Mr and Mrs Bennet

Hello dearies,

What would you say to some... er... lace? ("Oh no Wen, not again!")

Actually, I have a confession to make.
I think I've had a lace overdose.

Is that even possible? Yup, I guess it is, my friends. "Enough Madam!"
This lady here is dying for some no-lace projects!

Hope there is a remedy against it. Otherwise I'm stuck here in a big pile of laces.

Mrs Bennet: Oh, and his sisters! Oh, such charming women! So elegant and obliging! Oh, I wish you had seen them. I dare say the lace on Mrs Hurst's gown alone . . . .

Mr Bennet: No lace, no lace, Mrs Bennet, I beg you!

Mrs Bennet: But the man he brought with him . . .

(To who might she refer, eh?)

Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 BBC version, such a classic! I love the conversations with Mr Bennet.

Especially the one with the insensible and rather stupid Mr Collins. When the family is dining and Mr Bennet is making fun of Mr Collins.

(Credits: I got them from several websites. Please click on the photos to get to their source websites...)

Mr Collins: (...) You may imagine, sir, how happy I am on every occasion to offer those little delicate compliments which are always acceptable to ladies.

Lydia: Uh-h-h!

(Mr Bennet sees an excellent opportunity here to make fun of him.)

Mr Bennet: That is fortunate for you, Mr Collins, that you possess such an extraordinary talent for flattering with delicacy. May I ask whether these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are they the result of previous study.

(Lizzie can't help but laugh here, hiding behind her napkin.

Mr Collins: They arise chiefly from what is passing at the time, sir. I do sometimes amuse myself by writing down and arranging such little compliments as may be adapted to ordinary occasions. But I try to give them as unstudied an air as possible.

Mr Bennet: Excellent. Excellent.

Haven't you watched the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice yet?
Do yourself a favor and go watch it!

Thought you might like to use the quote for yourself too, so here it is. Feel free to use it.

Happy day to you!

xx Wen


  1. You're a great story teller, Wendy!!. LOVELY narration, I could almost see what took place on the dinner table :). I am a fan of the 2004 version of P&P when Lizzy herself said those words and made Lydia choked with laughter!. Wish I lived closer to you, I don't mind getting some lacy spillover into my yard every now and then :). Sweet, sweet tag!. Hugs.

  2. Ha, ha...geweldige post Wendy, ik zit hier met een grote glomlach achter mijn PC!!

  3. Lovely tag my friend ... I have to confess I gulped when I saw the challenge ... but a challenge is a challenge and reading your blog is always inspiring ... Well done to you!

  4. Wendy this is utterly gorgeous that amazing lace is so well cut and placed and the quote is perfect. I totally enjoyed the conversation and the innuendos mr Collins couldn't grasp, lol you've inspired me to pick up the book again!

  5. Anonymous16:48

    Dear Wendy
    How you have made me laugh with this post - wonderful humour. I do believe I have the same "problem" as yourself and we both need to seek help - I adore lace so much that I even have lace which I merely look at, finding it too precious to use!
    Adore this creation.
    Wendy, thank you for your kindest wishes while I was absent. Your words meant so much to me.

  6. Oh gewéldig weer! Ja ja, die Mr. Collins ken ik maar al te goed, kan dat heerlijke schijnheilige gezicht nog zó voor de geest halen, prachtig! En van mij mag jij lekker met al je kantjes en bandjes blijven werken Wen, want het is té mooi! Enig, zoals je deze quote in je verhaal hebt verwerkt, en ja, I can't help myself, maar ik MOET nu wel meedoen hè? LOL! Liefs, Ira

  7. Sweet Wendy, I love the series ,too- and all that comes with it- of wonderful robes, and settings, the conversations (that we not English ) not fully understand -I`m afraid!! and the lovely situations created in and around the family!! I would love to see it again!
    Also I think I can be a memeber of the lace club ,hehe- like Lynne I have pieces only here for viewing !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. Well, I popped over to your blog to compliment you on your 'no lace' card, and to say that I suspect you are a real p and p fan. Now I see you really ARE a p and p fan! Would you believe that only 30 mins ago I was watching the DVD with my 6 yr old son who doesn't really understand it but enjoys the drama anyway. Love your post, your card and your theme. Marina

  9. HI Wendy, thank you so much for your kind comment!!

    Adore your project!! it really made me smile! and yes I knew exactly where that quote came in .... you do know I will now have to download that entire script ... although I think its downloaded into my memory. I once visited lyme park (Pemberly) and they had a P&P exhibition on, a lady commented hat she didnt remember a certain piece of jewelery I said "it was worn by miss Bingly at Lucas lodge whilst she was having a conversation about Elizabeth Bennets fine eyes" ... LOL

    Anyway loved your post, and all the pictures, think I may need to watch again! At this rate I think we should start an Austin inspired challenge blog! LOL

    Hugs Juls

  10. Beautiful Beautiful, I love all the lace ;)

  11. Everything about your post has me smiling.. And I LOVE your Lace project. There can never be to much lace as far as I'm concerned..


  12. Just beautiful!!! And you know it's good for me to take on a challenge that I say, "Oh no"! to lol!! Great job Wendy!!! Hugs

  13. What a lovely theme this week, and I really enjoy your beautiful work!

  14. I for one LOVE all the lace and I quite enjoyed your telling of the story! I REALLY enjoyed your challenge!

  15. Hysterical! I love your can use as much lace as you want, fine by me....but the narration is priceless!


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