Signs of Spring

A beautiful ginger cat passing by on a cobble street nearby.
Stopping to pose for a picture. Uh, probably not.

When January heads into February,
I'm always on the look out for little signs of Spring.


Whenever I see Snowdrops peeking out of the ground, it brings me great joy.
To me they are the first sign that we're heading towards Spring.


Here you see a spot on my messy worktable of this moment, where there's Rooibos tea, some poetry and a little needlework project. It will be a cross stitched rose and it will be incorporated in a... well
I don't know yet. Something with fabrics and laces no doubt.

Oh, and there are reading glasses too... My first. Can't thread the needle without them anymore, lol.

I'm sharing this longing-for-Spring-blog-post with my sweet blog friends at

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Where the prompt this week is (was, it's almost time for a new one) Signs of Spring. If you love taking photos of the beauty around you, then we'd be happy if you join us!

Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful day.

xx Wen


  1. Such beautiful pictures, dear Wendy. I live in the mountains where there is usually a lot of snow {which I love}, but this year we have had very warm temperatures and the snow is melting. Right now when I look outside it appears to be Spring and even smells like Spring :)

    Have a wonderful weekend...and I love your reading glasses *wink wink* :) Hugs!

  2. Alas no signs of spring here. It snowed huge flakes all afternoon and more to come tomorrow it seems. I'm more than ready for spring!

  3. You have those flowers already?!? Didn't think they would pop up through the snow at 0 degrees!

  4. Wat maak jij toch een mooie foto's.
    Fijn weekend. Liefs, Daphne

  5. Beautiful photos Wendy ... I love the composition of them ... Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Lovely photos...come on Spring!

  7. een beetje echte winter is wel fijn, goed voor de natuur en de tuin. En als je dan die sneeuwklokjes ziet word je zo blij hè....

  8. Such welcome signs of Spring - my soul is drinking them in!

  9. I love spring and its signs too!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. Dear Wendy, it is always such a beautiful break in the day, when visiting you, is possible. Your photoes , shows all the lovelyness surrounding you in your home, of which much , is created by you, and your clever hands, and beautiful taste.
    I love the Snowdrops, too, and your rose looks so sweet and lovely,- I have to say I love your tea-cup too, dear friend.
    Thankyou for filling my afternoon with beauty.

  11. Wonderful shots ... I just love your tea cup & saucer .... lovely! diane @ thoughts & shots

  12. Oh heerlijk zoals je de lente bij ons binnen brengt Wen! Wanneer ik sneeuwklokjes zie, moet ik altijd aan mijn moeder denken... Toen ze in verwachting was van mij, voelde ze mij voor het eerst bewegen toen ze de sneeuwklokjes zag... Wat een snoezig klimop-kopje heb je daar trouwens! Ja, laat de lente maar komen! Liefs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  13. Beautiful photos Wendy, looks like a cozy afternoon at home! Pretty snowdrops!
    Have a good weekend Manuela

  14. A beautiful post Wendy, your lovely photos of spring have me feeling cozy and peaceful, thanks for sharing with OBW, Robyn

  15. Such a beautiful post to read on a Sunday morning!

  16. Lovely photos! The ginger cat is beautiful, and your workspace is so very lovely. The snowdrops, too.

  17. I love these pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  18. WOW!! So many beautiful photos my friend. But that I can't wait to see what creative beauty you are working on.


  19. This is a stunning post Wendy, I always enjoy reading them!


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