Lace heart with fabric flower

lace heart by AppleApricot

Another thing from my swap: a lace heart.

The fabric heart itself I purchased some time ago,
and I intended to add more lace and embellishments to it for a while now.

So when Odetta asked me to do a swap, I thought it to be a perfect opportunity to do just so.

fabric flower on lace heart by AppleApricot

In my stash I have some gorgeous laces and doilies,
which I had received from my sweet blog friends over time.
Some of it I used on this heart, combined with a newly bought lace trim
and an old lace applique I purchased online.

lace heart by AppleApricot

Also I have some old blouses and buttons I bought in the thrift store,
one of which I made this fabric flower.

The word Paris I stamped on a piece of an old bed sheet.

fabric flower on lace heart by AppleApricot

Next week some more goodies from my swap.

Hugs to you!

xx Wen


  1. Oh this is so delicate and so feminine.
    A beautiful creation from the heart.
    I hope life is being kinder to you.
    Lynne x

  2. Lovely Lace Heart you have embellished. It looks like your Simply Neutrals submission. Lovely!

  3. Hello, my dear Wen, the heart is the most adorable ,and lovely gift. The sweetness of laces and old fabrics with the stamped :Paris, and love the big flower from the old blouse.
    One can never get too many hearts, it is such a treasured gift, for me, always, and I still love the blue toned one, you once send me.
    Love from Dorthe

  4. Vintage perfection Wen! : ) I love love what you've done here~
    Your choices for laces and fabrics make me sigh with admiration.
    The soft rose pink flower you created (and that center button! swoon)
    is gorgeous. Hearts really are timeless. Love this creation!
    Hugs to you, Karen O

  5. HI Wen,
    Ooh I love this! Of course I love anything to do with hearts! You embellished yours with the loveliest bits of lace, etc. I love that you recycle blouses, buttons, to use in your projects! I do the very same! Sweet little heart Wen!

  6. Well this is a Gorgeous heart Wendy!! I love it and someone is going to be Soooo blessed to receive this treasure :) Have a wonderful week :)

  7. I'm sure your swap mate had to have loved this! Very feminine and elegant.

  8. How gorgeous! I also love your header! You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  9. Absolutely Gorgeous, I love the addition of the doily's and lace, your flower is so pretty!

  10. A beautiful creation Wen, Odetta will treasure this gift from you...l especially love how you've used vintage fabrics and upcycled them when they might otherwise be thrown away.

  11. Thanks most sincerely for the lovely comment you left on ~ My little old world ~ I sincerely appreciate it so much !
    You've such a charming, vintage blog which really fascinate me, I'm following you with joy !

    Hope your week is off to a good start I'm sending blessings on your days to come

    Xx Daniela

  12. So delicate and beautiful! Thank you for your kind comments :)

  13. I do love that fabric flower Wen!! Such a delicate piece of work=just beautiful is your heart! ")


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