Simply Neutrals #9

Hello dear friends,

Here is....

Simply Neutrals Tuesday #9!!

Gosh, number 9 already...

Thank you sweet friends for linking up so faithfully to the party and for visiting each other and leaving comments! It's really your sharing and mingling that makes the party being such a delightful gathering each week. So thank you so much!

I made a second page for my fabric book.

fabric and lace journal page by AppleApricot

The theme of my book is Mother and Child.

fabric and lace journal page by AppleApricot

I've loved this sketch of Virgin and Child by Giuseppe Cades (of the late 1700s) for a long time now and had pinned it to my pinterest board of religious images ages ago. To use in a fabric book or collage one day.

If you'd like to use the sketch yourself as well,
then you can find it HERE.

fabric and lace journal page by AppleApricot

I thought it suited the neutral tones and theme of this book so beautifully.
So finally I'm using this beloved image!

fabric and lace journal page by AppleApricot

I love how this book is coming together. I'm grateful dear Suzy is so generous to share her talent with us and helps us creating our own fabric books through her wonderful workshop Peaceful and Pondering. I know my book resembles a bit the art style of Suzy, but I trust that in time I will find my own voice.

I'm linking my book page to Roses of Inspiration


On to this week's party!

Features of last week's party


(Just click on the name of the blogs mentioned.)

Everyone has made a great effort in creating, photographing and writing blog posts
and I want all credit to go to the owners of these photos.
So please pin these photos from their blogs and not mine.

First feature is a stunning sacred heart by Dorthe of Den Lille Lade.

Which I thought was so fitting to the theme of my fabric book!

And I love the quote on the heart:

"Let your heart speak
to others hearts"

Which brings me to the heart in one of the photos in the beautiful photo collage

I love this collage! It brings together several of my all time favourites:

neutrals (of course)
and their feathers
collecting stones
photographing rusty bits
spending peaceful time at the beach
autumn with the long shadows
hearts, found or made

Which brings me to another of my all time favourites:


Oh, and flowers too!!

This gorgeous shabby bag made out of beautiful laces and adorned
with a gorgeous and sweet flower was created by

Thank you dear friends for sharing your beautiful creations and photos!

If you've been featured then you're most welcome
to grab this button below to show on your blog.
But nothing is obliged of course!


Which brings us to this week's party,

Simply Neutrals Tuesday #9

What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.


  1. That will be a marvellous book, so sweet and romantic
    Have a nice week, thanks for hosting

  2. Such beautiful things Wen ... I am sorry I haven't been able to link up again ... will do when I can... Have a lovely week!

  3. Oh my absolutely stunning, love that picture and you have such lovely interesting laces to frame it!

  4. Dear Wen, your new page from our dear Suzy`s wonderful class ,is so gorgeous!!
    I love your own take, on Suzy`s teaching ,the beautiful fabrics, and laces ,and the most wonderful image you used. It all comes together in a beautiful way of showing innocence,fragility and pure love and beauty in the chosen cheece cloth,the flowers of joy,laces and the way you framed the drawing to phocus the eye there !!
    Thank you also for showing my heart from last tuesday, I`m so happy and honoured ,-and I love the collage with all natures wonders, and Nancy`s beautiful shabby bag.
    Sweetest Wen, also a huge thank you, for sharing your link to the most beautiful image, I already saved it, and had such a beautiful tour around your pinterest page of religious images !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  5. Your fabric book is way beyond beautiful, just out of this world. Thanks for featuring my collage, and the other beautiful pieces from Dorthe and Nancy. I love being able to see so much beauty here. I will link my pieces tomorrow. Hugs, Valerie

  6. Wen the page you shared with us today is so beautiful. Your book will be a treasure! It is vintage loveliness at it's finest with your gorgeous array of laces. I'm so glad to have found you : ) and your kind spirit in hosting these wonderful Tuesdays~ Hope it's a great week for you, Karen O

  7. Wen~
    I cannot believe it is No 9 already as well. It shows how quickly time flies when we are having fun! I adore your most gorgeous journal you are putting together. The images are of a kind as is the beautiful laces and embellishments. It will be a masterpiece when complete for sure. I do so hope one day to sew like that again!

  8. Dear Wen
    Your both first two pages of your journal are GORGEOUS! I love your theme and this image of the Madonna is one very special image! Now will be waiting to see more, of course. Love them!
    Also love that beautiful nature collage of Valerie-Jael's, Dorthe's beautiful altered heart in silver with the rhinestones and Nancy's lovely bag - the fabric lace is so beautiful! It is so wonderful to see her creating again! Simply amazing how far Nancy has come!
    Thank you for being our host sweetie and for sharing everyone's beautiful images which we so look forward to each week.
    Love and big warm hugs,

  9. I love your beautiful projects!!!!!

  10. Gorgeous new page Wendy!! Love that beautiful image and the laces are divine!! As always you make me swoon over your creations :)

  11. Another stunning page, Wendy! Your book is coming together beautifully. Though we have been away and I had no time to participate this week, I thank you for hosting the party again! Hugs and love, Sue

  12. Wen, Your fabric book is absolutely stunning! Exquisite really! xo

  13. That's a fabulous page for your book.

  14. Your Mother and Child page is exquisite. It is breath taking to see each beautiful page being revealed, one by one!

  15. I've been saving your Neutrals party posts thinking that every week I would have time to create something to post. So far it hasn't happened and now I'm getting behind on seeing all the pretties that everyone else is doing. SO....I decided to just catch up and not worry about playing along for the moment. Love the image of the Mother and Child you used!

  16. Sweet Wen, I always sigh with sweet contentment when I see your beautiful are so talented, my friend, and I love the way you use lace :)

    Your Neutrals party is delightful and I am hoping to participate soon...I have something coming up on my blog this coming week that may be just the thing :)

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join us again this coming Tuesday. Hugs and blessings!


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen