Cute Present in my Mailbox...

... from Petra!

Just look at this cute little trunk! I got her present some time ago, but some of the embellishments had fallen off in the mail. But here it is... Petra, I hope I glued them back on the proper way? The text on the minibox says "Groetjes uit Leunen" which is Dutch for "Greetings from Leunen."

Here's the link to her blog, be sure to check it out, she's got so many beautiful things to show you!

Such a sweet picture! And when I opened it... TATAAA!!

I LOVE the lace flower and the cute kitty! She made the inside look like a backyard. In the little bottles she'd put seeds.

And that's not all.. She also added a beautiful tag...

Wow... I love all the details. Just look at the beautiful background for instance...

Thank you so much Petra for such a gorgeous swap gift!! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the lovely gifts she added, like beautiful charms. I love charms! :) Looking forward to use them...

I wish you a wonderful day!

xx Wen


  1. heel leuk

    groetjes gré

  2. Wat een ontzettend leuke presentje om te krijgen. Erg mooi gemaakt

  3. Wat een schattig doosje!!

  4. Zo'n leuk, lief koffertje.. En het tuin-tafereeltje binnenin steelt de show!!

    Groetjes, Toos

  5. Wat een schattig koffertje! BofkonT!


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