Presents received

Don't you just LOVE receiving mail?
Handwritten or typed, carefully crafted and beautifully wrapped?

Today I want to show you some presents I have received from dear blog friends.
(No, not the typewriter above, that is a thrifty find.)

But the photos in my blog post honestly don't do the presents justice at all. By not having a camera at hand, I had to take them with my phone, and in poor light conditions.

Beautifully felted and decorated stone by dearest Ariadne, which was a giveaway on her blog and which I was so lucky enough to win. So beautiful Ariadne, thank you!

Then a gorgeous vintage christmas card by my sweet Dutch blogfriend Ira. It's such an amazing card design, I can't describe it in English, sorry. She wrapped the card in a beautiful bag. Click here for a better view of the design of her card!

Next is a Christmas present by sweet Ros. Oh that sweet teddy bear, love it!! And the beautiful ornament with the little angel. A beautiful tag came in a gorgeous little bag.

And another christmas present, from dearest Kirsty. With a gorgeous card in pale colours which doesn't show well on my photo here at all! For a better view of it, you can see it here at Kirsty's blog.

Thank you so much dear friends, for your beautiful gifts!
They are received with gratitude and great joy.
Love you!

xx Wen


  1. Hoi Wendy.
    Ik wist niet dat je ziek bent geweest.
    Bah....niks aan he?!
    Hier de kinderen ook allemaal een dag niet lekker, gelukkig zette het niet echt door, maar fit zijn is anders.

    Ik ben weinig in bloggersland, ben even druk met mezelf enzo.
    Nu wel even zin (en tijd) om lekker even een rondje te bloggen, ik begin bij jou :-)

    Wens je een fijne avond en tot gauw.
    Lieve groet, Daphne

  2. Congratulations on winning the felted stone, dear Wendy,- and in recieving all the wonderful cards and gifts from your friends- so many happy greetings and lovely things to have fun with.
    So good you are better, my friend.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  3. Fijn om te horen dat je je weer wat beter voelt en wat ben je lekker verwend zeg!!

  4. Great gifts and such a great presentation! Thank you for showing the stone you won on my blog! It looks so much more beautiful on your blog!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Fijn te horen dat het nu weer allemaal wat beter met je gaat Wen, zo balen anders! Wat een gave cadeautjes heb je gekregen zeg, echt bagus sekali ya! Geniet er maar lekker van, liefs, Ira x

  6. What wonderful fun! Great blog friends you have out there!


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