Hello sweeties,

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I don't know about you but I do miss the wonderful linky parties of Blissful White Wednesdays by Timewashed and Grey Dey Thursdeys by Petite Michelle Louise.

I so wish I could join some more...

lace and thread spools by AppleApricot

What's a girl to do about it?
Sit in my pajamas on the couch and sop many tears about it?

I tried that.
Gave me some frowns and pity looks here at home.

shabby white card hanger by AppleApricot

Or do I take some action?

I have been thinking this over and over. Once in a while it would again occupy my thoughts. What was I to do?

saint statue photo by AppleApricot

So, after some more pondering in pj's, here it is.


Next week Tuesday (the 8th of September)
there will be a party going on here at AppleApricot!

I will call it

Simply Neutrals Tuesday

Because I happen to love neutral colours/tones, the many many shades of neutrals, and even have a pinterest board for it.

I love using neutrals in my home decor, in my own crafty work and in my wardrobe. I do love colours too, especially blue tones, but faded and combined with neutrals I love them best.

fabric and lace journal by AppleApricot

So, next week Tuesday there will be a Simply Neutrals linky party. And if you and I happen to like the party to go on, I might throw in some more parties.

autumn Hydrangea by AppleApricot

Next week you can add your link with neutrals. Be it shades of beige, cream, (off)white, grey or greige. Heck, even silver and brown are allowed!

antique little box by AppleApricot

It can be things you created, architecture or thrifty finds you love, your own home decoration, or anything else as long as the photos are taken by you and the main colour scheme is neutral.

It would be fun if it would be a happy gathering of folks. So my question to you is:

Pass it on, pass it on!

Simply Neutrals linky parties

And keep an eye out for all things neutral!

For inspiration head over to my pinterest boards:

Hues of White and Grey
Hues of Brown
Lovely Displays
Shabby White Home
White Christmas Home Decor
Winter Love

Hope to see you the 8th of September!

xx Wen


1) Some old and some new, thrifty finds
2) A card made earlier by me
3) Statue at a church in a sweet little village called Oudewater in the Netherlands
4) Still very busy with my fabric book
5) Hydrangeas in our garden
6) Antique little silver box from my great-grandma


Dear Jesse of Lace Age Girl shared with us a very handy hint,
which I will share with you here today as well.
Jesse in her own words:

"P.S. A little hint for those new to blogging (like me!), I've noticed that when I return to past Simply Neutrals posts, some of my links didn't link back to the actual #post on Wen's blog, or to my own #post, so make sure you click on the post title to get the specific link address to use, rather than the main address of the blog. Otherwise you have to search manually for it and others who may be browsing our blogs can't easily find the posts."

Thank you Jesse!

So, please dear friends, try to link of your blog post and not your entire blog. Otherwise it's very hard to find your beautiful post after a while.

If you have no idea how to this,
I will try to explain:

Click on the title of your post.
(Either from your blog itself or from the list of posts on your blog's dashboard.)

(In my case for example I click on the title of the post "Simply Neutrals #14")

This will open your blog post alone and not your entire blog.

In the address bar in the top of your screen you will now see the link to your blog post.

In my case for example:
(in stead of just my blog's address

Now select and copy the link of your blog post in that address bar in the top of your screen.

Use your copied link when you link up to Simply Neutrals.

This way we will always be able to find your beautiful blog post and revisit it later!


  1. I love the romance of neutrals and shades of whites and grays. I am excited to see what the idea of neutrals is to others out there.

  2. Wendy,
    I will look forward to it. Thanks!
    Diane x

  3. Oh I could hug and kiss you, I have missed those wonderful parties as well, and I am so happy to see you starting the new Simply Neutrals Tuesday party. I'll be there!

  4. Hello Wendy I always love seeing your posts , it's not very often I join in Linky parties. but This one sounds like my kind of thing . I might not be there from the beginning but will see what others are doing, and perhaps join in later. Lovely photos

  5. Lovely photos and that party sounds good!! I love neutrals too!

  6. Hi Wen
    What a fantastic idea! Yes I too have missed those particular linky parties so I won't be missing this one which you are so kindly going to host! Count me in dear friend. I'd love to support you with this.
    Have a wonderful week while I think of some neutral goodness to share with others! This is such an inspiring post too!
    xox Suzy

  7. Sounds wonderful Wendy! I'll make sure I place this on my blog! Gorgeous photos BTW!

  8. I could join Lululiz in hugging you for hosting such a wonderful event... Your photos alone make my mouth water... Neutrals are my colours... The only palette where I feel at home. I am happy to be there next week! See you then!
    Greets from Manu

  9. Sounds like a lovely idea for a party - I'll bet lots of people will want to play along.

  10. This will be a lovely way to spend Time on a Tuesday. I love your Pinterest Board. Creative Neutrals Bliss...

  11. Who doesn't like a party Wen! Great idea and I love your fantastic shots in the post. Hope I can find the time to join you in this party! Welcome home! Will catch-up email soon. xx

  12. I want to hug you too sweet Wendy - thrilled to read your post YEA!!!
    The neutrals are my favourites and I'm looking forward to joining you dear friend!
    I've missed those parties too.
    It will be like coming home and catching up with like minded souls.
    I've stolen your party button and placed it on my side bar, ha ha!
    I'll check out your boards.
    Love and hugs
    Shane xox

  13. I do love neutrals myself, gorgeous pictures!!

  14. What a wonderful idea,Wendy! I've missed those great parties as well.
    Love your beautiful photos:)Will give your party a shout out and hope to join in.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Hi Lynn...lovely post and what a great idea for a party. Your reels of lace are beautiful, but the skeletonised hydrangea is my absolute fave.

  16. I LOVE your blog I am not sure how to upload my image to it I am not very good with the computer but will put it on Facebook for you to see I did add my link I hope you get to see it and like it Thanks so much Francine


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