Dreams of bygone eras

The local thrift store was whispering to me

"Come dear, come...
I have a dream find for you..."

I hushed the still small voice the day before.

But this day I knew it was now or never.
So I obeyed and went.

Oh my oh my, what a magnificent find...

An antique typewriter!!

I'd wished for it for long
but never dared dream one would actually find its way to me!

What stories, letters, or documents have been typed on it...
I would love to know.

To have a sneaky peek in its past.

I dream of bygone eras.

I've always had a passion for the old and vintage.

It started with the stored treasures and stories of old by my grandma.

The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt...
A vintage novel in pictures by Caroline Preston.

This book plus trailer video (below)
is how my adventure in arts and crafts took off.

Combined with my love for old stuff.

My new antique typewriter awakens in me a renewed passion
for the vintage arts and crafts.

It inspires me to go on along this winding road
with exciting new adventures ahead.

Now this altered matchbox / little shadow box
was made after seeing the inspiring Christmas tutorials by

She's having a most wonderful

vintage Christmas event.

Every day a new tutorial, a week long.

A petit keepsake box
(recycled empty matchbox)

with an adorable shadow box inside...

I used some silver and sparkling.

And some grey and greige goodies love.

Linking my silver greige love to Grey Dey Thursdey :)


Last but not least...


Dear Karen of the blog Todolwen
needs our help!

If you have been a follower of her beautiful blog
then please be sure to read on!

Karen had the shock of her life when she wanted to change some settings on her blog like the url of the blog and saw that by doing so her dear blog friends had lost access to her blog....

1) please go to her blog by clicking on the image below

2) become a follower again

3) don't you ever try this url-changing stuff at home!!!

And if you happened to follow her on Bloglovin then please go to her blog and hit the Bloglovin button. If you happen to know that some of your followers are following Todolwen too, then please spread the word!

Thank you...

Wishing you a sweet day!

xx Wen


  1. Now that is a find of rare and vintage bliss. Your treasures are very sweet. December Delights Dear...

  2. Geweldig mooi!!!
    En geef het maar een mooi plekje. Fijne week nog
    Lfs van Anja

  3. I am drooling over this post, sooo many beautiful things to look at! The typewriter, what a wonderful find, it looks fantastic. And all your little creations, they are so sweet and adorable.

  4. Sooo breathtakinly beautiful!
    and ha, I have typewriter envy!!!!What a find, enjoy it my friend!

  5. Wonderful photos!! And I'm so happy that you found that typewriter ... I love your little vintage box ... so pretty ... hugs

  6. VET! Die typemachine is echt te gek Wen! Wat zal dat een prachtig pronkstuk thuis zijn! Geweldige foto's trouwens ook, heerlijk om zo door kant, band, oud papier en frutsels omringd te zijn zeg. Liefs, Ira
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  7. Congratulations on your new "treasure!" Does it still work?

  8. Oh Wendy I'm so glad you listened to that inner voice. You will be taken places you never dreamed of with that new acquisition! I have one similar and I know - hehe!
    Your new little creations a la Nancy's
    Vintage Christmas tutorials have turned out so delicately and sweetly.
    Beautiful work dear friend,
    Big hugs and love,
    PS Thanks for appreciating my Christmas Journal - many hours of love later!!!

  9. Wendy what an awesome find!! I just love vintage things and your creations and pics are always delicious eyecandy, love visiting you ;)

  10. So many Beautiful things here on your blog. Make me smile my friend.


  11. Sure is a collection of vintage beauties, I wish our thrift store here carry typewritter that that one, awesome find!

  12. How lucky you was finding that old typewriter, dear Wendy.
    I`m a happy owner of one myself,- and love them too.
    Your lovely matchbox made from dear Nancy`s tutorial is the sweetest little keepsake, and I adore all your sweet charms and lovely pieces.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  13. Wonderful photos! I love them all, with a delicate and exquisite beauty!

  14. So many little treasures and I love them all....I need more time and faster internet connection to scroll your blog from beginning....hope I will do it soon ...Hugs


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