DIY fabric heart charm

How about making a fabric heart charm?

It's fun to make and not that hard actually. Plus... it costs very very little.


Below is my tutorial of this pink heart charm.

But I made a new tutorial as well for this petite denim heart charm:

Anyway, on to the original tutorial post...

Materials needed

Needle and thread
Heart shape template
(you can use either something like I used or look on pinterest for heart shape templates)
Pencil or removable pen for fabric
Cotton stick
Cotton wool or other filling for your heart

How to make this charm

1) Cut two identical hearts from any fabric you like.
I used a cardboard sample to mark the shape on the back of the fabric first.

2) Stitch the two parts together - PRETTY SIDES FACING EACH OTHER. You'll make that mistake only once :)  In the picture above you can see how you can make a starting knot.

3) I used the backstitch to stitch the two parts together, leaving a few millimeters of fabric between the edge of the fabric and the stitching.

4) Don't stitch all the way round but leave a gap.
Large enough, or you'll be very sorry in a few minutes!
Below you can see how I made the ending knot.

5) Turn pretty side out. I used a cotton stick because it won't damage the fabric.

 6) Fill the heart. I used cotton wool but use whatever you like.

7) Sew the opening you left earlier. I stitched all the way round actually but that's not necessary.

8) Add some beads. Try not to become too frustrated or impatient when making knots below the beads to prevent them from falling off the thread :)
Tip: using a bead with a small opening saves you a headache.

(Update: I'm not sure how secure this knot is, because I gave my little heart charm away I can't check afterwards. Make sure to make many knots or use a thin ribbon instead.)

9) Make a loop for hanging.

And then you get something like this

Happy crafty week my friends!

xx Wen


  1. Adorable little heart project.

  2. thank you Anesha!

  3. heel schattig dit hartje!

  4. Bedankt voor je reactie.Het waren idd erg leuke workshops...echt een aanrader!! Leuk blog heb je en wat een leuke dingen maak je!

  5. Zo zeg dit is leuk. En je hebt er weer iets leuks van gemaakt.
    Groetjes fijne week.

  6. @Marjanne, Willy en Anja: Dank jullie wel voor de lieve reacties!!

  7. Wat een schatje!!!! Ik heb al heel wat hartjes gemaakt maar jij inspireert me om weer te beginnen. Die kralen eronder zijn zo'n mooi detail.

  8. Dank je wel Lisette! Ik ben blij dat 't je inspireert! :)

  9. Catherine00:41

    Hey meis, wat mooi allemaal!! Ben heel trots op je. Je bent echt een groot creatief talent. Kijk uit naar meer werk van jou. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Cath


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