Fabric collage Flowers and Cross

fabric collage by AppleApricot

This gorgeous serene painting of Saint Margaret of Antioch,
painted by Guido Reni (1575 - 1642),
has quickly become one of my favourite paintings.

She was said to be a convert to Christianity and a martyr.

Her story (which is quite untrustworthy and probably all made up)
was very popular in the Middle Ages.

Here's how the legend goes:

When converted, her father (a pagan priest)
threw her out of the house. She became a shepherdess.

Olybrius, the prefect, was hopelessly captured by her beauty, but she was not interested.
Olybrius was not amused and Margaret was tortured and imprisoned.

Legend has it that in prison she was swallowed by the devil in the form of a dragon,
but the little cross she was carrying itched in his throat,
so she was spit out and saved.

The story goes on with more gruesome details,
but let's keep things a bit cheerful here :)

Anyway, I was captured by the beauty of this painting
and just HAD to make a fabric collage with it.
She'll probably be the star of more projects in the future.

For this one I used some pieces of fabric and lace that I painted and/or dyed myself.

Big hugs and sunny smiles to you!

xx Wen


  1. Oh Wen it is inspiring and breathtaking~ Vintage loveliness and the soft colors of the fabrics and lace capture the muted colors of the image so beautifully!
    I'm glad to know you created some of the colors yourself! it really adds to the thoughtfulness of the whole project. Love your artistry~ Karen O

  2. So beautiful, I adore this fabric collage. The image you have chosen is gorgeous too.
    Please feel free to pop along and see whats in my Dezinaworld enchanted garden today. All images are free.
    June x

  3. Wat een mooie creatie en wat een mooi verhaal zeg!!
    Ik hou ook erg van die romantische en oude foto's.
    Mooie foto's ook weer Wendy, je hebt fotografie talent vind ik.

  4. Such a beautiful icon and creation. AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Wonderful collage fabric Wen !!! It ´s just amazing, gorgeous !! Interesting her story!! Wish you a very happy day! big hugs. Caty.

  6. An awesome creation. Love the soft colors and the image is perfect. Wishing you and yours a wonderful "Easter"

  7. I love the all the pretty laces, beautiful work Wendy!

  8. Intriguing story to go along with such a pretty image.

  9. Dear Wendy, such a beautiful post and a lovely piece of art to go with it. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Sue

  10. Interesting story, had not heard that one. I do love that picture and your flowers and lace frame it so pretty!!

  11. Oh dear Wen,
    what a stunning collaged hanger, so very beautiful.
    The image is a dream, and the colors you attached to her gives her extra glow and beauty. Love the flowers you made, and the photo taken on the mossy stones just gives an amazing feeling to it , Wendy.
    The story is cruel, and hopefully not true, lol- but this poor dear, obviously had a hard and short life !!
    Wen I wish you and your family a blessed Easter, weekend, and hope you can enjoy it with a little sun, and many happy hours.
    HUGS, from Dorthe

  12. What a great sorry and you did it proud with your beautiful collage.

    I have enjoyed your Simply Neutrals right from the beginning and they have led me to other blogs that I so enjoy. Thank you Wen.

  13. Oh yes, just as I knew this piece would be! Just stunning Wen!!
    Thanks for the story of Margaret, I giggled when i heard she was spit back out! That's what Satan gets for swallowing her- an itchy throat! heehee
    love & hugs,Jackie

  14. Hi Wen, Your fabric collage has turned out so beautifully with the fabrics you dyed yourself. The colours are perfectly picked out to match the image. I love it.

    Hope your Easter was lovely. I am still catching up after being away. It's such a pleasure to be back in Blogland.



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