Grandpa's typewriter

Grandpa in his office

The sound of a typewriter, our dinner table packed with documents: grandpa doing his weekly bookkeeping of the home finances, and correspondence on his vintage typewriter (which wasn't so vintage at that time of course, we're talking about the '70s here). A favorite childhood memory of mine.

Hence my love for old typewriters.

My dream is that one day I will walk into a thrift store and find one to bring home with me.

Update: Dreams do come through, look HERE!
I did find my own old typewriter, hooray!

In my memory my grandpa was always working either at the dinner table or at his own work table. As a little child I was often permitted to "work" at his desk too. I think this was a privilege, because I can't remember anyone else behind that desk, apart from grandpa and me. I wish I had a photo of me as a little kiddo behind that desk! There were stamps and pens in different colours. A lamp he made himself, and which I inherited. Interesting notes, which I didn't understand, which made them even more interesting. Grandpa was and still is a great inspiration to me in getting better organized in my own home finances. He would look through every advertisement to see where he could get a certain product cheapest, or where they would give discounts.

Coming back to typewriters, on youtube I came across this wonderful video:

It's a trailer for the book "The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt" by Carolyn Preston.
I have watched this video over and over again, I love it!
And ordered the book immediately.
Now I do want to start my own scrapbook too, lol.

Have a nice day!

xx Wen

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