It's a Grey Dey

It surely is grey here at the moment.

A very grey day at the beach.

Have you ever heard of Jeanne d'Arc Living?
I stumbled upon it when searching for chalk paint.

My blogfriend Daphne had been painting some furniture in a beautiful dark grey "krijtverf" (which is something like chalk paint) and I immediately fell in love with it.

So, on I went for a pinterest hunt.

A whole new world opened up to me
with beautiful greys and whites and vintage relics.

"Hang on" I thought
I do have some beautiful old pieces
gifts from my grandmother

Like this I don't know what it is on the left
and a earhanger on the middle of this photo above.

And another family treasure
the old silver powder-box my great-grandma used (photo below).

Then I stumbled upon another feast
the so called Grey Dey Thursdeys by Petite Michelle Louise.
Found it via Suziqu's Threadworks

Now those are beautiful blogs I highly recommend visiting.


Happy Grey Dey Thursdey
and bye bye for now!

Sharing this with Grey Dey Thursdey.

xx Wen


  1. Beautiful Post - BUT, I fell in love when i saw the border collie . . .
    Happy Grey Day!

  2. Ja...die ken ik wel, smullen is dat hé :)

  3. Beautiful things you have Wendy ... and I love your photos ... Is that your dog??? What a beauty!!

  4. Very nice post. I loved the vintage jewelry components!

  5. Aaahh, what lovely greys! You have a wonderful collection of sweet little treasures. I have to say though that the very handsome dog stole the show, lol, the last photo is so precious! x

  6. Het was inderdaad een grijze druilerige dag vandaag. Maar het "grijze" hier op jouw blog, daar word ik warm van!!! De vintage spulletjes zijn prachtig, maar vooral de Border Collie doet mij smelten:)


  7. Such beautiful pictures of your dog at the beach-- here it is equal grey, dear Wendy.
    Your old pieces from your family are gorgeous, and I love the Holy Mother image, too.
    I read Jeanne dàrc Living every months ,and love it.
    Hugs to you-

  8. The collie is beautiful!!

  9. Gorgeous post - greys can be so attractive, can't they? I love the puppy dog.

  10. I am not so fond of grey days and gloomy weather however I love grey and silvers tarnished over the years. Vintage treasures so beautiful. Blissful...

  11. They say you learn something everyday and I just have about that paint. Love the bits n pieces you have gathered but most of all the beach photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza

  12. bon soir was SO nice of you to stop in and join my Grey Dey Thursdey party. I just love your beautiful! we have much in common I can see. I am your newest follower. Nice to meet you! ;)

  13. Beautiful collection you have there, and is that your doggie?

  14. PRETTY finds and the doggie on the gray beach is so FAB. Is that your dog?

  15. Beautiful and creative diseñopara Jeanne d'Arc! A lovely dog​​, likes the beach! I wish you a good weekend!

  16. I just love the beautiful things you found. You have to love pinterest. And your dog photos on the beach look wonderful. I LOVE them. Your editing look amazing my friend.


  17. Hi hi, wat grappig dat je via "mijn" nw meubeltjes via via zo'n mooie post op je blog kan zetten (hoezo we inspireren elkaar allemaal?!!!!)
    Wat een mooie spullen en wat een mooie foto's heb je ervan genomen zeg.
    En dan die foto's van het strand, normaal zou je met je hoofd diep in je kraag gauw doorlopen, maar jij zag de schoonheid van het moment en hebt ook daar prachtige foto's van genomen (of is het niet jouw hond?)

    Heb je de krijtverf nou gevonden (en gekocht?) of was dat uiteindelijk niet de bedoeling?

    Fijne zondag, liefs, Daphne

  18. So happy to find you at Grey Dey Thursdey Wendy! Hope to see you there again. Grey pics here..


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