Burlap Love {Recycle}

Recently I did a course on sustainable living.
At the end we had to think about what we could change in our lives.


You know.

As a crafter I've got loads of stuff and leftovers.
Recognize that? (Don't you dare say no.)

How about...

a)  Using what I got - no buying allowed (except laces laces and er... more laces)?

b)  Re-using / re-purposing stuff I normally would send to the garbage bins - package material, newspapers, empty bottles, junk mail, tissue boxes, leftovers of crafting, stuff like that?

Repurposed box by Maru ~ Source

{ PS: Maru is not MY cat.
Therefore, full credit to the owner for the photos and video! }
(I did my very best to use the photos and video of Maru in the way the owner allows it. Do not use these for commercial use! I just wanted to make that clear and sure...)

Bonus: It saves you money! (But not space, I can tell ya that!)

How about inspiring you - my fellow happy crafters - along the way to do the same?

I know, some of you already got this figured out and working full force. But let's inspire and encourage each other in this. I like the thought of that!

So, I drank a bottle of apple juice to celebrate this luminous idea and turned it into this...

After I finished and washed it of course.

I used a piece of an antique doily of my great-great-grandmother. A leftover from another project.

And I made a card for Kirsty, out of corrugated cardboard. Because it's the birthday of dearest City Crafter gal Kirsty! Happy birthday sweetie!!! Wishing you a fabulous day!!

(Hoera = Dutch for Hooray, in case you might wonder.)

Oh look, a ladybug is having a peek at it

Hello there

Okay, where were we... ah yes, flower

And then the wind came...

No, kidding :)


Card and bottle are coming your way Kirsty!

More cardboard box repurposing inspiration by Maru

You get the idea.

(If you didn't know world famous Maru yet, hurry to meet him HERE.)

Okay, that's it for today I guess...


xx Wen


  1. I loved reading about the evolution of your card.

    I always say I will not buy any more supplies until I use up what I have. But then I go to the shops and find things I absolutely must have. When I clean up my work space I find things I already had.

    Happy creating this week!

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for the lovely birthday card and gift, can't wait to see them IRL! THANKS!
    And I really enjoy the story behind the creation too, you are such good story teller!

  3. Erg leuke projecten, wel in de stijl die ik ook enorm mooi vind:):) Blij dat ik er weer een leuk blog bij gevonden heb vol met inspiratie!

  4. Ha, ha...leuke post Wendy en wat een prachtige foto's maak jij. Ik vind je receycle project echt super!!

  5. What a fabulous post!! I loved reading this ... beautiful creations and you make me smile! Have a wonderful day my sweet friend

  6. Hello my sweet Wendy - yes you've been on my mind tonight and then came your gorgeous comment!
    Your idea of repurposing is what I think we all do as artists if we can. Love that bottle - you've turned it into a most beautiful gift for Kirsty! Maru's DVD just takes the cake with that kitten having a ball! What better use for boxes I ask?
    Love the gorgeous image of you and Sam - so nice to see him!
    Sending some warm hugs dear friend,

  7. I loved everything, including the kitty in the box-lol
    I love to repurpose and reuse-I do allot of that in most of my crafts

  8. Oh geweldig om te lezen Wen, lachen! Je hebt Kirsty hier ongetwijfeld heel blij mee gemaakt, met die schitterende burlap creaties van je, wat blijft dat toch mooi materiaal hè? En je kunt er eigenlijk zoveel mee! Ben zelf meer van de konijntjes, maar dat katje is toch echt superlief! Lieve groetjes, Ira

  9. Oh dear , I just love seing your Maru having a feast with that box :-) how wonderful my dear Wendy!
    Also love your cards- both theones you call boring-and the "messy" ones- I love to play messy, too ,they are all beautiful, as is the bottle for your friend! I also try to make good use of different things, normally thrown away- and YES they takes huge place !!!
    Such a very lovely photo of you and your son- looking so sweet, both!

  10. VERY fun post Wendy!! Love the new kitty bed lol. Love your cards and the bottle, both delightful repurposing ;) Kirsty is sure to love them!

  11. I love Maru and how he is enjoying the simple box. Your upcycled bottle and cardboard are perfect. The challenge to use what we have has really inspired me several times. I feel so good not buying more things but using the treasures I already have on hand. Thank you for sharing this and your lovely creations. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  12. ADORABLE, isn't even close to describe your projects, messes and all and that CUTe ladybug!!! anyway LOVE them and the beautiful laces you used i bet Kirsty will be on pins and needles waiting for them!

  13. Such beautiful, re-purposed projects, Wendy! I just adore all your baubles and trims, and what a CUTE kitty! TFS!

  14. Love the card but that bottle is fabulous, such an amazing way of incorporating burlap, love it

  15. WOW Wendy, wonderful creations and such a cute kitty!!!!

  16. Wendy, I really enjoyed this post! LOVE your sense of humor the most! I too love the beige one! Your flower is GORGEOUS on that corrugated paper! LOVE the apple juice bottle very much, too!

  17. Hello my sweet friend. I love this post. And I love all your creations here. So pretty. That cat video had me LOL.. I loved it.



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