really beautiful August photos, so great to see places from where other people live.
    Hugs Anni


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