A GIVEAWAY (always be sure to make that very clear), a freebie, and some random yada yada (which you can skip of course if you wish)


What you say to a small giveaway and a freebie, hey?
But let's begin with some yummy finds...

Tee hee, my thrifty nose has done a good job again. First she leads me to an antique typewriter, today towards a box full of antique French postcards!!

Sniff sniff...
yes, there they are!

a whole box full...

My prudent frugal brains got in the way though and I ended up with a mere handful of those yummy cards instead of the whole box. And a vintage silver spoon (for 1 euro!) and a silver tray (only 2 euros, big yay!) and a silver thingie (ashtray perhaps?) for almost nothing.


If you wish to see more freebie antique French cards, mais oui,
may I recommend you to go this way, if you please.

I will put the remaining postcards (they're about a 100 years old, so yummy) and their beautiful handwritten backgrounds on the blog by and by.


It's the current winter edition of my favourite Dutch brocante living magazine.

I know it's written in Dutch, but if you love vintage goodies for your home and French inspired brocante style then I just know you're going to love this one!


What you need to do in order to win this magazine is tell me you'd love to win it in the comment section below this post and leave me either a blog or email address so I can contact you. Easy peasy right?

Winner will be announced in my blogpost for Our Beautiful World coming Sunday.

Phew, this is going to be a looooong post and I'm not even halfway yet... (kidding)


If you're interested in a happy social event (hosted by dear Vicki) which might help you find other inspiring and beautiful blogs plus new blogfriends plus new followers for your own blog, then be sure to participate in:

Deadline for new entries is 15th January 2014. So you basically have only a few days left to decide. I joined last year and it was great fun. Joining again this year too, yay!


What else is going on here... I did some drawing again and thought it was so cute, that I wanted to share it with you.

Okay, I'm done.



xx Wen

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  1. Wendy,
    Thank you for your freebie, it is a wonderful card,
    And all your finds, are so beautiful, the spoon and tray of silver so great bargains too, dear. Please show me the drawing with colours when finished, it looks so sweet
    And then to your fantastic magazine giveaway.. I have seen some Dutch magazines, and I WISH I could buy them in Denmark.. there are some real wonderful ones, and this you so sweetly offers to give away, looks fantastic. I will love to be the lucky winner!!
    Hugs, from Dorthe

  2. oh you're funny...all of your "banter" made me giggle. truly. adore your petite sketch...is that sweet girl you?? your "finds" are lovely! the postcards are divine (you should have bought the whole box!!) and who doesn't love ANYTHING in silver-plate??? OK...seriously..i don't care WHAT language that magazine is in...I'd LOVE it! So..oui, oui..enter me! (and "merci" for that!) ;) As for Vicki's party....I MUST get over there and sign up. I've been meaning to do so.....i just love that gal! ;)

  3. Love your finds! And thanks for the freebie card! I'll use it somehow!
    I wasn't sure if the Give Away was open to U.S. participants but I'll comment anyway as I'm already drooling over the cover and would love to get this magazine!
    Happy New Year 2014!

  4. Love your finds! Thanks for passing on the freebie. I'll find a wonderful way to use this card!

    Is the Give Away open to U.S. participants because I am loving the magazine and already drooling over the cover photos!

    Happy New Year 2014!

  5. Hello Dear Wendy
    What a lucky time you have had with those purchases of such gorgeous postcards, silver spoon, dish and ashtray! Thank you for sharing one of these cards with us.
    I bet you might just have to go back and purchase a few more from that box (hehehe!).
    Such a talent you are even with your drawing!
    Yes I'd so love to win that magazine you are offering for a Giveaway. Dutch and French brocante magazines like this would never be sold in Australia. So now I just wait with fingers crossed! Never mind the language - the pictures are the same the world over.
    Sending love and hugs for a happy and healthy year ahead for you and your family,

  6. Wonderful sniffed out vintage finds! Thanks for the use of the image. I'll download from my laptop. I can't read Dutch but I can look at pics and be inspired...so I'd love to win the magazine! Hugs Nan

  7. What wonderful finds. Thank you for sharing the postcard.
    Please throw my name in the hat for the magazine, I'd love a chance to win (even though I don't read Dutch)

  8. Hi dear Wendy,
    what a wonderful start of the New Year you had with all the beautiful finds. Thanks for the freebie.
    I would love to have a chance to win.
    Thank you.Have a great weekend.

  9. Goodness, what a post, so much to take in! Firstly, I have to say that your drawing is just about the cutest thing I have seen in a while. It really is a sweet little image. Your new treasures, wow, great finds! Thanks for the image, I love those old French postcards. Tehehe, the thing that you thought might be an ashtray is a 'tastevin', a French wine tasting cup. Just about every vineyard in France would have had these for their customers in the past.
    I'd love the chance the get my hands on that lovely magazine. Being German I can understand quite a bit of Dutch, and should I win it and get stuck reading it, I could always ask our Dutch neighbours in France!

  10. Fab finds indeed Wendy, esp those lovely postcards. Isn't she a sweetie in your giveaway, and the added colours truly make the whole look. Thanks for the sharing!
    Your drawing is so very sweet and it would make a great embroidery.

    and as Suzy said, it's hard to get these type of magazines here in Australia, and if so they're usually VERY expensive, so how wonderful it would be to win it! Another very generous giveaway, thank you!

    All good wishes for 2014! ♥

  11. Wohoo Wendy you made a great Score today!! Love your new treasures, always a delight to make good finds at bargin prices! Looks like a fab giveaway too :)

  12. Wow! what precious finds for your to play with!! I want to come shopping with you! and I would love that magazine ... just so you know ... Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. I would love to win this for my mom!

  14. Yep - here goes: I'D LOVE TO WIN IT.

    Thanks so much for your generosity.



Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen