Simply Neutrals Tuesday (almost Wednesday) #6 :)


Laying in bed yesterday night
I thought
hang on
I'm missing something...

totally forgot to prepare my post for today, haha!

fabric and lace card by AppleApricot

And I even made a card especially for this week's party!

fabric and lace card by AppleApricot

Two sweet angels in white.
An image that makes me feel peaceful.

fabric and lace card by AppleApricot

Angels that remind me of the sweet friends that surround me,
both in real life and in Blog Land.

fabric and lace card by AppleApricot

Thank you so much dear friends for your support and prayers.
You bring me peace and comfort.
And I'd like to give you all a big big hug!


Features of last week's party


(Just click on the name of the blogs mentioned.)

Everyone has made a great effort in creating, photographing and writing blog posts
and I want all credit to go to the owners of these photos.
So please pin these photos from their blogs and not mine.


First there's another beautiful angel.
Created by dear Dorthe of Den Lille Lade.

Isn't she a sweet and beautiful angel?

Dorthe is one of my blog friends who were there from almost the very beginning of my blog.
Thank you sweetie for your ongoing support and friendship!

She shared more beauty, like beautiful pages from a journal she made.
I found the texture below which she added to one of her pages
particularly striking and just had to share it with you.

Wow, amazing!!

You can see more of Dorthe's beautiful journal on her blog HERE.

Next is a gorgeous snippet roll in a Halloween theme

I love snippet rolls!
Really should make one myself as well.

Gorgeous work Sue!
I love that you made one in the Halloween theme!

And here's the entire roll:

For more detail photos hop over to Sue's blog HERE.

And then there were these beautiful photos of architectural features
of an old basilica, taken by Valerie-Jael of Bastelmania.

I love to travel through Europe, visiting the old cities
and I count myself lucky to live in this area,
surrounded by so much historical beauty.

For more photos of this beautiful basilica
hop over to Valerie's blog HERE.

If you've been featured then you're most welcome
to grab this button below to show on your blog.
But nothing is obliged of course!


Let's get on with this week's party, shall we?

Simply Neutrals Tuesday #6 party time!

What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.

You have till Monday 19th noon CET to link up.


  1. Your angel card is so beautiful Wen. So thoughtful to want to thank all of your friends supporting you at this time!
    Consider a big hug from me too!
    Love your featured pieces this week of Dorthe with her happy little angel doll and mixed media page so textural as well as Sue's Halloween themed hanger. It is amazing - so creative and beautifully arranged in those complementary colors.
    Continue to self care sweet friend with time for yourself and thank you for hosting once again!
    Warm hugs,

  2. Hi Wen. Thank you so much for featuring my work, but more than that for hosting again during a sad time in your life. You are truly a blogging "professional" and a dear friend to us all. Your card is stunning and I love that you built it around such a beautiful angel image. Hugs and love, Sue

  3. Anonymous15:00

    Your card is gorgeous and I love all of the features!

  4. Gorgeous Angel card, so lovely!!

  5. Sweet Wen, there is always such delightful beauty on your blog and every time I visit you put a smile on my face :) Your party is simply wonderful and hopefully one day I can join.

    Hugs to you, dear one!

  6. A gorgeous gorgeous card Wen! I love your work!
    I want to thank you again for giving me something "creative" to look forward to each week. It has helped push me so much in a GOOD way. The trouble is concentrating on visiting others blogs to leave them lovely comments on their lovely work! I set it as a goal this week! ;-) Have an awesome day!

  7. Wen I have really enjoyed this weeks posts!
    I love love your sweet angel girls~ They look
    graciously intent on the 'important' message
    they found: ) Beautiful mix of fabrics and neutral laces!
    I love those items you chose to feature as well!
    A beautiful array of inspiration. I do try to visit
    their blogs when ever possible.
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Lovely post full of beauty! Your card is so sweet!

  9. Thank you for hostessing Simply Neutrals. I can honestly say I never knew there could be such amazing beauty in the lack of colors. I am learning an entirely new respect and love for all things Neutral. Creative Bliss Dear...

  10. Hi Wen..
    I enjoy your link up so much. Your card is so sweet and pretty. I love all the bits and pieces that you blended together so perfectly.. The features are very lovely..SO much talent!

    Blessings and a hug to you..

  11. Wat een mooie "Engelachtige" afbeelding op je kaart.
    Veel lieve groetjes, Terug, Daphne

  12. Dearest Wen. Thank you so much for your lovely Words to me. Im happy I fund you and your blog,back then, and very much for our friendship, too. It is always so beautiful, visiting you here. Like today seing the gorgeous card you created, it truly is both pieceful and so lovely, sweetie. And. Wonderful reviews from Sue and Valerie, thank you. I hope to take part this week, too, but My daughter and grandkids are here, so maybe first in the end of the week. Hugs to you My friend, xxx

  13. your angels are very pretty

  14. Hi Wen,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement and I understand. My list of things to do and learn is very long as well and sometimes it drives me instead of inspiring me. I guess we will just keep working on trying to be a little less focused to keep that peace. Thank you for your visit and sharing your thoughts. You are so very sweet and kind.. I hope that you're doing well. <3


  15. Each and every week since the beginning of your party I am so looking forward to it, Wen. So much inspiration, such warming words... I am so sorry that you have such a difficult time and I hope that all this beauty and well-meaning here, surrounding you, is also a means of comfort for you! Let me thank you so much for giving us the chance again, to show our work and to get together!
    Greets and a warm hug from Manu

  16. Lovely card, lots of lushous textures.

  17. Beautiful links again, and love the idea to your 'Neutrals'. Thanks for featuring my photos. Hugs, Valerie

  18. Dearest Wen
    Oh I'm in love with your exquisite angel card - made especially for this post - I'm inspired.
    It is a beautiful image of how I love to imagine my Guardian Angel looks!
    Inspiring features you chose from last week too.
    Many thankyous for hosting, especially as you have important things going on in your life at the moment.
    Take care dear friend
    warm hugs
    Shane x

  19. Wonderful card !!! Lovely angels !! really fabulous, love others cards too. Big hugs. Caty.

  20. What an amazing angel card!
    And all the other inspiring things...
    Sorry, I forgot your nice meme, I had a horrible week with illness and pain and snow and many troubles... and my pc was down a whole day, hope, it will not repeating.
    May the angels serving you

  21. Hi! How beautiful your card are! I hope you will enjoy the party. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Wen, your card is perfect, absolutely gorgeous. I hope it filled your spirit as you made it. Thanks for hosting again. I love the unity in your feature items; they look so beautiful together in one place.

    I am last again, I think! It's a wonderful challenge for me to be organised and disciplined to do a post every week. I love touring everyone's blogs and getting to know each person's style and personality through their blog. It really does feed the soul to give and receive positive and uplifting comments, and there is so much inspiration and appreciation to be seen. Beauty is food for the soul.

  23. So I saved this post for the whole entire week having the best of intentions to join in. It's pretty obvious I missed it. Again. Oh well, at least I am enjoying seeing what everyone else is creating!!


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen